The Real Housewives of Dubai

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“Hello, fellow Housewives fans! We’re here to guide you on Bravo’s brave — or amazingly foolish — maiden voyage into the SWANA region for its international expansion … With that said, let’s get into the highly-anticipated debut, which, I must say, was stronger than I anticipated, given what the middling trailer presented. We have a really diverse cast — both in race and ethnicity — and some solid storylines out of the gate. And if you had bet me $100 that the first words on any Bravo show would be “Alhamdulillah,” I would be severely setback in my savings plan to go see Usher’s Vegas residency this summer. We didn’t even get that on Shahs of Sunset.”

  1. Episode 4 Desert Détente
    The Real Housewives of Dubai Recap: How Do You Like Them Apples? How many left turns did we take to get Caroline so wound up?
  2. Episode 3 Lemons Into Lemonade
    The Real Housewives of Dubai Recap: Sour Lemons In Caroline’s universe, the sun rises and sets on her co-sign, and only Nina and Caroline Brooks have been bestowed with such an honor.
  3. Episode 2 The G.O.A.T
    The Real Housewives of Dubai Recap: A Fresh Serving of Beef It is truly the cultural touches that make this show so far.
  4. Episode 1 Sand Dunes and Don’ts
    The Real Housewives of Dubai Series-Premiere Recap: Welcome to the Hen Party Dubai debuts with a really diverse cast — both in race and ethnicity — and some solid story lines out of the gate.

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