The OA

  1. Episode 8 Invisible Self
    The OA Season-Finale Recap: Imperfect Feeling After hitting such stylistic highs, The OA ends at its most polarizing.
  2. Episode 7 Empire of Light
    The OA Recap: Requiem for the Johnsons “Empire of Light” is a pivotal letdown.
  3. Episode 6 Forking Paths
    The OA Recap: Interlude in the Death Machine This show’s greatest trick may be its pure, blind faith in an afterlife.
  4. Episode 5 Paradise
    The OA Recap: Cuba, Libre In this wondrous hour, interpretative dance becomes a truly transformative act.
  5. Episode 4 Away
    The OA Recap: Homer’s Odyssey “Away” reveals a big secret at the center of The OA.
  6. Episode 3 Champion
    The OA Recap: Imprisoned What’s the real M.O. of The OA?
  7. Episode 2 New Colossus
    The OA Recap: Yearning to Breathe Free “New Colossus” is an hour that absolutely flies by.
  8. Episode 1 Homecoming
    The OA Series Premiere Recap: Eyes Without a Face After the first episode of The OA, it takes a lot of willpower to not binge-watch the next.

The Latest TV News

  1. last night on late night
    Cardi B Gives Senior Citizens the Trill of a Lifetime on Carpool Karaoke If your grandparent lives in Culver City, they might now be officially cooler than you.
  2. last night on late night
    Lin-Manuel Miranda Puts Out a Big Plate of Fresh-Baked Holiday Parodies for You He’s also bringing Hamilton straight to The Tonight Show in Puerto Rico, in case that was also on your list.
  3. true crime
    Retired Detective Sues Netflix and Making A Murderer Filmmakers for Defamation Manitowoc County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Andrew Colborn says the Netflix docuseries exposed him to “worldwide ridicule, contempt and distain.”
  4. weezer
    A Totally Necessary Debate About Saturday Night Live’s Weezer Sketch We really have to get to the bottom of this.
  5. misconduct
    SMILF Creator Frankie Shaw Accused of Misconduct on Set Shaw was also accused of mistreating the people of color on the show’s writing staff.
  6. beautiful things
    Maya Rudolph Saying ‘Bubble Bath’ Has Been Immortalized in Drag-Queen Form And it’s perfect!
  7. money moves
    Apple Lures Justin Lin Away From Sony With One of Its Fancy Development Deals The Fast franchise director is taking his talents to the tech giant.
  8. tv review
    Marvel’s Runaways Finally Fulfills Its Premise, and Some of Its Promise The Hulu series improves by letting its superpowered teens finally run away from their evil parents — but it can’t fully escape them.
  9. casting
    Taron Egerton and Every Other British Actor Will Lend Voices to The Dark Crystal Name a British person. They’re in this.
  10. roll clip!
    Watch the First 4 Minutes of Runaways Season Two They’re finally running away.