The Underground Railroad

  1. Episode 10 Chapter 10: Mabel
    The Underground Railroad Finale Recap: Coursing All Through You A tough conclusion bridges Mabel’s past and Cora’s future.
  2. Episode 9 Chapter 9: Indiana Winter
    The Underground Railroad Recap: The Grandest Delusion This tragic yet stunningly cinematic episode feels like an entire film.
  3. Episode 8 Chapter 8: Indiana Autumn
    The Underground Railroad Recap: All Those People The idea of freedom turns out to be complicated as it becomes more real.
  4. Episode 7 Chapter 7: Fanny Briggs
    The Underground Railroad Recap: Grace Note What a small relief this episode is.
  5. Episode 6 Chapter 6: Tennessee – Proverbs
    The Underground Railroad Recap: One Chosen, One Disgraced Ridgeway has no intention to stop seizing what he believes is his to seize.
  6. Episode 5 Chapter 5: Tennessee – Exodus
    The Underground Railroad Recap: Square in the Teeth A bleak, difficult midway point takes its time in telling us a bit more about each character as they crawl their way across a burning Tennessee.
  7. Episode 4 Chapter 4: The Great Spirit
    The Underground Railroad Recap: A Mighty Fine Thing A look into Arnold Ridgeway’s upbringing and spiritual ideology also shows the extent of his cruelty.
  8. Episode 3 Chapter 3: North Carolina
    The Underground Railroad Recap: The Wicked in You In North Carolina, things go from bad to worse to absolute worst for Cora.
  9. Episode 2 Chapter 2: South Carolina
    The Underground Railroad Recap: A Different World “If you want to stay, we stay. I’m not getting on that train without you.”
  10. Episode 1 Chapter 1: Georgia
    The Underground Railroad Premiere Recap: It’s Time Barry Jenkins’s adaptation of the Colson Whitehead novel starts off running with a difficult, alluring first episode.

The Latest TV News

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    Physical Hurts, Sometimes on Purpose Beneath its superficial pleasures, the Rose Byrne–starring Apple TV+ series is a bottomless hole of bad feelings.
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    Cruel Summer Renewed for Second, Crueler Summer Just in time for the thriller’s season finale.
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    A Beauty and the Beast Prequel, Beauty and the Beast, Green-lit at Disney+ The “limited musical series” stars Josh Gad and Luke Evans as LeFou and Gaston.
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    Jon Stewart Wants You to ‘Stop With the Logic’ and Accept His Lab-Leak Theory “The disease is the same name as the lab. That’s just a little too weird, don’t you think?”
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    Kevin Can F**k Himself Effectively F**ks With TV Convention The Annie Murphy–starring AMC series flips the bird at the trope of the beleaguered sitcom wife and everything she represents.