The OA

  1. Episode 8 Invisible Self
    The OA Season-Finale Recap: Imperfect Feeling After hitting such stylistic highs, The OA ends at its most polarizing.
  2. Episode 7 Empire of Light
    The OA Recap: Requiem for the Johnsons “Empire of Light” is a pivotal letdown.
  3. Episode 6 Forking Paths
    The OA Recap: Interlude in the Death Machine This show’s greatest trick may be its pure, blind faith in an afterlife.
  4. Episode 5 Paradise
    The OA Recap: Cuba, Libre In this wondrous hour, interpretative dance becomes a truly transformative act.
  5. Episode 4 Away
    The OA Recap: Homer’s Odyssey “Away” reveals a big secret at the center of The OA.
  6. Episode 3 Champion
    The OA Recap: Imprisoned What’s the real M.O. of The OA?
  7. Episode 2 New Colossus
    The OA Recap: Yearning to Breathe Free “New Colossus” is an hour that absolutely flies by.
  8. Episode 1 Homecoming
    The OA Series Premiere Recap: Eyes Without a Face After the first episode of The OA, it takes a lot of willpower to not binge-watch the next.

The Latest TV News

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    A Very Simple Guide to True Detective’s Multiple Timelines Confused by season three? Here’s a chronological guide to all the major events of True Detective’s grisly story.
  2. tv
    Outlander’s Richard Rankin on Roger, Brianna, and the ‘Idiot Hut’ “Would he go back and do it all again? Probably. That’s the man we’ve come to know Roger to be.”
  3. character study
    Sarah Jessica Parker Is Reviving Carrie Bradshaw, But for What? And why?
  4. last night on late night
    We’re Unsure If Boomers or Millennials Come Off Worse in This SNL Game Show It’s equal-opportunity snark.
  5. casting call
    Gillian Anderson Will Fill Your Iron Deficiency As The Crown’s Margaret Thatcher That saucy minx.
  6. last night on late night
    How Nice of SNL to Write Pete Davidson a Sketch to Freely Giggle In It’s not breaking if it’s in the script!
  7. last night on late night
    SNL’s Elizabeth Warren Wants to Stick Her Finger Up Your Caboose, for America “You might even like it.”
  8. trailer mix
    American Gods Season 2 Trailer: Time to Ride Ian McShane’s Magical Carousel All aboard, on March 10.
  9. awards chatter
    Green Book Wins Best Picture at Producers Guild Awards It’s a big stepping stone for the Oscars.
  10. on comedy
    Andy Samberg’s SNL Hiring Came on the Condition He Would Get a Haircut, and Fast Studio 8H is a no-flop zone.