The Serpent Queen

Photo: Shanna Besson/Starz
  1. Episode 8 A Queen Is Made
    The Serpent Queen Season-Finale Recap: Trust No One Catherine de’ Medici: so complicated. So many layers. A true onion of a person. But, like, a scheming onion.
  2. Episode 7 An Attack on the King
    The Serpent Queen Recap: Everyone’s Related Mary thinks if she tells Rahima all the facts, Rahima will lend her her mediocre snooping skills.
  3. Episode 6 The Last Joust
    The Serpent Queen Recap: Heading for a Wedding Let us call this a turning point for Catherine.
  4. Episode 5 The First Regency
    The Serpent Queen Recap: Cutting Out the Middleman Is this because of all the gold Diane has been drinking?
  5. Episode 4 A New Era
  6. Episode 3 The Price
    The Serpent Queen Recap: The Melon and the Eggplant Catherine and Diane are now united, which makes for great television.
  7. Episode 2 To War Rather Than to Bed
    The Serpent Queen Recap: Lessons in Vengeance Can we get more Samantha Morton?
  8. Episode 1 Medici Bitch
    The Serpent Queen Series-Premiere Recap: The Villain We Deserve Catherine de’ Medici looks back on her life filled with a ridiculous number of murders and various assorted crimes. And it’s exciting!

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