The Other Two

  1. Episode 5 Chase Goes To A High School Dance
    The Other Two Recap: Back To School Brooke finally gets to put her self-centered attitude to good use as a foil to Streeter’s shenanigans.
  2. Episode 4 Chase Gets the Gays
    The Other Two Recap: Pride and Prejudice A new Chase Dreams viral hit forces Cary to come to terms with being the “gay brother” in a sharp but hilarious episode.
  3. Episode 3 Chase Gets a Girlfriend
    The Other Two Recap: The Dreams Begin to Chafe Brooke and Cary inch closer to their eventual goals, with a side of soul-crushing desperation.
  4. Episode 2 Chase Goes to a Premiere
    The Other Two Recap: Red-Carpet Treatment Cary and Brooke take their desperate search for validation as their plus-ones to the When in Gnome premiere.
  5. Episode 1 Pilot
    The Other Two Series Premiere Recap: The Next Big Thing The new buddy comedy comes charging out of the gate with a high jokes-per-minute rate, strong performances, and a surprising amount of heart.

The Latest The Other Two News

  1. trailer mix
    One of the Instagays From The Other Two Is Starring in a TV Show for Grindr Bridesman rolls out on the app beginning April 1 — no joke.
  2. i do not comment on my sexuality
    Chris Kelly and Sarah Schneider’s Next Series Will Be a Literal Gay Fever Dream About a closeted teen imagining he’s a straight actor playing a gay role.
  3. comedy
    The Other Two Gets a Season 3 at HBO Max Great news for foot jokes.
  4. rankings
    Molly Shannon’s Best Roles, Ranked No one steals a scene like Molly Shannon.
  5. chat room
    Molly Shannon on The Other Two and the Palm Versus Pineapple Suite Debate The comedy vet discusses playing two very different kinds of moms on TV.
  6. chat room
    Drew Tarver Knows The Other Two Is Inherently a Drama, With Feet Jokes Things are looking up for Cary Dubek in season two. Sort of.
  7. tv review
    Please Pay Attention to The Other Two The overlooked entertainment-industry satire is back on HBO Max with a second season that deserves the sort of recognition its protagonists crave.
  8. trailer mix
    The Other Two Season 2 Trailer: Rise of Molly Shannon Premiering on HBO Max August 26.
  9. yay
    The Other Two Is Coming Back This August, in This Climate? Now with even more Molly Shannon than before.
  10. moving out
    The Other Two Season 2 Will Premiere on HBO Max The Comedy Central series has a new home.