The Undoing

  1. Episode 6 The Bloody Truth
    The Undoing Finale Recap: Lose Yourself In the end, none of this was really ever about Elena Alves — it was about a much more everyday kind of evil.
  2. Episode 5 Trial by Fury
    The Undoing Recap: Not Feeling It The Undoing heads to court, and Haley shows why she’s worth however many hundreds of dollars she charges per hour.
  3. Episode 4 See No Evil
    The Undoing Recap: Ugly Truths It’s becoming more and more understandable how Jonathan conned so many people for so long.
  4. Episode 3 Do No Harm
    The Undoing Recap: A Truth Problem Is Jonathan the only monster here?
  5. Episode 2 The Missing
    The Undoing Recap: Seriously Pissed Off Grace gets caught in a tangle of increasingly sordid revelations in an episode that churns through plot at a ridiculous pace.
  6. Episode 1 The Undoing
    The Undoing Premiere Recap: Profound and Existential Dread It’s a bad sign when the potential of your husband cheating on you might be the best-case scenario, isn’t it?

The Latest The Undoing News

  1. the gold rush
    Nicole Kidman’s 15 Career Golden Globe Nominations, Ranked The Hollywood Foreign Press Association may have snubbed Eyes Wide Shut and Paddington, but at least they gave these performances their due.
  2. spoilers
    The Flight Attendant’s Murder-Mystery Reveal Succeeds Where The Undoing’s Failed Both series center on whodunits that go to the wildest of places, but only one asks us to take what it’s doing seriously.
  3. snl
    SNL Cold Open Takes On Michigan Election Hearing “I’m not lying. I signed an After David.”
  4. adaptations
    The Undoing Took All the Wrong Cues From Big Little Lies Taken together, the two David E. Kelley series demonstrate the limitations — and diminishing returns — of copying one’s own success.
  5. hammer time
    We Have Many Questions About That The Undoing Finale Most of them are about dishwashing hammers.
  6. chat room
    Hugh Grant Got the Undoing Ending He Wanted The actor on the original, more ambiguous finale: “I got paranoid. I thought, Is this all about a second series?
  7. close reads
    The Undoing’s Fall From Grace The whole show was a red herring, and we, like its inscrutable protagonist, got duped.
  8. how everything works
    The Stories Behind The Undoing’s Very, Very Fancy Homes Hello, Upper East Siders.
  9. last night on late night
    Hugh Grant Made Barbie Porn in Quarantine “I took photographs of them kissing each other and sent them to friends.”
  10. the undoing
    Nicole Kidman Does in Fact Sing Over The Undoing Credits With a little help from Keith Urban.