The Sinner

  1. Episode 8 Part VIII
    The Sinner Recap: No More Flap, Jack Season two concludes with a series of twists and turns that cast what we’ve seen before in a new light.
  2. Episode 7 Part VII
    The Sinner Recap: No Reservations The body count continues to mount as the series reveals the mystery of the corpse in Purple Lake.
  3. Episode 6 Part VI
    The Sinner Recap: Foster Scare The hooded figure returns as season two’s mystery takes on more complications.
  4. Episode 5 Part V
    The Sinner Recap: Do Not Pass Goat We learn more secrets of The Beacon as Julian struggles while doing time.
  5. Episode 4 Part IV
    The Sinner Recap: You Can Call Me Alpha The season’s mystery deepens as we learn more about the commune and its methods.
  6. Episode 3 Part III
    The Sinner Recap: Marin Bounty The commune’s history with Keller starts to come to light as the investigation deepens.
  7. Episode 2 Part II
    The Sinner Recap: What Happens in Mosswood … Harry gets drawn deeper into the mysteries of season two and the strange cult seemingly at its center.
  8. Episode 1 Part I
    The Sinner Recap: Kid Danger Season two kicks off promisingly with a new mystery that’s just as grim and mysterious as the previous season’s.

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