The Office

  1. Finale
    Episode 23 Finale
    The Office Finale Recap: That’s All She Said No matter what you thought of the last couple of seasons, this was a heartwarming good-bye.
  2. A.A.R.M.
    Episodes 22 and 23 A.A.R.M.
    The Office Recap: Second to Last Dance In many ways, this penultimate episode of The Office felt like the real cap to this season.
  3. Livin’ the Dream
    Episode 21 Livin’ the Dream
    The Office Recap: Dream or No Dream Andy goes all in, and then also goes on the car. Dwight has a good day.
  4. Paper Airplane
    Episode 20 Paper Airplane
    The Office Recap: Truth Be Told Andy gets his big break; Jim and Pam show their appreciation.
  5. Stairmageddon
    Episode 19 Stairmageddon
    The Office Recap: Stanley Takes the Stairs Jim and Pam talk it out. But not with each other.
  6. Promos
    Episode 18 Promos
    The Office Recap: Pretzel Days Revisited The office can’t wait for their show to start. Well, maybe Oscar and Angela can.
  7. The Farm
    Episode 17 The Farm
    The Office Recap: When We Arrive NBC tries to salvage a failed spinoff. They shouldn’t have bothered.
  8. Moving On
    Episode 16 Moving On
    The Office Recap: ‘I Can’t Be Your Monkey’ Dwight and Angela reconnect; Andy gets his revenge.
  9. Couple’s Discount
    Episode 15 Couple’s Discount
  10. Junior Salesman/Vandalism
    Episodes 13 and 14 Junior Salesman/Vandalism
    The Office Recap: Life of Brian Pam gets a new desk mate — and also gets royally pissed off.
  11. Customer Loyalty
    Episode 12 Customer Loyalty
    The Office Recap: The Importance of Loyalty Nellie meddles in Erin’s love life; we meet the camera crew.
  12. Suit Warehouse
    Episode 11 Suit Warehouse
    The Office Recap: Schrute & Son Clark and Dwight pretend to be in the family way; Daryl’s job interview is a slam dunk.
  13. Lice
    Episode 10 Lice
    The Office Recap: Skull Vampires Pam gives everyone lice, and heads roll. Or at least get shaved.
  14. Dwight Christmas
    Episode 9 Dwight Christmas
    The Office Recap: Last Christmas Dwight saves Christmas; Daryl gets punch drunk.
  15. The Target
    Episode 8 The Target
    The Office Recap: Play the Right Notes Dwight protects Oscar’s knee caps. Pam learns how to fail.
  16. The Whale
    Episode 7 The Whale
    The Office Recap: Damn. Jan. Dwight tries to get in touch with his feminine side and Oscar is outraged that The Senator might be a cheater.
  17. The Boat
    Episode 6 The Boat
    The Office Recap: I Do Think That I Could Surprise You Andy is on a boat, Kevin has a secret and the giggles.
  18. Here Comes Treble
    Episode 5 Here Comes Treble
    The Office Recap: Broccoli Steamer Andy relives his a cappella days. It is not aca-awesome.
  19. Work Bus
    Episode 4 Work Bus
    The Office Recap: Magnetic Fields Everyone rides the not-so-magic bus; Dwight and Nellie get the baby blues.
  20. Andy’s Ancestry
    Episode 3 Andy’s Ancestry
    The Office Recap: Foth Aggendak In which Andy thinks he’s related to Michelle Obama and Erin learns Dothraki.
  21. Roy’s Wedding
    Episode 2 Roy’s Wedding
    The Office Recap: Secrets and Lies Jim feels like a failure, and Pam feels boring. In other words, marriage!
  22. New Guys
    Episode 1 New Guys
    The Office Recap: A Tale of Two Dwights And so begins the final season.

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