The Office

  1. Episode 23 The Job
  2. Episode 22 Beach Day
  3. Episode 21 Women’s Appreciation
  1. Episode 14 Goodbye Toby
    ‘The Office’: Amy Ryan Inspires Season-Redeeming Finale Competent, daffy, diplomatic and, yeah, even a little vulnerable, Ryan classed up every scene she was in!
  2. Episode 13 Job Fair
    ‘The Office’: Second-to-Last Episode Portends Terrible Things Like most shows affected by the strike, The Office’s rhythm has been off ever since it returned.
  3. Episode 12 Did I Stutter?
    ‘The Office’: A Taste of Darryl We were only granted one brief scene with the burly warehouse leader, but we were reminded again why we think a spin-off sitcom with him as the lead would be the driest, most deadpan brilliant show on television.
  4. Episode 11 Night Out
    ‘The Office’ Goes to the Meatpacking District! One of the many charms of ‘The Office,’ for superfans at least, is that members of the writing staff often get speaking roles.
  5. Episode 10 Chair Model
    ‘The Office’: Impending Tragedy for Jim and/or Pam? Jim and Pam. Openly discussing marriage. How did we get here so fast?
  6. Episode 9 Dinner Party
    ‘The Office’ Curbs Our Enthusiasm ’The Office’ returns for the first time since November! Sadly, it was one of the show’s worst-ever episodes.
  7. Episode 8 Deposition
    ‘The Office’: Possible Last Episode Totally Intense We’re kind of afraid Michael’s head will explode.
  8. Episode 7 Survivor Man
    ‘The Office’: Steve Carell Has a Field Day No, really, his character got lost in the woods.
  9. Episode 6 Branch Wars
    ‘The Office’: Mustaches All Around! Last night brought the (presumably temporary) return of Karen Filippelli, who, as far as we’re concerned, is always welcome — mustache or no.
  10. Episode 5 Local Ad
    ‘The Office’: Yes, Michael, You Are Special After three aimless episodes (and one terrific exception), The Office returned last night to its snug half-hour format, with immediate dividends.
  11. Episode 4 Money
    ‘The Office’: We Learn to Love Again There are still snobs who refuse to watch The Office out of some sort of misguided loyalty to the original British version.
  12. Episode 3 Launch Party
    ‘The Office’: Are Jim and Pam’s Lives in Danger? There was a moment, late in last night’s episode, when we legitimately feared that Jim or Pam was going to die.
  13. Episode 2 Dunder Mifflin Infinity
    ‘The Office’: Too Much Monkey Business Carell’s not an inherently showy performer, but he’s so skilled at bufoonery that the show can’t help itself sometimes. But his antics last night sent a promising episode careening off the rails.
  14. Episode 1 Fun Run
    ‘The Office’: Support the Rabid Nothing could quite top what happened in the first 25 seconds, but the show certainly tried.
  1. Episode 26 Company Picnic
    The Office Season Finale: Wait for It, Wait for It … Not bad for a wrap-up of what was, perhaps, the show’s best season.
  2. Episode 25 Cafe Disco
    The Office: You’d Better Work — Work It, Girl Now that the show has wrapped up its most compelling and exhausting story arc of the last two seasons, we take a break this week … for a dance party.
  3. Episode 24 Casual Friday
    The Office: Victory Comes at a Cost! After last week’s triumph for Michael over corporate efficiency and Stringer Bell, the real world awaits him upon his return to Dunder Mifflin.
  4. Episode 23 Broke
    The Office: A Triumph for Michael — and for the Show Michael Scott defeats Stringer Bell. Believe it.
  5. Episode 22 Heavy Competition
    The Office: Get Your War On With all the upheaval going on in the last few weeks, the dramatic shift in the Michael-Dwight dynamic has been hinted at but barely explored — until last night.
  6. Episodes 20 and 21 ’Dream Team’ and ‘Michael Scott Paper Company’
    The New Office Same As the Old Office After Michael, seemingly out of nowhere, quit his job at Dunder Mifflin, we finally found out where this show is going in last night’s two episodes.
  7. Episode 19 Two Weeks
    The Office: A Paper Company Is Born Well, as had been rumored all week, it’s now official: Michael really has quit Dunder Mifflin.
  8. Episode 18 New Boss
    The Office: Stringer Bell Brings the Hammer Down Charles Minor throws the whole branch into upheaval with his cold insistence on order.
  9. Episode 17 Golden Ticket
    The Office: Michael Finally Goes Too Far Fortunately, this is one of the funnier recent episodes.
  10. Episode 16 Blood Drive
  11. Episode 15 Lecture Circuit (Part II)
    The Office: the Cat Lady, Redefined Plus: We stalk ever closer to the return of Amy Ryan.
  12. Episode 14 Lecture Circuit (Part I)
    The Office Sets Up Amy Ryan’s Return! We have an instant cliff-hanger.
  13. Episode 13 Stress Relief
    The Office: Truly Special Super Bowl Episode Last night’s hour-long ‘Office’ totally did not suck!
  14. Episode 12 Prince Family Paper
    The Office Slacks in Advance of a Very Special Episode This episode exists outside of Scranton space and time.
  15. Episode 11 The Duel
    The Office Returns Dirtier, Crazier, and Meaner Angela? Apparently she deserves it.
  16. Episode 10 Moroccan Christmas
    The Office: Christmas Mayhem Depressingly Over-the-Top The main plot involves Meredith drunkenly setting her hair on fire and Michael — the one serving her all the drinks — forcibly driving her to a rehab center.
  17. Episode 9 The Surplus
    The Office: Surprise Wedding! Well, after nearly four and a half seasons, we finally got a wedding.
  18. Episode 8 Frame Toby
    The Office: Jim and Pam Dodge a Bullet! Yes, Another One! Jim’s a small-town imp socially just stunted enough to think it’s a good idea to buy his parents’ house for him and his fiancée without telling her.
  19. Episode 7 Business Trip
    The Office: Give Michael a Break Already! Michael’s never seemed sadder than at the end of this episode, after being forced to do the walk of shame in Winnipeg.
  20. Episode 6 Customer Survey
    The Office: Schrute Farms, Here We Come! Remember: Schrute Farms is the No. 1 beet-related agro-tourism destination in northeastern Pennsylvania.
  21. Episode 5 Employee Transfer
    The Office: Farewell, Amy Ryan Even though she’s only been on the show for six episodes, no possible good-bye could do her justice.
  22. Episode 4 Crime Aid
    The Office: Couples’ Edition With an episode that focused solely on the three main pairings, it’s worth taking a look at how they’re progressing, and their chances at success.
  23. Episode 3 Baby Shower
    The Office: Ding-dong, the Witch Is Dead The good news: a mock delivery involving Dwight. The bad: the return of Jan.
  24. Episode 2 Business Ethics
    The Office: More Holly, Pam, and Outback Steakhouse Ribs, Please! Not to get too ahead of ourselves, but how will ‘The Office’ recover from losing Amy Ryan?
  25. Episode 1 Weight Loss
    The Office Season-Premiere Shocker! For about three seasons, devoted ‘Office’ fans have been waiting for the shoe to drop on the Pam and Jim relationship, but the perils of their plotline were obvious from the first episode.
  1. Episode 25 Whistleblower
    The Office Recap: The Holly Hint Could Michael have earned her return by taking the fall for Jo?
  2. Episode 24
    The Office Recap: Michael’s the Star of His Own Show Michael confronts the reality of being a home wrecker, thanks to the help of his office mates.
  3. Episode 23 The Cover-Up
    The Office Recap: Michael Is the Other Woman Obsessed with the fear that Donna is cheating on him, Michael finds the real truth.
  4. Episode 22 Body Language
    The Office Recap: Michael’s Search for Love Is Now on a Deadline With Steve Carell announcing that he only has one season left, every girlfriend could be his last.
  5. Episode 21 Happy Hour
    The Office Recap: Date Mike, Pleased to Meet Me The staff goes out for a night of drinking, and Michael unveils his secret ladies’ man identity.
  6. Episode 21 Secretary’s Day
    The Office Recap: We’d Repressed the Andy-Angela Engagement Too When Ellie learns of this unholy near-union, she retreats to her hair room. And why shouldn’t she?
  7. Episode 19 St. Patrick’s Day
    The Office Recap: Everybody’s Irish! What to do when a new boss’s work ethic stands in the way of Michael’s desire to be adored?
  8. Episodes 17 and 18 The Delivery
    The Office: Out With It Pam gives birth!
  9. Episode 16 Manager and Salesman
    Office Recap: Kathy Bates Takes Over Her brassy presence as the new owner threatens to overwhelm the show.
  10. Episode 15 Sabre
    The Office: Taste the Rainbow Meet Dunder Mifflin’s new owners!
  11. Episode 14 The Banker
    The Office Recap: Cut and Paste We had totally forgotten how fat Steve Carell was the first season.
  12. Episode 11 Secret Santa
    The Office Recap: So This Is Christmas We are hesitant to be too Scroogy here. But …
  13. Episode 11 Scott’s Tots
    The Office: No Future The slow, steady, unceasing collapse of hopes and dreams continues!
  14. Episode 10 Shareholder Meeting
    The Office: Like a Boss How desperate does a company have to be to bring Michael onstage with them?
  15. Episode 9 Murder
    The Office of No Office How, in this economy, is a small regional paper company continuing to survive? It may not.
  16. Episode 8 The Double Date
    The Office: Mother Inferior Yet another promising story line appears to wrap itself up. Plus: video!
  17. Episode 7 Koi Pond
    The Office: Horribilis Interruptus We could watch a full half-hour of Michael horrifying young children, but, alas, the haunted-house story line is dropped.
  18. Episode 6 The Lover
    The Office: Family Affair Michael is sleeping with Pam’s mom.
  19. Episode 5 Mafia
    The Office: Mob Scene If this is what ‘The Office’ devolves into with Pam and Jim gone, then get them back already.
  20. Episode 4 Niagra
    The Office: Let’s Get Married You’ll get your lovey-dovey payoff, but you’re watching THIS first.
  21. Episode 3 The Promotion
    The Office: Twofer “Where would Catholicism be without the Popes?”
  22. Episode 2 The Meeting
    The Office: Sensations … Emotions Michael stabs Jim in the back, wonders whether he should have a “safe word.”
  23. Episode 1 Gossip
    The Office Season Premiere: Year of the Nard Dog Ed Helms on the verge; everything back to (wacky, outrageous) normal.
  1. Episode 25 Search Committee
  2. Episode 24 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting) Manager
    The Office Recap: Gunplay “But I always say it’s better to be pre-pre-prepared.”
  3. Episode 23 The Inner Circle
    The Office Recap: Deangelo Vickers, We Hardly Knew Ye Will Ferrell says good-bye, leaving us no clearer on just who his character was.
  4. Episode 22 Goodbye, Michael
    The Office Recap: No More Drama Michael Scott, over and out.
  5. Episode 21 Michael’s Last Dundies
    The Office Recap: 9,986,000 Minutes “That’s how many minutes that you worked here.”
  6. Episode 20 Training Day
    The Office Recap: Kissing Up Is Hard to Do Will Ferrell temporarily takes the helm.
  7. Episode 19 Garage Sale
    The Office Recap: Marrying Me Will You Be? “Your wife becoming, be will I.” That’s what she said.
  8. Episode 18 Todd Packer
    The Office Recap: An Ugly Homecoming Todd Packer returns, and nobody’s happy but Michael.
  9. Episode 17 Threat Level Midnight
    The Office Recap: Wake Us Up When It’s Over We found ourselves so thoroughly unamused that we wonder what we might have missed — and we trust you to tell us.
  10. Episode 16 PDA
    The Office Recap: Let’s Not Talk About Sex Valentine’s Day is an inessential holiday but, this week, it made for some entertaining television.
  11. Episode 15 The Search
    The Office Recap: Lost and Found Ryan and Kelly — they’re not on this show nearly enough, which is probably why they’re among the only characters to succeed in every scene.
  12. Episode 14 The Seminar
    The Office Recap: Grow a Pair “I guess when you looked in me, you forgot about my balls.”
  13. Episode 13 Ultimatum
    The Office Recap: New Year’s Resolutions “So light. Like a croissant.”
  14. Episode 12 Classy Christmas
    The Office Recap: Deck the Halls With Blows From Holly “Judging people while my lunch is paid for — that is the life.”
  15. Episode 10 China
    The Office Recap: Turning On the Chinese “Don’t get me started on how coddled the modern anus is.”
  16. Episode 9
    The Office Recap: House of Cards “Consider it a ‘wuphf’ in person.”
  17. Episode 8 Viewing Party
    The Office Recap: Gleeks Unite Last night’s episode definitely wanted for more Scranton Strangler.
  18. Episode 7 Christening
    The Office Recap: Jesus Is Not Your Caterer Let’s just get it out there: Last night’s episode was the first official dud of the season.
  19. Episode 6 Costume Contest
    The Office Recap: Poker Face “Best Edward James Olmos costume I have ever seen.”
  20. Episode 5 The Sting
    The Office Recap: The Olyphant in the Room “And I said, ‘I know, that’s why I brought you to the Penis Museum.’”
  21. Episode 4 Sex Ed
    The Office Recap: The Princess and the Queen It all starts with a cold sore. Or a pimple.
  22. Episode 3 Andy’s Play
    The Office Recap: The Play’s the Thing “Oh my God, did you write this?”
  23. Episode 2 Counseling
    The Office Recap: Big Mistake! Huge! “You never see his lower half, but there’s a lower half.”
  24. Episode 1 Nepotism
    The Office Premiere Recap: Establishing a Pee Corner “Finally, a kid who’s not talking about Betty White. Of course I follow him.”
  1. Episode 24 Free Family Portrait Studio
    The Office Recap: Corporate Mess The Office is coming back next season. So how did it end this one?
  2. Episode 23 Turf War
    The Office Recap: Filthy Beast To help pad out a season that’s already struggled with ongoing plotlines, The Office recycled one of its best story arcs.
  3. Episode 22 Fundraiser
    The Office Recap: Problem Dogs Another episode where we are asked to believe that the entire office goes to every single social event together.
  4. Episode 21 Angry Andy
    The Office Recap: Remarkable Erections Kelly and Ryan do the on-again, off-again thing (again) and Andy has some man troubles.
  5. Episode 20 The Welcome Party
    The Office Recap: Parties Are the Worst Andy at a bachelorette party is a terrible idea.
  6. Episode 19 Get The Girl
    The Office Recap: Not Bad for a Heart Map “This is the wrong Prius. I don’t love you.”
  7. Episode 18 Last Day In Florida
    The Office Recap: Pretty Hardest “You’re excited? You should feel my nipples!”
  8. Episode 17 Test the Store
    The Office Recap: Triforce “Bloggers are gross, bloggers are obese, bloggers have Halitosis.”
  9. Episode 16 After Hours
    The Office Recap: Tallanasty “If anyone is going to have sex with Nellie for personal gain, it’s going to be me.”
  10. Episode 15 Tallahassee
    The Office Recap: Thank the Appendix “So stop looking at my breasts, and start looking at my penis.”
  11. Episode 14 Special Project
    The Office Recap: Florida Facts Scarfaces, Heat Strokes, Theme Parks, Brooke Hogan, Sink Holes, Morbidly Obese People, Geriatric Capital of the World.
  12. Episode 13 Jury Duty
    The Office Recap: Kids Are Nothing But Trouble First they cause Jim to skip work, and then they could throw Angela and Dwight back together.
  13. Episode 12 Pool Party
    The Office Recap: Orgy Friends “Let’s say no food.”
  14. Episode 11 Trivia
  15. Episode 10 Christmas Wishes
    The Office Recap: I Would Like Another Alcohol Erin gets drunk and jealous, Dwight and Jim get pranky, and Kelly gets to wear a really adorable holiday ensemble.
  16. Episode 9 Mrs. California
    The Office: California’s Better Half Maura Tierney arrives, looking for a job.
  17. Episode 7 Pam’s Replacement
    The Office Recap: Junk Toucher “Does your husband typically have very soft erections?”
  18. Episode 6 Doomsday
  19. Episode 5 Spooked
    The Office Recap: Trick or Trick For Halloween, ‘The Office’ is a television show with its heart ripped out.
  20. Episode 4 Garden Party
    The Office Recap: Ain’t No Party Like a Garden Party Dwight enhances Andy’s high-class bash, with the aid of James Trickington.
  21. Episode 3 Lotto
    The Office Recap: Like a Boss Andy finally stands up for himself.
  22. Episode 2 The Incentive
    The Office Recap: Butt of the Joke New boss Andy continues to find his way.
  23. Episode 1 The List
    The Office Recap: A Change Is Gonna Come ’The Office’ picks its new boss, and James Spader arrives as CEO.
  1. Episode 23 Finale
    The Office Finale Recap: That’s All She Said No matter what you thought of the last couple of seasons, this was a heartwarming good-bye.
  2. Episodes 22 and 23 A.A.R.M.
    The Office Recap: Second to Last Dance In many ways, this penultimate episode of The Office felt like the real cap to this season.
  3. Episode 21 Livin’ the Dream
    The Office Recap: Dream or No Dream Andy goes all in, and then also goes on the car. Dwight has a good day.
  4. Episode 20 Paper Airplane
    The Office Recap: Truth Be Told Andy gets his big break; Jim and Pam show their appreciation.
  5. Episode 19 Stairmageddon
    The Office Recap: Stanley Takes the Stairs Jim and Pam talk it out. But not with each other.
  6. Episode 18 Promos
    The Office Recap: Pretzel Days Revisited The office can’t wait for their show to start. Well, maybe Oscar and Angela can.
  7. Episode 17 The Farm
    The Office Recap: When We Arrive NBC tries to salvage a failed spinoff. They shouldn’t have bothered.
  8. Episode 16 Moving On
    The Office Recap: ‘I Can’t Be Your Monkey’ Dwight and Angela reconnect; Andy gets his revenge.
  9. Episode 15 Couple’s Discount
  10. Episodes 13 and 14 Junior Salesman/Vandalism
    The Office Recap: Life of Brian Pam gets a new desk mate — and also gets royally pissed off.
  11. Episode 12 Customer Loyalty
    The Office Recap: The Importance of Loyalty Nellie meddles in Erin’s love life; we meet the camera crew.
  12. Episode 11 Suit Warehouse
    The Office Recap: Schrute & Son Clark and Dwight pretend to be in the family way; Daryl’s job interview is a slam dunk.
  13. Episode 10 Lice
    The Office Recap: Skull Vampires Pam gives everyone lice, and heads roll. Or at least get shaved.
  14. Episode 9 Dwight Christmas
    The Office Recap: Last Christmas Dwight saves Christmas; Daryl gets punch drunk.
  15. Episode 8 The Target
    The Office Recap: Play the Right Notes Dwight protects Oscar’s knee caps. Pam learns how to fail.
  16. Episode 7 The Whale
    The Office Recap: Damn. Jan. Dwight tries to get in touch with his feminine side and Oscar is outraged that The Senator might be a cheater.
  17. Episode 6 The Boat
    The Office Recap: I Do Think That I Could Surprise You Andy is on a boat, Kevin has a secret and the giggles.
  18. Episode 5 Here Comes Treble
    The Office Recap: Broccoli Steamer Andy relives his a cappella days. It is not aca-awesome.
  19. Episode 4 Work Bus
    The Office Recap: Magnetic Fields Everyone rides the not-so-magic bus; Dwight and Nellie get the baby blues.
  20. Episode 3 Andy’s Ancestry
    The Office Recap: Foth Aggendak In which Andy thinks he’s related to Michelle Obama and Erin learns Dothraki.
  21. Episode 2 Roy’s Wedding
    The Office Recap: Secrets and Lies Jim feels like a failure, and Pam feels boring. In other words, marriage!
  22. Episode 1 New Guys
    The Office Recap: A Tale of Two Dwights And so begins the final season.

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