The Third Day

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  1. Episode 6 The Last Day - The Dark
    The Third Day Finale Recap: Family Reunion You are now leaving Osea.
  2. Episode 5 Tuesday - The Daughter
    The Third Day Recap: Sam I Am Helen’s quest is complete, but at the same time, it’s only the beginning.
  3. Episode 4 Monday - The Mother
    The Third Day Recap: No Room at the Inn “Winter” comes to The Third Day with new characters and a new visual style, but the same ol’ creepy island of Osea.
  4. Episode 3 Sunday - The Ghost
    The Third Day Recap: The Big Reveal The “Summer” portion of this series concludes in fine folk-horror fashion and leaves us wondering what “Winter” will bring.
  5. Episode 2 Saturday - The Son
    The Third Day Recap: Have a Nice Trip Most people would think twice before dropping acid on a day they also flirted with death and madness, but Sam is not most people.
  6. Episode 1 Friday - The Father
    The Third Day Premiere Recap: Island Welcome to Osea, where the people are strange, the causeway to the mainland is underwater, and the pain is “warm.”

The Latest The Third Day News

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    You Can Spend 12 Hours Watching The Third Day Livestream If You So Dare Florence Welch will be there!
  2. creepy-ass islands
    At What Point in The Third Day Would I Have Run Away Forever? On the one hand: this weird island has cool festival puppets. On the other: pretty much everything else.