The Walking Dead

  1. Welcome to the Tombs
    Episode 16 Welcome to the Tombs
    The Walking Dead Season-Three Finale Recap: Kill or Die So, this is what war looks like on this show.
  2. This Sorrowful Life
    Episode 15 This Sorrowful Life
    The Walking Dead Recap: Make War, Not Talking About War Merle finally became a somewhat complex character.
  3. Prey
    Episode 14 Prey
    The Walking Dead Recap: Overdone Is it possible to medically diagnose a television show with schizophrenia?
  4. Arrow on the Doorpost
    Episode 13 Arrow on the Doorpost
    The Walking Dead Recap: Chat Room Last night’s episode gestured, if only briefly, at something complicated.
  5. Clear
    Episode 12 Clear
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Weak Shall Inherit the Earth For much of this season, The Walking Dead has dragged its feet, but last night’s episode was very good.
  6. I Ain’t a Judas
    Episode 11 I Ain’t a Judas
    The Walking Dead Recap: Old Friends While last night’s episode literally revisited much of the same territory we’ve seen before, there were signs of life.
  7. Home
    Episode 10 Home
    The Walking Dead Recap: Brotherly Shove Merle and Daryl are like Smothers Brothers with crossbows and knife hands.
  8. The Suicide King
    Episode 9 The Suicide King
    The Walking Dead Recap: Don’t Tread on Me One might say there’s no room for nuance in a show about zombies, but that’s exactly why you need it most.
  9. Made To Suffer
    Episode 8 Made To Suffer
    The Walking Dead Recap: When Smoke (and Glass) Gets in Your Eyes What was even up with that whole rescue operation?
  10. When the Dead Come Knocking
    Episode 7 When the Dead Come Knocking
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Change of Scenery This show works best when the plot encompasses as much territory and characters as possible, and this episode excelled at that.
  11. Hounded
    Episode 6 Hounded
    The Walking Dead Recap: Dead Air There was a magic telephone.
  12. Say the Word
    Episode 5 Say the Word
    The Walking Dead Recap: Rick Rolls We’re not feeling as creeped-out by the Governor as we probably should.
  1. A
    Episode 16 A
    The Walking Dead Season-Four Finale Recap: Go for the Throat Apparently, they’re screwing with the wrong people.
  2. Us
    Episode 15 Us
    The Walking Dead Recap: Terminus Boredom This is the end. It says so right on the building in big bold letters.
  3. The Grove
    Episode 14 The Grove
    The Walking Dead Recap: Look at the Flowers An episode redeemed by its final act.
  4. Alone
    Episode 13 Alone
    The Walking Dead Recap: Friends in Need As this season winds down, the metaphors pile up higher than the body counts.
  5. Still
    Episode 12 Still
    The Walking Dead Recap: Burning Down the House Welcome to The Daryl Hour, with your host, Daryl Dixon.
  6. Claimed
    Episode 11 Claimed
    The Walking Dead Recap: Life Is a Can of Crazy Cheese It seems unwise to trust a guy with a mullet to save mankind.
  7. Inmates
    Episode 10 Inmates
    The Walking Dead Recap: Adventures in Babysitting Just when it seemed like the show was slowing down, we get last night’s wild romp through the woods.
  8. After
    Episode 9 After
    The Walking Dead Recap: On the Road Again Michonne goes solo; Carl goes full alpha.
  9. Too Far Gone
    Episode 8 Too Far Gone
    The Walking Dead Recap: Kill ’Em All This episode was like the end of season two, but on steroids.
  10. Dead Weight
    Episode 7 Dead Weight
    The Walking Dead Recap: Heavy Is the Head Another episode in the wonderful company of the Governor.
  11. Live Bait
    Episode 6 Live Bait
    The Walking Dead Recap: Pounds and Pinkie Swears Catching up with the Governor.
  12. Internment
    Episode 5 Internment
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hershel Takes the Wheel The star of this week’s episode — aside from Henry the Endotracheal Intubated Zombie — is Hershel.
  13. Indifference
    Episode 4 Indifference
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hit The Road Rick and Carol set out on their own side trip.
  14. Isolation
    Episode 3 Isolation
    The Walking Dead Recap: Dirty Deeds For a show that’s always been rather heavy and dark, this season is wearing a lead suit during a solar eclipse.
  15. Infected
    Episode 2 Infected
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hog Wild There were some next-level gruesome moments in this week’s episode.
  16. 30 Days Without an Accident
    Episode 1 30 Days Without an Accident
    The Walking Dead Premiere Recap: Don’t Get Too Comfortable Life on the farm seems peaceful now. It isn’t.
  1. Conquer
    Episode 16 Conquer
    The Walking Dead Finale Recap: Wolves at the Door Was this the best Walking Dead finale ever?
  2. Try
    Episode 15 Try
    The Walking Dead Recap: Ricktatorship Down This experiment in civilization-building is about to collapse, and Rick has lost his bloody mind.
  3. Spend
    Episode 14 Spend
    The Walking Dead Recap: Paradise Lost And their bombs and their guns: In your head, in your head they are dying.
  4. Forget
    Episode 13 Forget
    The Walking Dead Recap: House Party This place is feeling less like Woodbury II and more like a very well-fortified Scientology recruitment center.
  5. Remember
    Episode 12 Remember
    The Walking Dead Recap: Rick Gets a Haircut If it looks like utopia and the fresh blankets smell like utopia, could this place be for real?
  6. The Distance
    Episode 11 The Distance
    The Walking Dead Recap: Right Cross Applesauce Rick is still wary of anyone offering help, even when it’s applesauce.
  7. Them
    Episode 10 Them
    The Walking Dead Recap: I, Monster The gang copes with some emotional fallout in this more low-key episode.
  8. What Happened and What’s Going On
    Episode 9 What Happened and What’s Going On
    The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere Recap: The Cost of Living What starts as a set of puzzle pieces come together in an unexpectedly tragic ending, one that explains why these people haven’t given up yet.
  9. Coda
    Episode 8 Coda
    The Walking Dead Recap: I Get It Now See you in February, Walking Dead.
  10. Crossed
    Episode 7 Crossed
    The Walking Dead Recap: Good Cop, Bad Cop Rather than focus on one story line, this chapter toggles between all four.
  11. Consumed
    Episode 6 Consumed
    The Walking Dead Recap: Buckle Up Did anyone think that Carol would develop into one of the show’s best characters?
  12. Self Help
    Episode 5 Self Help
    The Walking Dead Recap: Stressed and Depressed Just when you think they’ve run out of ways to exterminate the undead.
  13. Slabtown
    Episode 4 Slabtown
    The Walking Dead Recap: Nurse Beth And now, let’s spend an hour with Beth.
  14. Four Walls and a Roof
    Episode 3 Four Walls and a Roof
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Last Supper A tense and bloody hour — a description that could be applied to every Walking Dead episode this season.
  15. Strangers
    Episode 2 Strangers
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Matter of Taste Two episodes, two shockers. Good job, Walking Dead.
  16. No Sanctuary
    Episode 1 No Sanctuary
    The Walking Dead Season 5 Premiere Recap: Baby, You’re a Firework You’re the butcher. Or you’re the cattle.
  1. Last Day on Earth
    Episode 16 Last Day on Earth
    The Walking Dead Season Finale Recap: Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe If Glenngate was torture, this is a brand-new hell.
  2. East
    Episode 15 East
    The Walking Dead Recap: Don’t Come After Me When Rick and Morgan fight side by side, it’s an impressive sight.
  3. Twice As Far
    Episode 14 Twice As Far
    The Walking Dead Recap: An Eye for an Eye Daryl’s crossbow returns in a most horrible way.
  4. The Same Boat
    Episode 13 The Same Boat
    The Walking Dead Recap: Girl Power The A-towners inch closer to a confrontation with Negan.
  5. No Tomorrow Yet
    Episode 12 No Tomorrow Yet
    The Walking Dead Recap: Kill ’Em All Rick wants to bring the fight to the Saviors, pronto.
  6. Knots Untie
    Episode 11 Knots Untie
    The Walking Dead Recap: Let’s Make a Deal How hard can it be to make a trade?
  7. The Next World
    Episode 10 The Next World
    The Walking Dead Recap: Jesus Takes the Wheel After last week’s madness, this isn’t a typical catch-your-breath episode.
  8. No Way Out
    Episode 9 No Way Out
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Battle of Alexandria “No Way Out” is a much-needed shot of adrenaline.
  9. Start to Finish
    Episode 8 Start to Finish
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hostile Takeover The beginning of the end of the safe zone.
  10. Heads Up
    Episode 7 Heads Up
    The Walking Dead Recap: The End of Glenngate After weeks of wheel-spinning, this episode wastes no time to answer the mother of all questions.
  11. Always Accountable
    Episode 6 Always Accountable
    The Walking Dead Recap: Loose Ends Our long national Glenngate nightmare continues.
  12. Now
    Episode 5 Now
    The Walking Dead Recap: Love in a Time of Zombies Love is in the air at Alexandria!
  13. Here’s Not Here
    Episode 4 Here’s Not Here
    The Walking Dead Recap: Everybody Turns This episode serves as a lengthy counterargument to the Ricktatorship plan — an endorsement for peace over war, even in these darkest of times.
  14. Thank You
    Episode 3 Thank You
    The Walking Dead Recap: Bad Gets Worse I’d rank this as the most shocking death in Walking Dead history.
  15. JSS
    Episode 2 JSS
    The Walking Dead Recap: Thrown to the Wolves Morgan wins the all-around badass award.
  16. First Time Again
    Episode 1 First Time Again
    The Walking Dead Recap: Best-Laid Plans Meet the Donald Trump of the zombie apocalypse, Rick Grimes.
  1. The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
    Episode 16 The First Day of the Rest of Your Life
    The Walking Dead Finale Recap: A Tiger and a Shark Where does the show go from here?
  2. Something They Need
    Episode 15 Something They Need
    The Walking Dead Recap: Take the Guns, Leave the Cannoli Rick’s army is finally on the brink of war with Negan.
  3. The Other Side
    Episode 14 The Other Side
    The Walking Dead Recap: Slouching Toward the Sanctuary “The Other Side” is a slow, mostly meaningless episode.
  4. Bury Me Here
    Episode 13 Bury Me Here
    The Walking Dead Recap: Not Today What had all the makings of another snoozefest redeemed itself with surprises.
  5. Say Yes
    Episode 12 Say Yes
    The Walking Dead Recap: Rick and Michonne’s Sexcellent Adventure This road trip is a cute diversion, but let’s face it: The Walking Dead is spinning its wheels.
  6. Hostiles and Calamities
    Episode 11 Hostiles and Calamities
    The Walking Dead Recap: Welcome Home, Haircut Whether he’s truly turning into Dr. Evil or not, Eugene is finally worth watching.
  7. New Best Friends
    Episode 10 New Best Friends
    The Walking Dead Recap: Meet the Vulcans It’s safe to say the old Daryl is officially back.
  8. Rock in the Road
    Episode 9 Rock in the Road
    The Walking Dead Recap: Turn That Frown Upside Down “Rock in the Road” has one of the show’s greatest zombie slaughter scenes.
  9. Hearts Still Beating
    Episode 8 Hearts Still Beating
    The Walking Dead Recap: Gut Check “Hearts Still Beating” is a mostly satisfying mid-season finale.
  10. Sing Me a Song
    Episode 7 Sing Me a Song
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Iron and the Damage Done In a perverse way, Negan is the most charismatic character on The Walking Dead.
  11. Swear
    Episode 6 Swear
    The Walking Dead Recap: Hell’s Belles “I never thought I’d be asking this, but where are all the men?”
  12. Go Getters
    Episode 5 Go Getters
    The Walking Dead Recap: Maggie’s Farm This episode is zombie-with-a-bum-leg slow.
  13. Service
    Episode 4 Service
    The Walking Dead Recap: Easy Peasy Negan is a sick, sick man.
  14. The Cell
    Episode 3 The Cell
    The Walking Dead Recap: Who’s the Boss? Negan is so cruel, even Dirtbag Dwight gets humanized by comparison.
  15. The Well
    Episode 2 The Well
    The Walking Dead Recap: Medieval Times Introducing Zeke, the most annoying actor from your local Renaissance faire.
  16. The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
    Episode 1 The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be
    The Walking Dead Season Premiere Recap: Meet the New Boss Negan takes control in a devastatingly cruel premiere.
  1. Wrath
    Episode 16 Wrath
    The Walking Dead Season-Finale Recap: Same As It Ever Was It’s time for The Walking Dead to shake things up radically.
  2. Worth
    Episode 15 Worth
    The Walking Dead Recap: Dear Poppa “Worth” sets the stage for a violent finale.
  3. Still Gotta Mean Something
    Episode 14 Still Gotta Mean Something
    The Walking Dead Recap: Get to the Chopper! That was one of the all-time most disturbing TWD death scenes.
  4. Do Not Send Us Astray
    Episode 13 Do Not Send Us Astray
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Widow Rhee It’s finally time for the assault on Hilltop.
  5. The Key
    Episode 12 The Key
    The Walking Dead Recap: The Not So Fast and Furious It’s looking like Negan’s reign is almost over.
  6. Dead or Alive Or
    Episode 11 Dead or Alive Or
    The Walking Dead Recap: Swamp Things Negan is ready to rain down zombie guts on Hilltop.
  7. The Lost and the Plunderers
    Episode 10 The Lost and the Plunderers
    The Walking Dead Recap: Already Lost Will Rick regret not showing mercy to Jadis?
  8. Honor
    Episode 9 Honor
  9. How It’s Gotta Be
    Episode 8 How It’s Gotta Be
    The Walking Dead Midseason Finale Recap: Once Bitten A bloody end to Negan and the Saviors is finally in sight.
  10. Time For After
    Episode 7 Time For After
    The Walking Dead Recap: Sanctuary Snoozefest If you were expecting a big cliff-hanger this week, no such luck.
  11. The King, The Widow, and Rick
    Episode 6 The King, The Widow, and Rick
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Series of Unfortunate Decisions It’s time to bring the Negan story line to an end.
  12. The Big Scary U
    Episode 5 The Big Scary U
    The Walking Dead Recap: Meet the Saviors Negan’s return offers a tantalizing glimpse into his backstory.
  13. Some Guy
    Episode 4 Some Guy
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Zookeeper’s Tale Jaded as longtime TWD fans must be, it’s hard not to ache for Zeke.
  14. Monsters
    Episode 3 Monsters
    The Walking Dead Recap: Mortal Combat Remember when this was a zombie show?
  15. The Damned
    Episode 2 The Damned
    The Walking Dead Recap: Friends Who Slay Together Nobody ever said this “kill Negan and overthrow his vast criminal network” thing would be easy.
  16. Mercy
    Episode 1 Mercy
    The Walking Dead Season-Premiere Recap: No Sanctuary What’s the deal with Old Rick?
  1. Stradivarius
    Episode 7 Stradivarius
    The Walking Dead Recap: Welcome to Camp Dixon An episode light on zombie chaos gives us a better look at Camp Dixon, but ends up offering more questions than answers.
  2. Who Are You Now?
    Episode 6 Who Are You Now?
    The Walking Dead Recap: Grave New World There are some major developments among the survivors in an episode that highlights how much things have changed in the AG (After Grimes) era.
  3. What Comes After
    Episode 5 What Comes After
    The Walking Dead Recap: Good-Bye, Rick Grimes “What Comes After” delivers a huge game-changer of an ending.
  4. The Obliged
    Episode 4 The Obliged
    The Walking Dead Recap: Can’t Let Go Maggie and Daryl’s plan to kill Negan leads to some unexpected consequences as a pair of herds approaches.
  5. Warning Signs
    Episode 3 Warning Signs
    The Walking Dead Recap: And Justice for All? Old antagonisms and unsettled business resurface as Rick busies himself trying to build a bridge.
  6. The Bridge
    Episode 2 The Bridge
    The Walking Dead Recap: A Farewell to Arms An infrastructure project becomes the backdrop for tension between the series’ various camps as Rick converses with an old antagonist.
  7. A New Beginning
    Episode 1 A New Beginning
    The Walking Dead Season-Premiere Recap: Rebuilding Ain’t Easy The series tries for a fresh start with a season premiere focusing on the challenges of rebuilding society after a devastating war.

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