The Rehearsal

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Nathan Fielder messes with people. It was true for his Comedy Central series Nathan for You, and it’s still true in his new HBO series, The Rehearsal. He’s fascinated by people, drawn to and perplexed by them, and he uses the inherent allowances of TV to conduct social experiments. But in order to achieve his ends, Fielder almost inevitably deceives his subjects. He misleads them, makes them uncomfortable, and tries to goad them into saying or doing things they might not want to. The combination of Fielder’s focus on regular people and his willingness to screw with them means The Rehearsal will not be universally liked, but it will nevertheless elicit two universal responses: No one will feel comfortable, and everyone will wonder how much of it is real.” — Kathryn VanArendonk “Nathan Fielder’s Dazzling, Horrifying Trial Run of Reality”

  1. Episode 6 Pretend Daddy
    The Rehearsal Season-Finale Recap: Did You Get Enough? After months of painstaking preparation for every possible outcome, Fielder realizes that “life’s better with surprises.”
  2. Episode 5 Apocalypto
    The Rehearsal Recap: So What Did You Learn at Swimming Today? The world Fielder designed can’t accommodate two different people’s desires at once.
  3. Episode 4 The Fielder Method
    The Rehearsal Recap: I Don’t Like Lying to People The Rehearsal’s most intense episode shows just how far Nathan is willing to go.
  4. Episode 3 Gold Digger
    The Rehearsal Recap: Emotional Stakes How do you bring real feelings to a fake situation?
  5. Episode 2 Scion
    The Rehearsal Recap: When Do I Move In? Angela’s two-month-long parenting simulation opens up a can of worms for Nathan.
  6. Episode 1 Orange Juice, No Pulp
    The Rehearsal Series-Premiere Recap: Trivia Night In his new HBO series, Nathan Fielder is a man with near-infinite resources, creating worlds and bringing in outsiders to play by his rules.

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