The Shrink Next Door

  1. Episode 8 The Verdict
    The Shrink Next Door Series-Finale Recap: Just a Schmuck Like the Rest of Us After nearly three decades, it’s time for Marty to say good-bye to Ike and start life anew.
  2. Episode 7 The Breakthrough
    The Shrink Next Door Recap: A Fish Called Adam Marty realizes he was never the sidekick. He was just getting kicked in the side.
  3. Episode 6 The Party
    The Shrink Next Door Recap: Party Down The Shrink Next Door kicks into high gear by covering 16 years of Marty and Ike’s relationship.
  4. Episode 5 The Family Tree
    The Shrink Next Door Recap: A Tree Grows in the Hamptons The relationship between Marty and Ike is starting to get scary.
  5. Episode 4 The Foundation
    The Shrink Next Door Recap: Sympathy for the Devil Marty begins to realize his codependency with Ike, but it might be too late.
  6. Episode 3 The Treatment
    The Shrink Next Door Recap: The King of Broadway Hell has no fury like a Phyllis scorned.
  7. Episode 2 The Ceremony
    The Shrink Next Door Recap: Blah Mitzvah It is very weird for your therapist to throw you a bar mitzvah for your 40th birthday.
  8. Episode 1 The Consultation
    The Shrink Next Door Series-Premiere Recap: Hiding Behind a Wall of Curtains Marty Markowitz (Will Ferrell) is suffering a midlife crisis when he meets with psychiatrist Ike Herschkopf (Paul Rudd) to turn his life around.

The Latest TV News

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    Maggie Pierce Is Leaving Grey Sloan Memorial, Too Has anyone checked in on Amelia?
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    The Crown Coronates Its Kate Middleton and Prince William So prep.
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    Daisy Jones and the Six Helped Nabiyah Be Process Her Music-Industry Past “I grew up onstage. I was touring from 7 to 11. I had an emotional attachment to a lot of Simone’s experiences.”
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    An Exhaustive List of Shadow and Bone’s Biggest Season-Two Reveals How many secret identities, plot twists, and surprising emotional character turns can fit into eight episodes? A lot!
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    Swarm Gets Sticky-Icky With a new Swarm EP by Ni’Jah, a fictional character who should have a Stan Army any day now.
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    Keanu Reeves Covered in Puppies Won Late Night This Week Plus, side-eye from Ms. Pat and Seth Rogen’s Oscars tea.