The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon

  1. Episode 2 Alouette
    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Recap: Nanu Nanu Isabelle’s backstory is classic The Walking Dead.
  2. Episode 1 L’ Âme Perdue
    The Walking Dead: Daryl Dixon Premiere Recap: I’m On a Boat In a sea of spinoffs and companion series, The Walking Dead’s fan favorite might have the most interesting one yet.

The Latest on AMC

  1. the suing dead
    The Walking Dead Producers Are Suing AMC AgainOver alleged self-dealing and a lack of profit participation.
  2. essential episodes
    13 Essential Episodes of The Walking DeadCharting the highs and lows of the zombie apocalypse.
  3. chat room
    Interview With the Vampire’s Jacob Anderson on Power Struggles and Ethical Meals“I was swilling water to get fake blood and rat hair out of my mouth for days afterwards.”
  4. it’s so true
    We Can Now Come to AMC Theatres for Just $5 on TuesdaysNicole Kidman’s pre-roll ad is worth that alone.
  5. called it
    AMC Finally Cast Erinn Hayes in Kevin Can F**k HimselfHopefully, her character survives the season this time.
  6. the moon belongs to everyone
    Twirling With Robert Morse on Mad Men“He was so proud and excited to do the number. He brought in old CDs for us to listen to.”
  7. dystopia
    MoviePass 2.0 Wants (to Sell) Your AttentionThe plan was to use eyeball-tracking tech to mount a rival, but Stacy Spikes opted to raise the dead instead.
  8. alexa play price tag by jessie j
    AMC Is Charging More for The Batman Than, Say, the Channing Tatum Dog Movie DogSomehow, price gouging feels good in a place like this.
  9. movies
    Nicole Kidman Addresses Her AMC Theatres Commercial: ‘It’s So True’She believes that somehow heartbreak does feel good in a place like this.
  10. buffering
    AMC+ Doesn’t Want to be NetflixHow the small-scale streamer sees success in being niche.
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