The Walking Dead

  1. Episode 6
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Bang That’s a Whimper Seriously, that ticking coundown clock is so MacGruber.
  2. Episode 5 Wildfire
    The Walking Dead Recap: Signs of Hope Thanks, Ernest Dickerson!
  3. Episode 4 Vatos
    The Walking Dead Recap: Zombie Logic How long can you go on a zombie series without killing off any humans?
  4. Episode 3 Tell It to the Frogs
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Hand-Off On the one hand, the episode disappoints again. On the other …
  5. Episode 2
    The Walking Dead Recap: Zombies 1, Humans 0 This week, the zombies win, thanks to one spectacularly disgusting, fluid-splattering dissection — and some less-than-human dialogue.
  6. Episode 1
    The Walking Dead Recap: Less Thriller, More Killer But the hope is that this could be the first zombie story in a long while with both serious brains and “Braiiiiinns!”
  1. Episode 13 Beside the Dying Fire
    The Walking Dead Recap: Action at Last Good-bye forever, dumb farm.
  2. Episode 12 Better Angels
    The Walking Dead Recap: Farewell, Old Frenemy Another very, very, very tedious week, but at least there’s a big death.
  3. Episode 11 Judge, Jury, Executioner
    The Walking Dead Recap: Skip and Dale The Dale stuff was interesting. Everything else? Less so.
  4. Episode 10 18 Miles Out
    The Walking Dead Recap: Driving in Cars With Maybe Zombies And having the same conversations over and over.
  5. Episode 9 Triggerfinger
  6. Episode 8 Nebraska
    The Walking Dead Recap: Lurching On “Bury the ones we love and burn the rest.”
  7. Episode 7 Pretty Much Dead Already
    The Walking Dead Recap: Finder’s Fee “The truth is, what else I got to do?”
  8. Episode 6 Secrets
    The Walking Dead Recap: Barnful of Zombies Everything’s food for something else.
  9. Episode 5 Chupacabra
    The Walking Dead Recap: Sophia’s Choice “Sophia only matters to the degree that she doesn’t drag the rest of us down.” 
  10. Episode 4 Cherokee Rose
    The Walking Dead Recap: Zombies and Water Don’t Mix A brief moment of zombie fishing mercifully interrupts a whole lot of pontificating.
  11. Episode 3 Save the Last One
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Close Shave Going for a buzz cut is just one of the choices talked about this week.
  12. Episode 2 Bloodletting
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Doc Who Tends to Your Sons and Pets A new homestead tends to Carl, while Grimes makes a nonsensical stand.
  13. Episode 1 What Lies Ahead
    The Walking Dead Recap: Less Talking, More Undead-ing, Please There are moments of genuine tension, as long as the characters shut their mouths.
  1. Episode 16 Welcome to the Tombs
    The Walking Dead Season-Three Finale Recap: Kill or Die So, this is what war looks like on this show.
  2. Episode 15 This Sorrowful Life
    The Walking Dead Recap: Make War, Not Talking About War Merle finally became a somewhat complex character.
  3. Episode 14 Prey
    The Walking Dead Recap: Overdone Is it possible to medically diagnose a television show with schizophrenia?
  4. Episode 13 Arrow on the Doorpost
    The Walking Dead Recap: Chat Room Last night’s episode gestured, if only briefly, at something complicated.
  5. Episode 12 Clear
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Weak Shall Inherit the Earth For much of this season, The Walking Dead has dragged its feet, but last night’s episode was very good.
  6. Episode 11 I Ain’t a Judas
    The Walking Dead Recap: Old Friends While last night’s episode literally revisited much of the same territory we’ve seen before, there were signs of life.
  7. Episode 10 Home
    The Walking Dead Recap: Brotherly Shove Merle and Daryl are like Smothers Brothers with crossbows and knife hands.
  8. Episode 9 The Suicide King
    The Walking Dead Recap: Don’t Tread on Me One might say there’s no room for nuance in a show about zombies, but that’s exactly why you need it most.
  9. Episode 8 Made To Suffer
    The Walking Dead Recap: When Smoke (and Glass) Gets in Your Eyes What was even up with that whole rescue operation?
  10. Episode 7 When the Dead Come Knocking
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Change of Scenery This show works best when the plot encompasses as much territory and characters as possible, and this episode excelled at that.
  11. Episode 6 Hounded
    The Walking Dead Recap: Dead Air There was a magic telephone.
  12. Episode 5 Say the Word
    The Walking Dead Recap: Rick Rolls We’re not feeling as creeped-out by the Governor as we probably should.
  13. Episode 3 Walk With Me
    The Walking Dead Recap: Arms Race Do we want to go back to our regular gang after actually being engaged by this new set of characters?
  14. Episode 2 Sick
    The Walking Dead Recap: Footloose There’s such an assembly line feeling to this show sometimes.
  15. Episode 1 Seed
    The Walking Dead Recap: Enjoy the Silence Glenn Mazzara and his writing staff have been paying attention to their audience.
  1. Episode 16 A
    The Walking Dead Season-Four Finale Recap: Go for the Throat Apparently, they’re screwing with the wrong people.
  2. Episode 15 Us
    The Walking Dead Recap: Terminus Boredom This is the end. It says so right on the building in big bold letters.
  3. Episode 14 The Grove
    The Walking Dead Recap: Look at the Flowers An episode redeemed by its final act.
  4. Episode 13 Alone
    The Walking Dead Recap: Friends in Need As this season winds down, the metaphors pile up higher than the body counts.
  5. Episode 12 Still
    The Walking Dead Recap: Burning Down the House Welcome to The Daryl Hour, with your host, Daryl Dixon.
  6. Episode 11 Claimed
    The Walking Dead Recap: Life Is a Can of Crazy Cheese It seems unwise to trust a guy with a mullet to save mankind.
  7. Episode 10 Inmates
    The Walking Dead Recap: Adventures in Babysitting Just when it seemed like the show was slowing down, we get last night’s wild romp through the woods.
  8. Episode 9 After
    The Walking Dead Recap: On the Road Again Michonne goes solo; Carl goes full alpha.
  9. Episode 8 Too Far Gone
    The Walking Dead Recap: Kill ’Em All This episode was like the end of season two, but on steroids.
  10. Episode 7 Dead Weight
    The Walking Dead Recap: Heavy Is the Head Another episode in the wonderful company of the Governor.
  11. Episode 6 Live Bait
    The Walking Dead Recap: Pounds and Pinkie Swears Catching up with the Governor.
  12. Episode 5 Internment
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hershel Takes the Wheel The star of this week’s episode — aside from Henry the Endotracheal Intubated Zombie — is Hershel.
  13. Episode 4 Indifference
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hit The Road Rick and Carol set out on their own side trip.
  14. Episode 3 Isolation
    The Walking Dead Recap: Dirty Deeds For a show that’s always been rather heavy and dark, this season is wearing a lead suit during a solar eclipse.
  15. Episode 2 Infected
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hog Wild There were some next-level gruesome moments in this week’s episode.
  16. Episode 1 30 Days Without an Accident
    The Walking Dead Premiere Recap: Don’t Get Too Comfortable Life on the farm seems peaceful now. It isn’t.
  1. Episode 16 Conquer
    The Walking Dead Finale Recap: Wolves at the Door Was this the best Walking Dead finale ever?
  2. Episode 15 Try
    The Walking Dead Recap: Ricktatorship Down This experiment in civilization-building is about to collapse, and Rick has lost his bloody mind.
  3. Episode 14 Spend
    The Walking Dead Recap: Paradise Lost And their bombs and their guns: In your head, in your head they are dying.
  4. Episode 13 Forget
    The Walking Dead Recap: House Party This place is feeling less like Woodbury II and more like a very well-fortified Scientology recruitment center.
  5. Episode 12 Remember
    The Walking Dead Recap: Rick Gets a Haircut If it looks like utopia and the fresh blankets smell like utopia, could this place be for real?
  6. Episode 11 The Distance
    The Walking Dead Recap: Right Cross Applesauce Rick is still wary of anyone offering help, even when it’s applesauce.
  7. Episode 10 Them
    The Walking Dead Recap: I, Monster The gang copes with some emotional fallout in this more low-key episode.
  8. Episode 9 What Happened and What’s Going On
    The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere Recap: The Cost of Living What starts as a set of puzzle pieces come together in an unexpectedly tragic ending, one that explains why these people haven’t given up yet.
  9. Episode 8 Coda
    The Walking Dead Recap: I Get It Now See you in February, Walking Dead.
  10. Episode 7 Crossed
    The Walking Dead Recap: Good Cop, Bad Cop Rather than focus on one story line, this chapter toggles between all four.
  11. Episode 6 Consumed
    The Walking Dead Recap: Buckle Up Did anyone think that Carol would develop into one of the show’s best characters?
  12. Episode 5 Self Help
    The Walking Dead Recap: Stressed and Depressed Just when you think they’ve run out of ways to exterminate the undead.
  13. Episode 4 Slabtown
    The Walking Dead Recap: Nurse Beth And now, let’s spend an hour with Beth.
  14. Episode 3 Four Walls and a Roof
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Last Supper A tense and bloody hour — a description that could be applied to every Walking Dead episode this season.
  15. Episode 2 Strangers
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Matter of Taste Two episodes, two shockers. Good job, Walking Dead.
  16. Episode 1 No Sanctuary
    The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Recap: Baby, You’re a Firework You’re the butcher. Or you’re the cattle.
  1. Episode 16 Last Day on Earth
    The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe If Glenngate was torture, this is a brand-new hell.
  2. Episode 15 East
    The Walking Dead Recap: Don’t Come After Me When Rick and Morgan fight side by side, it’s an impressive sight.
  3. Episode 14 Twice As Far
    The Walking Dead Recap: An Eye for an Eye Daryl’s crossbow returns in a most horrible way.
  4. Episode 13 The Same Boat
    The Walking Dead Recap: Girl Power The A-towners inch closer to a confrontation with Negan.
  5. Episode 12 No Tomorrow Yet
    The Walking Dead Recap: Kill ’Em All Rick wants to bring the fight to the Saviors, pronto.
  6. Episode 11 Knots Untie
    The Walking Dead Recap: Let’s Make a Deal How hard can it be to make a trade?
  7. Episode 10 The Next World
    The Walking Dead Recap: Jesus Takes the Wheel After last week’s madness, this isn’t a typical catch-your-breath episode.
  8. Episode 9 No Way Out
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Battle of Alexandria “No Way Out” is a much-needed shot of adrenaline.
  9. Episode 8 Start to Finish
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hostile Takeover The beginning of the end of the safe zone.
  10. Episode 7 Heads Up
    The Walking Dead Recap: The End of Glenngate After weeks of wheel-spinning, this episode wastes no time to answer the mother of all questions.
  11. Episode 6 Always Accountable
    The Walking Dead Recap: Loose Ends Our long national Glenngate nightmare continues.
  12. Episode 5 Now
    The Walking Dead Recap: Love in a Time of Zombies Love is in the air at Alexandria!
  13. Episode 4 Here’s Not Here
    The Walking Dead Recap: Everybody Turns This episode serves as a lengthy counterargument to the Ricktatorship plan — an endorsement for peace over war, even in these darkest of times.
  14. Episode 3 Thank You
    The Walking Dead Recap: Bad Gets Worse I’d rank this as the most shocking death in Walking Dead history.
  15. Episode 2 JSS
    The Walking Dead Recap: Thrown to the Wolves Morgan wins the all-around badass award.
  16. Episode 1 First Time Again
    The Walking Dead Recap: Best-Laid Plans Meet the Donald Trump of the zombie apocalypse, Rick Grimes.
  1. Episode 16 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
    The Walking Dead Finale Recap: A Tiger and a Shark Where does the show go from here?
  2. Episode 15 Something They Need
    The Walking Dead Recap: Take the Guns, Leave the Cannoli Rick’s army is finally on the brink of war with Negan.
  3. Episode 14 The Other Side
    The Walking Dead Recap: Slouching Toward the Sanctuary “The Other Side” is a slow, mostly meaningless episode.
  4. Episode 13 Bury Me Here
    The Walking Dead Recap: Not Today What had all the makings of another snoozefest redeemed itself with surprises.
  5. Episode 12 Say Yes
    The Walking Dead Recap: Rick and Michonne’s Sexcellent Adventure This road trip is a cute diversion, but let’s face it: The Walking Dead is spinning its wheels.
  6. Episode 11 Hostiles and Calamities
    The Walking Dead Recap: Welcome Home, Haircut Whether he’s truly turning into Dr. Evil or not, Eugene is finally worth watching.
  7. Episode 10 New Best Friends
    The Walking Dead Recap: Meet the Vulcans It’s safe to say the old Daryl is officially back.
  8. Episode 9 Rock in the Road
    The Walking Dead Recap: Turn That Frown Upside Down “Rock in the Road” has one of the show’s greatest zombie slaughter scenes.
  9. Episode 8 Hearts Still Beating
    The Walking Dead Recap: Gut Check “Hearts Still Beating” is a mostly satisfying mid-season finale.
  10. Episode 7 Sing Me a Song
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Iron and the Damage Done In a perverse way, Negan is the most charismatic character on The Walking Dead.
  11. Episode 6 Swear
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hell’s Belles “I never thought I’d be asking this, but where are all the men?”
  12. Episode 5 Go Getters
    The Walking Dead Recap: Maggie’s Farm This episode is zombie-with-a-bum-leg slow.
  13. Episode 4 Service
    The Walking Dead Recap: Easy Peasy Negan is a sick, sick man.
  14. Episode 3 The Cell
    The Walking Dead Recap: Who’s the Boss? Negan is so cruel, even Dirtbag Dwight gets humanized by comparison.
  15. Episode 2 The Well
    The Walking Dead Recap: Medieval Times Introducing Zeke, the most annoying actor from your local Renaissance faire.
  16. Episode 1 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
    The Walking Dead Season Premiere Recap: Meet the New Boss Negan takes control in a devastatingly cruel premiere.
  1. Episode 16 Wrath
    The Walking Dead Season-Finale Recap: Same As It Ever Was It’s time for The Walking Dead to shake things up radically.
  2. Episode 15 Worth
    The Walking Dead Recap: Dear Poppa “Worth” sets the stage for a violent finale.
  3. Episode 14 Still Gotta Mean Something
    The Walking Dead Recap: Get to the Chopper! That was one of the all-time most disturbing TWD death scenes.
  4. Episode 13 Do Not Send Us Astray
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Widow Rhee It’s finally time for the assault on Hilltop.
  5. Episode 12 The Key
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Not So Fast and Furious It’s looking like Negan’s reign is almost over.
  6. Episode 11 Dead or Alive Or
    The Walking Dead Recap: Swamp Things Negan is ready to rain down zombie guts on Hilltop.
  7. Episode 10 The Lost and the Plunderers
    The Walking Dead Recap: Already Lost Will Rick regret not showing mercy to Jadis?
  8. Episode 9 Honor
  9. Episode 8 How It’s Gotta Be
    The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Recap: Once Bitten A bloody end to Negan and the Saviors is finally in sight.
  10. Episode 7 Time For After
    The Walking Dead Recap: Sanctuary Snoozefest If you were expecting a big cliff-hanger this week, no such luck.
  11. Episode 6 The King, The Widow, and Rick
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Series of Unfortunate Decisions It’s time to bring the Negan story line to an end.
  12. Episode 5 The Big Scary U
    The Walking Dead Recap: Meet the Saviors Negan’s return offers a tantalizing glimpse into his backstory.
  13. Episode 4 Some Guy
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Zookeeper’s Tale Jaded as longtime TWD fans must be, it’s hard not to ache for Zeke.
  14. Episode 3 Monsters
    The Walking Dead Recap: Mortal Combat Remember when this was a zombie show?
  15. Episode 2 The Damned
    The Walking Dead Recap: Friends Who Slay Together Nobody ever said this “kill Negan and overthrow his vast criminal network” thing would be easy.
  16. Episode 1 Mercy
    The Walking Dead Season-Premiere Recap: No Sanctuary What’s the deal with Old Rick?
  1. Episode 16 The Storm
    The Walking Dead Recap: Snow Day Alpha’s massacre casts a long, dark shadow, as the survivors simultaneously come together and split apart in a season-ending blizzard.
  2. Episode 15 The Calm Before
    The Walking Dead Recap: Heads Up Alpha proves she’s even more deranged and dangerous than anyone thought, resulting in the best episode in a long time.
  3. Episode 14 Scars
    The Walking Dead Recap: Suffer the Children Michonne and Daryl remind us why they top the list of characters still worth rooting for, in an episode that sets up a sprint to the season finale.
  4. Episode 13 Chokepoint
    The Walking Dead Recap: Faire Play As Daryl’s rescue party deals with the fallout from an old threat, Zeke’s faire is confronted with a new one.
  5. Episode 12 Guardians
    The Walking Dead Recap: You Come at the Queen, You Best Not Miss Zeke’s Faire is gonna be an apocalyptic Fyre Festival.
  6. Episode 11 Bounty
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hearts of Darkness The standoff between Hilltop and the Whisperers ends not with a bang, but a slap.
  7. Episode 10 Omega
    The Walking Dead Recap: Alpha Bits Lydia’s story of growing up in the shit-hits-fan era turns out to be more complex and tragic than expected.
  8. Episode 9 Adaptation
    The Walking Dead Midseason Premiere Recap: A New Sheriff in Town As Daryl and Michonne try to get to the bottom of the Whisperer threat, an escaped Negan takes a first step on the road to redemption.
  9. Episode 8 Evolution
    The Walking Dead Recap: A New Horror The season hits the halfway mark in grisly fashion, with a shocking death and a revelation that raises the stakes for the final eight episodes.
  10. Episode 7 Stradivarius
    The Walking Dead Recap: Welcome to Camp Dixon An episode light on zombie chaos gives us a better look at Camp Dixon, but ends up offering more questions than answers.
  11. Episode 6 Who Are You Now?
    The Walking Dead Recap: Grave New World There are some major developments among the survivors in an episode that highlights how much things have changed in the AG (After Grimes) era.
  12. Episode 5 What Comes After
    The Walking Dead Recap: Good-Bye, Rick Grimes “What Comes After” delivers a huge game-changer of an ending.
  13. Episode 4 The Obliged
    The Walking Dead Recap: Can’t Let Go Maggie and Daryl’s plan to kill Negan leads to some unexpected consequences as a pair of herds approaches.
  14. Episode 3 Warning Signs
    The Walking Dead Recap: And Justice for All? Old antagonisms and unsettled business resurface as Rick busies himself trying to build a bridge.
  15. Episode 2 The Bridge
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Farewell to Arms An infrastructure project becomes the backdrop for tension between the series’ various camps as Rick converses with an old antagonist.
  16. Episode 1 A New Beginning
    The Walking Dead Season-Premiere Recap: Rebuilding Ain’t Easy The series tries for a fresh start with a season premiere focusing on the challenges of rebuilding society after a devastating war.
  1. Episode 22 Here’s Negan
    The Walking Dead Season-Finale Recap: Jukebox Antihero The much-anticipated Negan origin story lives up to its considerably great expectations.
  2. Episode 21 Diverged
    The Walking Dead Recap: Carol and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day Carol and Daryl arrive at a fork in the road, and while it diverges in the wood, the paths they take make no difference whatsoever.
  3. Episode 20 Splinter
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Not-So-Good Place An intimate Princess close-up also provides a tantalizing morsel of insight into the military outfit that’s holding her and her new pals captive.
  4. Episode 19 One More
    The Walking Dead Recap: Game Night After a slow start, this dark, depressing side quest turns out to be the most compelling season-ten bonus chapter so far.
  5. Episode 18 Find Me
    The Walking Dead Recap: Dog Days In flashback, our favorite bow-hunting brooder grapples with his complex relationship with Carol in parallel with a mystery woman he met in the woods.
  6. Episode 17 Home Sweet Home
    The Walking Dead Recap: New Sheriff in Town The extended tenth season kicks off with Hurricane Maggie blowing into A-town, with force.
  7. Episode 16 A Certain Doom
    The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap: Delayed Gratification After a six-month delay, the much-needed end of the Whisperers is finally upon us.
  8. Episode 15 The Tower
    The Walking Dead Recap: Princess Diaries Your enjoyment of this penultimate TWD chapter mostly depends on your tolerance for one Juanita Sanchez.
  9. Episode 14 Look at the Flowers
    The Walking Dead Recap: Who’s Your Alpha? Alpha may be dead, but she’s finally found a home inside Carol’s head.
  10. Episode 13 What We Become
    The Walking Dead Recap: Michonne Abides Is this the most satisfying sendoff for everyone’s favorite self-taught swordmaster? Maybe not, but it leaves open a door to a much larger world.
  11. Episode 12 Walk With Us
    The Walking Dead Recap: Strange Bedfellows With a kiss good-bye and a twist of the knife, this show about the dead has suddenly found new life.
  12. Episode 11 Morning Star
    The Walking Dead Recap: Getting Medieval If Negan’s hiding a secret loyalty to the A-Town Alliance, then he’s also the Daniel Day-Lewis of the end times.
  13. Episode 10 Stalker
    The Walking Dead Recap: Killing Me Not-So-Softly We hit pause on whatever’s going on with Negan and Carol for a welcome and unexpected showdown between two of this show’s badassiest badasses.
  14. Episode 9 Squeeze
    The Walking Dead Midseason-Premiere Recap: You Can Leave Your Mask On As Negan and Alpha get uncomfortably close, Daryl’s search party deals with yet another rash and stupid action from Carol.
  15. Episode 8 The World Before
    The Walking Dead Recap: Mercy and Wrath A tense, satisfying midseason finale gives us an accounting of Dante’s sabotage, a Michonne side mission, and one horde of a cliffhanger.
  16. Episode 7 Open Your Eyes
    The Walking Dead Recap: Doctor Sleep For everyone who felt something was a little off with Dante, we now (sort of) know why.
  17. Episode 6 Bonds
    The Walking Dead Recap: Bend the Knee Friendships are tested, a surprising alliance is forged, and things get kinky in Whisperville.
  18. Episode 5 What It Always Is
    The Walking Dead Recap: Back in Black Negan is on the loose, and seems ready to drop his turn-the-other-cheek philosophy.
  19. Episode 4 Silence the Whisperers
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Masks They Wear Big moves by Alpha and Negan turn the cracks in Hilltop and A-Town into chasms.
  20. Episode 3 Ghosts
    The Walking Dead Recap: Seeing Things Even as zombies lay siege to A-Town, it’s the terrors of the mind that dominate this episode.
  21. Episode 2 We Are the End of the World
    The Walking Dead Recap: Monster’s Ball A flashback to the Whisperers’ origin story reveals Alpha’s talents as a master manipulator.
  22. Episode 1 Lines We Cross
    The Walking Dead Season-Premiere Recap: The More Things Change … Even at Oceanside, the livin’ ain’t easy.
  1. Episode 24 Rest in Peace
    The Walking Dead Series-Finale Recap: Unfinished Business The Walking Dead has ended, but the franchise isn’t going away anytime soon.
  2. Episode 23 Family
    The Walking Dead Recap: Last Train to Commonwealth With only two episodes left, there’s no time for anything but action.
  3. Episode 22 Faith
    The Walking Dead Recap: Trials and Tribulations We’re back to the old question of whether or not Negan has really changed.
  4. Episode 21 Outpost
    The Walking Dead Recap: Train Reaction Family ties are stronger than zip ties (especially those cheap ones Maggie wiggles out of pretty easily).
  5. Episode 20 What’s Been Lost
    The Walking Dead Recap: Uncivil Disobedience Carol and Daryl, back in action.
  6. Episode 19 Variant
  7. Episode 18 A New Deal
    The Walking Dead Recap: Teach the Children Well Daryl and Judith get in some quality daddy-daughter bonding in a chapter that is at its core about parents and children.
  8. Episode 17 Lockdown
    The Walking Dead Midseason-Premiere Recap: Beginning of the End Intriguing opening tease aside, so far part three is idling when it should be revving up.
  9. Episode 16 Acts of God
    The Walking Dead Midseason-Finale Recap: My Way The midseason finale is tense, but more is expected from the ending of part two.
  10. Episode 15 Trust
    The Walking Dead Recap: Lance, A Lot With one more episode to go before another midseason break, TWD hustles to tie its multiple storylines together.
  11. Episode 14 The Rotten Core
    The Walking Dead Recap: Gut Up Another action-packed episode perfectly balances surprising twists and character moments, which is The Walking Dead at its best.
  12. Episode 13 Warlords
    The Walking Dead Recap: Stranger Danger TWD continues the haves-versus-have-nots theme, but cranks up the action and dives into what is going on inside the Commonwealth.
  13. Episode 12 The Lucky Ones
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Price Ain’t Right Eugene and Maggie find themselves facing some serious introspection.
  14. Episode 11 Rogue Element
    The Walking Dead Recap: CSI: Commonwealth Is the Commonwealth all it’s cracked up to be? Connie, Carol, and Eugene investigate.
  15. Episode 10 New Haunts
    The Walking Dead Recap: Eat the Rich Daryl seems destined to make a tough choice between keeping the kiddos happy and serving a corrupt regime.
  16. Episode 9 No Other Way
    The Walking Dead Midseason-Premiere Recap: Reaper Madness There’s no debate that it’s Maggie who is the most ruthless survivor.
  17. Episode 8 For Blood
    The Walking Dead Midseason-Finale Recap: Family Ties The Reapers take center stage in this relentlessly fast-paced first-third finale, but let’s not forget the Commonwealth.
  18. Episode 7 Promises Broken
    The Walking Dead Recap: Walk Like the Dead Despite the weirdness of the Commonwealth and a plan to take down the Reapers, this week’s episode is mostly a disappointing bit of filler.
  19. Episode 6 On the Inside
    The Walking Dead Recap: Walking in The Spiderwebs The whole house sequence is arguably one of TWD’s best moments of genuine horror and suspense.
  20. Episode 5 Out of the Ashes
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Tale of Three Cities The Commonwealth is a weird, impregnable utopia, so you just know it’s hiding something creepy and dangerous.
  21. Episode 4 Rendition
    The Walking Dead Recap: Burning Man Daryl and Dog have a fiery reunion with Leah and meet the Reapers’ mysterious leader, Pope.
  22. Episode 3 Hunted
    The Walking Dead Recap: Horse Whispering Maggie and Negan are going to need to figure out some sort of uneasy alliance if they want to make it out alive.
  23. Episode 2 Acheron: Part II
    The Walking Dead Recap: Ice Ice Baby So the Commonwealth seems real in all its structured and secured mini-state glory.
  24. Episode 1 Acheron: Part I
    The Walking Dead Season-Premiere Recap: A Frenemy in Need Maggie sets the crew on a dangerous path where certain hell awaits on the other side.

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