The Resort

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Noah and Emma, a married couple whose relationship is stagnant at best, decide to celebrate 10 years of marriage by staying at a resort in the Mayan Riviera. When Noah finds a busted Motorola Razr that they learn belonged to a young man who disappeared alongside a woman 15 years ago, the pair take it upon themselves to solve the mystery. What follows is an adventure filled with twists, turns, and curious characters. It might be what Noah and Emma need — or they might be in over their heads and putting themselves and others in danger.

The Peacock series stars William Jackson Harper and Cristin Milioti as Noah and Emma. Luis Gerardo Méndez, Skyler Gisondo, and Nick Offerman also star.

  1. Episode 8 Episode 8
    The Resort Series-Finale Recap: Tight Spaces and Mystery Pools It’s time to check out of The Resort, and frankly, I’m ready to go home.
  2. Episode 7 La Pubertad del Matrimonio
    The Resort Recap: Time Has Not Been Kind to Us Nick Offerman returns to The Resort, more grizzled than ever.
  3. Episode 6 Huncb Fo Llub Seeth
    The Resort Recap: Long Live Luis Guzmán An author is found, and a pen is lost.
  4. Episode 5 Episode 5
    The Resort Recap: The Second Half Is the Heartbreak “Do not go to pasaje. Go home.”
  5. Episode 4 Episode 4
    The Resort Recap: Aural Leakage In which Balthasar steps into the role of narrator.
  6. Episode 3 Tempus Exhaurire
    The Resort recap: In the Penthouse With Off-Brand Santa It’s all banana boats and Jet Skis until someone gets hit with a golf club.
  7. Episode 2 A Noxious Toothworm
    The Resort Recap: Meet the Friases Do not cross the yellow snake.
  8. Episode 1 The Disappointment of Time
    The Resort Series-Premiere Recap: Razr’s Edge One episode into our stay at the Riviera Maya, intrigue and table setting abound.

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    The Resort’s Cristin Milioti Wore Body Glitter Every Day in the 2000s “This is very New Jersey of me …”