The Terror

  1. Episode 10 We Are Gone
    The Terror Finale Recap: Gone Home Who will be the last man standing?
  2. Episode 9 The C, the C, the Open C
    The Terror Recap: In Memoriam I’ll be honest, I cried through almost all of this episode.
  3. Episode 8 Terror Camp Clear
    The Terror Recap: Tuunbaq Take the Wheel Jared Harris and Tobias Menzies knock this episode out of the park.
  4. Episode 7 Horrible From Supper
    The Terror Recap: Paradise Lost Start your cannibalism countdown!
  5. Episode 6 A Mercy
    The Terror Recap: We Didn’t Start the Fire The climax of “A Mercy” feels biblical in proportion.
  6. Episode 5 First Shot a Winner, Lads
    The Terror Recap: Tuunbaq Tango We pretty much know how this story will end, but it’s still wrenching to watch.
  7. Episode 4 Punished, as a Boy
    The Terror Recap: Cracking Open a Cold One With the Boys To quote Ross, these men are about to turn devil against each other.
  8. Episode 3 The Ladder
    The Terror Recap: Of Ice and Men I’m gonna have nightmares after watching this.
  9. Episode 2 Gore
    The Terror Recap: First Contact Whatever Tuunbaq is, it doesn’t look like any old polar bear.
  10. Episode 1 Go For Broke
    The Terror Premiere Recap: Ice to Meet You Pick a crew member and light a prayer candle for them, because they’re going to need it.

The Latest TV News

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    The Office Is Leaving Netflix in 2021 It will be relocating to NBCUniversal’s upcoming streaming service.
  2. close reads
    The Hills: New Beginnings Is More The Hills, Less New Beginnings A few conversations about parenting aside, the revival of the genre-defining MTV reality series feels eerily unchanged from the original.
  3. explainers
    So, What’s the Deal With Jed’s Bachelorette Drama? The front-runner apparently schemed his way onto the show for exposure, according to the girlfriend he left back home.
  4. murder!!
    Paula Pell and John Lutz Are Teaming Up for a Murder-Mystery Comedy Seth Meyers and Lorne Michaels are producing.
  5. new shows
    Anthony Jeselnik’s New Show Good Talk Debuts in September The six-episode debut season is full of his comedy friends.
  6. bachelor nation
    Every Time the Bachelorette Men Were Underwhelmed by Filming Locations “Wow, look at this building.”
  7. a long talk
    ‘I Hadn’t Known Myself Before I Had Sex With a Woman’ Lauren Morelli came out while writing Orange Is the New Black. Now she’s adapting the queer classic Tales of the City.
  8. tv
    Is It Time to Root for Roger Ailes? The making of Showtime’s series about the Fox News founder.
  9. horror
    Scream Season 3: Mary J. Blige vs. Ghostface Heads to VH1 Unless Mary J. Blige is herself Ghostface? This new season can’t come fast enough.
  10. emmy insider
    Sacha Baron Cohen’s Eyebrows Were ‘Obliterated’ for Who Is America? “If the makeup doesn’t work, the show’s over,” the prosthetics artist told us.