The Night Manager

  1. Episode 6 Episode Six
    The Night Manager Finale Recap: Shaken, Not Stirred The Night Manager lunges toward a happy ending at the expense of its own integrity.
  2. Episode 5 Episode Five
    The Night Manager Recap: Unsafe Haven Hugh Laurie’s performance has been chillingly inscrutable.
  3. Episode 4 Episode Four
    The Night Manager Recap: Unseen Consequences Richard Roper boasts power, but doesn’t witness any destruction firsthand.
  4. Episode 3 Episode Three
    The Night Manager Recap: Uncorked Has Operation Limpet found the sting opportunity it needs?
  5. Episode 2 Episode Two
    The Night Manager Recap: The Second-Worst Man in the World The specificity of John le Carré’s novel is swallowed up in a Eurotrash cat-and-mouse game.
  6. Episode 1 Episode One
    The Night Manager Series Premiere Recap: Joining the Fight Tom Hiddleston cuts a figure that shames any James Bond since Sean Connery.

The Latest TV News

  1. tiger king
    Band Behind Joe Exotic’s Tiger King Tunes Drops New Carole Baskin Song They presumably had it just lion around.
  2. the industry
    California Governor Gavin Newsom Allows Film and TV Production to Resume June 12 Which is…next week.
  3. dun dun
    SVU Showrunner Says Cop Shows Are ‘Miscontributing’ to Society He has also spoken against police brutality on Twitter this week.
  4. police tv
    Cops Season Premiere, Live PD Episodes Pulled in Light of Protests It’s unclear whether Cops will return to Paramount.
  5. comedy review
    Yvonne Orji Can Turn Punchlines Into Choruses Momma, I Made It! works best when Orji’s material speaks for itself.
  6. tv
    Vanderpump Rules Stars Once Called the Cops on a Black Cast Member Faith says Stassi and Kristen bragged about reporting her to the police in 2018. “It didn’t work, so they were upset about that.”
  7. tv review
    I May Destroy You Confirms Michaela Coel’s Stunning Talent An unflinching, dynamic exploration of desire and consent stands on the strength of Coel’s work as a writer, director, and performer.
  8. buffering
    All Eyes on the Protests How streaming news networks are emerging as valuable resources for anyone looking to go beyond cable news coverage.
  9. bring back my girls
    Give Drag Race Season 12 a Do-Over One of the best group of queens this show has seen deserves the full, unadulterated Drag Race experience. Enter All Stars.
  10. last night on late night
    Amber Ruffin Opens Up About Her Experiences With Racist Police “Don’t let people get away with racist crap — not anymore. It’s a new day.”