The Vow

  1. Episode 9 The Fall
    The Vow Season-Finale Recap: Take Back Your Life The Vow concludes having given us only the briefest of glimpses into what culpability really looks like. Then again, there’s always next season.
  2. Episode 8 The Wound
    The Vow Recap: Maybe You Should Talk to Someone Heading into its endgame, The Vow makes the claim that the poison that destroyed NXIVM at the root was plain-old endemic misogyny.
  3. Episode 7 The Dossier
    The Vow Recap: The Body Keeps the Score A two-pronged episode fills in an important element of Keith’s backstory, as Catherine Oxenberg inches closer to legal action against him.
  4. Episode 6 Honesty & Disclosure
    The Vow Recap: So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed “Honesty & Disclosure” finally catalogues the backlog of other accusations leveled against Keith Raniere & Co. for almost a decade.
  5. Episode 5 Class 1 Data
    The Vow Recap: Think and Grow Rich “Class 1 Data” follows the money, and tracks exactly how the defectors pushed their narrative into mainstream media.
  6. Episode 4 Building Character
    The Vow Recap: Change Your Mind, Change Your Body We see the many ways that the women inside NXIVM were instructed to turn on one another — but always in the name of “helping.”
  7. Episode 3 At Cause
    The Vow Recap: Lean In Somehow the day-to-day workings of DOS are even more alarming than Girls’ Night Out, Branding Edition.
  8. Episode 2 Viscera
    The Vow Recap: The Tipping Point Even with some haziness relating to timelines and locations, “Viscera” is crafted like a ticking bomb.
  9. Episode 1 The Science of Joy
    The Vow Premiere Recap: How to Win Friends and Influence People The docuseries’ opening chapter brings to life the appeal of NXIVM while giving us just enough knowledge to anticipate the troubles to come.

The Latest The Vow News

  1. close reads
    Before NXIVM and The Vow, Mark Vicente Directed a Truly Bizarre Hit Documentary A look back at What the #$*! Do We (K)now!?, the 2004 indie phenom that Vicente made back when he was the student of another dubious guru figure.
  2. cult followings
    HBO Feels 9 Hours of The Vow Wasn’t Enough More episodes are coming in 2021.
  3. nxivm
    Can’t Get Enough of The Vow? Starz Has Another NXIVM Doc for You. Seduced: Inside the NXIVM Cult follows India Oxenberg.
  4. tv
    Reality TV Glows Up Docuseries like The Vow are television’s latest prestige offering, but they’re not so different from their trashier predecessors.
  5. the law
    Clare Bronfman Sentenced to 81 Months in NXIVM Sex-Cult Case Bronfman was taken into custody.
  6. close reads
    Actually, the Cultiest Part of The Vow Is the Night Volleyball Long before anyone in NXIVM got to the point of branding, there was volleyball.
  7. the vow
    NXIVM Went After ‘the Beautiful People’ A clip from this Sunday’s episode of The Vow breaks down how “successful, capable” people were lured into the NXIVM sex cult.
  8. nxivm
    What to Know About HBO’s The Vow and the NXIVM Sex Cult A guide to the docuseries’ main players and the organization’s inner workings, subsequent trials and convictions, and ongoing work.
  9. tv review
    The Vow Takes a Deep, Compelling Dive Into the NXIVM Cult The HBO docuseries gives viewers an insider’s view of the so-called sex cult as it’s in the midst of falling apart.
  10. kudos
    Vulture Awards: Celebrating the Year in Channing Tatum Best nude scene! Best fedora! It’s all here.