The Sing-Off

  1. Episode 7 4th Season Finale
    The Sing-Off Finale Recap: Christmas Wishes From Jewel Bee-ba-ba-doo-bom-bom [beat-box noise], we have a winner!
  2. Episode 5 Movie Night
    The Sing-Off Recap: I Do Want to Miss Some Things You’ll never guess what songs were sung on “Movie Night.” (Okay, you can probably guess.)
  3. Episode 5 Judge’s Choice
    The Sing-Off Recap: Thoughts Turn to 98 Degrees Yes, someone got eliminated, but Dave Holmes couldn’t stop pondering Nick Lachey and his reunited band.
  4. Episode 4 My Generation
    The Sing-Off Recap: Aggressive Irritation Don’t give us a Ben Folds, a Jewel, and a Shawn Stockman, and then sit them behind a table. Get these people involved!
  5. Episode 3 # 1 Hits
    The Sing-Off Recap: Age Does Not Win Over Youth Someone decided to use the show to propose to his girlfriend. Okay.
  6. Episode 2 Party Anthems
    The Sing-Off Recap: Let’s Get This Party Started Differently Last night’s opening medley was like what we’d see on American Idol or The Voice. This show is better than that.
  7. Episode 1 The Sing Off Is Back!
    The Sing-Off Season Four Premiere Recap: All In The Sing-Off is surely the most breezily enjoyable of the Idol-come-latelies.

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