The OA

  1. Episode 8 Invisible Self
    The OA Season-Finale Recap: Imperfect Feeling After hitting such stylistic highs, The OA ends at its most polarizing.
  2. Episode 7 Empire of Light
    The OA Recap: Requiem for the Johnsons “Empire of Light” is a pivotal letdown.
  3. Episode 6 Forking Paths
    The OA Recap: Interlude in the Death Machine This show’s greatest trick may be its pure, blind faith in an afterlife.
  4. Episode 5 Paradise
    The OA Recap: Cuba, Libre In this wondrous hour, interpretative dance becomes a truly transformative act.
  5. Episode 4 Away
    The OA Recap: Homer’s Odyssey “Away” reveals a big secret at the center of The OA.
  6. Episode 3 Champion
    The OA Recap: Imprisoned What’s the real M.O. of The OA?
  7. Episode 2 New Colossus
    The OA Recap: Yearning to Breathe Free “New Colossus” is an hour that absolutely flies by.
  8. Episode 1 Homecoming
    The OA Series Premiere Recap: Eyes Without a Face After the first episode of The OA, it takes a lot of willpower to not binge-watch the next.
  1. Episode 8 Overview
    The OA: Part II Finale Recap: Brain Forest The series’ constant fidgeting with its many realities leaves us a yet another fork in the multidimensional road.
  2. Episode 7 Nina Azarova
    The OA: Part II Recap: Out Of the Shadows Even as the season shows signs of starting to wrap up, The OA still can’t resist throwing a few new wrinkles into the proceedings.
  3. Episode 6 Mirror Mirror
    The OA: Part II Recap: Best-Laid Plans We return to our original dimension for a quiet drama of broken wills, capped by a deus ex machina for the ages.
  4. Episode 5 The Medium & The Engineer
    The OA: Part II Recap: Maniac Mansion As OA and Kareem navigate a puzzle dungeon, Hap finds love.
  5. Episode 4 SYZYGY
    The OA: Part II Recap: Old Night Club OA and Kareem’s paths finally converge, and they seem to be leading back to that abandoned house.
  6. Episode 3 Magic Mirror
    The OA: Part II Recap: Mirror Game In Prairie’s home dimension, the castaways who survived last season’s school shooting are left grappling with what to do next.
  7. Episode 2 Treasure Island
    The OA: Part II Recap: The Prophet of the Valley As always, The OA is on a long, sprawling journey that will end in either deliverance or more madness.
  8. Episode 1 Angel of Death
    The OA: Part II Premiere Recap: Investigation Discovery The unapologetically strange Netflix series returns wrapped in a detective story that quickly opens a wormhole into a much larger conspiracy.

The Latest The OA News

  1. save the oa
    Why Is The OA School Shooting Scene Going Viral? Twitter is the breeding ground for out-of-context clips, and The OA is its latest main character.
  2. a long talk
    Brit Marling Knows Whodunit The actress and writer of mystical sci-fi like The OA returns with something fleshier: a murder-mystery series.
  3. the movements
    With Retreat, The OA Creators Are Taking a Movement to FX Another Earth? More like Another Network.
  4. #savetheoa
    Shonda Rhimes, Welcome to the #SavetheOA Movement Rhimes tweeted that she thought her anger at Netflix would have subsided by now. “But … not so much.”
  5. rip
    The OA Will Not Get a Movie in This Universe A movie sequel is not in the cards.
  6. movements
    The #SavetheOA Movement Is About More Than a TV Show The latest flash mob, put on by fans committed to the message of the series, was one of the least cynical things I’ve ever seen.
  7. rabbit holes
    Is The OA Fake-Canceled or Am I Just Losing My Mind? We dive into the Reddit threads where superfans are laying out evidence that The OA’s cancellation is just part of the show’s meta-narrative.
  8. sad octopus
    Netflix Cancels The OA and Your Dreams of Seeing the Octopus Again We’ll always have The Movements.
  9. chat room
    The OA’s Kingsley Ben-Adir on That Psychic Octopus Scene “It’s genuinely me going, What the fuck is going on here?
  10. fashion du jour
    How The OA: Part II Turned Brit Marling into a Glam Russian Heiress We talked to the stylists who turned low-key Prairie Johnson into high-key Nina Azarova.