The Other Two

  1. Episode 5 Chase Goes To A High School Dance
    The Other Two Recap: Back To School Brooke finally gets to put her self-centered attitude to good use as a foil to Streeter’s shenanigans.
  2. Episode 4 Chase Gets the Gays
    The Other Two Recap: Pride and Prejudice A new Chase Dreams viral hit forces Cary to come to terms with being the “gay brother” in a sharp but hilarious episode.
  3. Episode 3 Chase Gets a Girlfriend
    The Other Two Recap: The Dreams Begin to Chafe Brooke and Cary inch closer to their eventual goals, with a side of soul-crushing desperation.
  4. Episode 2 Chase Goes to a Premiere
    The Other Two Recap: Red-Carpet Treatment Cary and Brooke take their desperate search for validation as their plus-ones to the When in Gnome premiere.
  5. Episode 1 Pilot
    The Other Two Series Premiere Recap: The Next Big Thing The new buddy comedy comes charging out of the gate with a high jokes-per-minute rate, strong performances, and a surprising amount of heart.

The Latest The Other Two News

  1. roll clip!
    Find a Fireplace and Watch The Other Two’s Great Call Me by Your Name Joke Cue the Sufjan.
  2. chat room
    Heléne Yorke Was Happy to Use Her Dancing Talent on The Other Two “My brain knows how to learn musical theater dancing, but learning hip-hop? It was so hard for my body to understand how to move that way.”
  3. best of 2019
    The Best TV Shows of 2019 (So Far) The Other Two, Russian Doll, True Detective, and more of TV’s latest and greatest standouts.
  4. chat room
    Ken Marino on The Other Two, Internet Celebrity, and Justin Theroux’s Apartment “He texted me a picture of his real boot closet, and it wasn’t far off from the fictionalized version.”
  5. renewals
    The Other Two Has Already Been Renewed at Comedy Central Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider’s series will return for a second season.
  6. the other two
    As Far As We Know, Justin Theroux Doesn’t Actually Have a Motorcycle Toilet The Other Two creators on why they turned Justin Theroux’s apartment into a very funny, (probably) fictional joke.
  7. talking to
    How to Survive Having an Internet-Famous Relative Nine people on the perks and pitfalls of having an influencer in the family.
  8. tv review
    The Other Two Is the Year’s First Great New Comedy The Comedy Central sitcom about the adult siblings of a preteen pop star is great, right from the get-go.
  9. chat room
    How Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider Made The Other Two The former SNL head writers discuss their new Comedy Central show.
  10. vulture festival la
    Justin Bieber’s Get-Swole Diet Included So Many Eggs He Got Sick During SNL Week Two former SNL writers worked the mishap into their new show, The Other Two.