The Watcher

Young blood has arrived at 657 Boulevard.

Photo: Eric Liebowitz/Netflix

Based on the 2018 New York magazine feature, Ryan Murphy’s latest Netflix series takes the inherently creepy real-life premise of a mysterious letter-writing stalker terrorizing a suburban New Jersey family, and ups the spookiness in the creator’s signature unsubtle style. Joining the effort is Murphy’s regular collaborator Ian Brennan, plus a stacked cast that includes Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts as the heads of the Brannock family (whose names and likenesses have changed per the request of the Broadduses); top-notch character actors like Jennifer Coolidge, Margo Martindale, and Richard Kind as their fellow residents of Westfield, New Jersey; and none other than Rosemary herself, Mia Farrow, playing the other side of the creepy-neighbor dynamic.

  1. Episode 7 Haunting
    The Watcher Series-Finale Recap: This Is Not My Beautiful House Do you think this show was supposed to be eight episodes long and they just … stopped writing it? Because there are a lot of unanswered questions.
  2. Episode 6 The Gloaming
    The Watcher Recap: Subterranean Homesick Blues Nora and Dean are so deeply, deeply stupid!
  3. Episode 5 Occam’s Razor
    The Watcher Recap: The Unusual Suspects There’s a new prime suspect, but it takes Dean and Nora forever to get there.
  4. Episode 4 Someone to Watch Over Me
    The Watcher Recap: Everything Is Legal in New Jersey A very special episode about the age of consent in the Garden State.
  5. Episode 3 Götterdämmerung
    The Watcher Recap: Bodies, Bodies, Bodies “John the building inspector” seems like a nice, normal guy who didn’t murder his whole family, that’s for sure.
  6. Episode 2 Blood Sacrifice
    The Watcher Recap: A Shot in the Dark Not content to simply watch, folks are supposedly drinking baby blood now.
  7. Episode 1 Welcome, Friends
    The Watcher Series-Premiere Recap: New Kids on the Block Perhaps the goal of this premiere is to make us hate the Brannocks so much we won’t mind when they are tormented to pieces by their stalker.

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