The Wilds

  1. Episode 8 Exodus
    The Wilds Season-Finale Recap: Your Own Personal Jesus The season finale provides few answers, but the prospect of a merged beach next season is pretty exciting.
  2. Episode 7 Day 50 / 33
    The Wilds Recap: Madness Loves Company “The mind can give you what you need.”
  3. Episode 6 Day 46/26
    The Wilds Recap: Candles and Crack-ups In which more kids break down and exile each other. Plus, a Ben Folds cameo that blows our minds.
  4. Episode 5 Day 45/16
    The Wilds Recap: Welcome to the Black Parade One mole is exposed while another returns.
  5. Episode 4 Day 42 / 15
    The Wilds Recap: Excalibur Died for Us Seth finally falls from grace in a dark and dramatic fashion.
  6. Episode 3 Day 36 / 14
    The Wilds Recap: Idle Hands, Devil’s Work The girls get fresh while the boys battle a big cat.
  7. Episode 2 Day 34 / 12
    The Wilds Recap: Bracelets and Borders Let’s hope the boys smarten up soon and start asking themselves crucial questions like who ‘abandons’ a shelter full of food?
  8. Episode 1 Day 30 / 1
    The Wilds Season-Premiere Recap: Meet the Boys The Wilds is back, and don’t worry, everything’s still awful.

The Latest TV News

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    Watch the Cast of Thor: Love and Thunder Get All Gallagher With Mjölnir Thor smash!
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    Michaela Coel, John Turturro, Paul Dano Join Mr. & Mrs. Smith They join Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as the titular coupled killers.
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    Las Culturistas Teach The View How to Pronounce ‘Las Culturistas’ Now your mom knows about Fire Island, for better or worse.
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    The Bear’s Lionel Boyce Didn’t Bake Those Doughnuts, But He Did Glaze Them “I tried to make doughnuts, and boy, did I burn those. It’s not easy.”
  6. meat deets
    The Bear’s Ebon Moss-Bachrach on the Art of Playing the Obstacle “No one ever told me to pull back, which I’m shocked about, and maybe was a mistake.”
  7. good boy
    Channing Tatum’s Himbos, Ranked On the tenth anniversary of Magic Mike, let’s revisit all of Channing Tatum’s sweet, dumb hunks.
  8. pilot pick ups
    Freeform’s AZNBBGRL Finds Its Baby Girls From The Flight Attendant’s Natalie Chaidez and Wu-Tang: An American Saga’s Dinh Thai.
  9. tv's nicole kidman
    Nicole Kidman to Make Heartbreak Feel Good in a Place Like Your Home Baz Luhrmann is reworking his 2008 movie, Australia, into a miniseries.
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    7 Big Questions About That Umbrella Academy Ending The Hargreeves siblings may be cool with simply accepting this new reality, but the rest of us have some follow-ups.