The Sinner

  1. Episode 8 Part VIII
    The Sinner Recap: No More Flap, Jack Season two concludes with a series of twists and turns that cast what we’ve seen before in a new light.
  2. Episode 7 Part VII
    The Sinner Recap: No Reservations The body count continues to mount as the series reveals the mystery of the corpse in Purple Lake.
  3. Episode 6 Part VI
    The Sinner Recap: Foster Scare The hooded figure returns as season two’s mystery takes on more complications.
  4. Episode 5 Part V
    The Sinner Recap: Do Not Pass Goat We learn more secrets of The Beacon as Julian struggles while doing time.
  5. Episode 4 Part IV
    The Sinner Recap: You Can Call Me Alpha The season’s mystery deepens as we learn more about the commune and its methods.
  6. Episode 3 Part III
    The Sinner Recap: Marin Bounty The commune’s history with Keller starts to come to light as the investigation deepens.
  7. Episode 2 Part II
    The Sinner Recap: What Happens in Mosswood … Harry gets drawn deeper into the mysteries of season two and the strange cult seemingly at its center.
  8. Episode 1 Part I
    The Sinner Recap: Kid Danger Season two kicks off promisingly with a new mystery that’s just as grim and mysterious as the previous season’s.

The Latest The Sinner News

  1. renewals
    Bill Pullman Returns for a Fourth Season of USA’s The Sinner Bad news for the many sin-free residents of Upstate New York.
  2. the industry
    American Horror Story: Apocalypse Won’t Be a Limited Series at the Next Emmys The rule change also affects American Vandal and The Sinner.
  3. tv review
    The Sinner Season Two Is Instantly Addictive It also stars Carrie Coon, so yeah, you should watch it.
  4. trailer mix
    The Sinner Season Two Teaser: Look Who’s Sinning Now (It’s Carrie Coon) The Sinner returns August 1.
  5. castings
    Carrie Coon Is Your New Star of The Sinner She will play a mysterious cult leader trying to build utopia in upstate New York.
  6. tv review
    The Sinner Is a Superbly Executed Murder Mystery It understands that every mystery is ultimately an exercise in people-watching.
  7. the industry
    USA Network Picks Up Jessica Biel’s New Anthology Series The Sinner This will mark Biel’s first series-regular role in 15 years.