The Wilds

  1. Episode 8 Exodus
    The Wilds Season-Finale Recap: Your Own Personal Jesus The season finale provides few answers, but the prospect of a merged beach next season is pretty exciting.
  2. Episode 7 Day 50 / 33
    The Wilds Recap: Madness Loves Company “The mind can give you what you need.”
  3. Episode 6 Day 46/26
    The Wilds Recap: Candles and Crack-ups In which more kids break down and exile each other. Plus, a Ben Folds cameo that blows our minds.
  4. Episode 5 Day 45/16
    The Wilds Recap: Welcome to the Black Parade One mole is exposed while another returns.
  5. Episode 4 Day 42 / 15
    The Wilds Recap: Excalibur Died for Us Seth finally falls from grace in a dark and dramatic fashion.
  6. Episode 3 Day 36 / 14
    The Wilds Recap: Idle Hands, Devil’s Work The girls get fresh while the boys battle a big cat.
  7. Episode 2 Day 34 / 12
    The Wilds Recap: Bracelets and Borders Let’s hope the boys smarten up soon and start asking themselves crucial questions like who ‘abandons’ a shelter full of food?
  8. Episode 1 Day 30 / 1
    The Wilds Season-Premiere Recap: Meet the Boys The Wilds is back, and don’t worry, everything’s still awful.

The Latest TV News

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    The 2023 Hollywood Strike for Dummies WGA and the AMPTP have tentatively reached a deal. What happens now?
  2. 2 fast 2 feud-ious
    XOXO, Truman Capote Demi Moore and Chloe Sevigny avenge deadly gossip in Ryan Murphy’s Feud.
  3. now streaming
    Moonlighting, the ’80s Classic, Will Finally Stream on Hulu Making it legally available online for the first time next month.
  4. close read
    The Other Black Girl Reads Better Onscreen With a few key changes to Zakiya Dalila Harris’s story, the TV adaptation is able to address some of the novel’s missed opportunities.
  5. rip
    David McCallum, NCIS Star, Dead at 90 He was the last remaining member of the original NCIS main cast.
  6. cancel culture
    If You’re Reading This, Your Favorite Show Is Canceled All the TV shows we’ve lost in 2023, including Blindspotting, Heels, Run the World, and The Venery of Samantha Bird.
  7. roll camera
    All the Shows Returning After the Writers’ Strike Drew Barrymore only had to wait two weeks.
  8. 2023 wga strike
    All Your Frantic Questions About the ‘Tentative’ WGA Agreement, Answered When are we getting back to normal?
  9. rick as well as morty
    Hey, Get a Load of This Guy’s Rick and Morty Impression Dude, you gotta hear this.
  10. backstories
    How Reservation Dogs Became the Best-Cast Show on TV All it took was a little Hollywood royalty, a lot of Oklahoma talent, and the eye of casting director Angelique Midthunder.