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  1. Episode 10 Must/Can’t
    The Outsider Season Finale Recap: Closing the Book A show that was mostly about impossible uncertainty wraps up the season in practical, predictable fashion.
  2. Episode 9 Tigers and Bears
    The Outsider Recap: Search Party As Ralph and the gang set out for Bear Cave, season one approaches what looks to be a violent climax.
  3. Episode 8 Foxhead
    The Outsider Recap: Bad Omens Great scenes featuring great performances make up a transitional episode that’s clearly building to something terrible.
  4. Episode 7 In the Pines, In the Pines
    The Outsider Recap: The Sun Don’t Ever Shine An episode short on plot but long on style pushes Ralph Anderson closer to accepting there are forces out there beyond our comprehension.
  5. Episode 6 The One About the Yiddish Vampire
    The Outsider Recap: I Want to Believe A tense episode drops everything Holly Gibney learned in Ohio on the table, then steps back to see how everyone responds to the impossible.
  6. Episode 5 Tear-Drinker
    The Outsider Recap: Let Me Go A slow burn of an episode makes it very clear that there’s something malevolent lurking just over the horizon.
  7. Episode 4 Que Viene El Coco
    The Outsider Recap: The Grief Eater Whatever ruined Terry Maitland’s life has not only done this before, it’s very purposefully creating a ripple effect of tragedy.
  8. Episode 3 Dark Uncle
    The Outsider Recap: The Impossible It’s going to take someone with unexplainable skills to solve this unexplainable case. Enter Holly Gibney.
  9. Episode 2 Roanoke
    The Outsider Recap: Lost Colony A slower, more somber second chapter plays out the tragedy of Terry Maitland while setting the table for the bulk of the story still to be told.
  10. Episode 1 Fish in a Barrel
    The Outsider Premiere Recap: Conflicting Evidence The first episode races through its setup, covering almost a third of Stephen King’s novel without pausing to catch its breath.

The Latest TV News

  1. chat room
    Valentina Steals In the Heights With Just One Line An interview with the former RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant about her big-screen debut.
  2. close reads
    Love, Victor Is Maturing Into a Better, Messier Version of Itself Season two of the Hulu YA series gets more explicit, yes, but it also allows its protagonist, and the series, to exist outside tidy resolutions.
  3. this week in late night
    Broadway Is Back and Winning Late Night This Week Plus a bee-drama recap from Amber Ruffin and a strip-club memory from Aidy Bryant.
  4. last night on late night
    Tig Notaro Flew in to Say Good-bye to Conan One more celeb needing to get their farewells in to Team Coco.
  5. casting
    Jameela Jamil Will Be She-Hulk’s Evil Girl Boss Meet your latest Marvel villain.
  6. these reboots are manolos
    The Nice Jewish Husband Is Returning to Sex and the City Harry!
  7. media digest
    We Regret to Inform You That Jeffrey Toobin Has Returned to CNN The legal journalist was fired from The New Yorker for masturbating on a Zoom call.
  8. close reads
    Hollywood’s Black Snitches Aren’t Telling the Whole Story The depictions of these characters fail to fully explore the forces driving their betrayals.
  9. tv review
    Betty Rolls Through a Vibrant, Visceral Pandemic-Era New York In its second season, the dynamic skateboarding series maintains a singular style as it navigates myriad mid-2020 obstacles.
  10. the doctor is in
    Who’s In Treatment? A Character Guide Refresh your memory of Dr. Weston’s patients and meet Dr. Lawrence’s.