The X Factor

  1. Season Finale, Part 2
    Episode 27 Season Finale, Part 2
    The X Factor Recap: And That’s a Wrap Simon Cowell, you stole two hours of our lives with the X Factor season finale.
  2. Season Finale, Part 1
    Episode 26 Season Finale, Part 1
  3. Top Finalists Perform #6
    Episode 24 Top Finalists Perform #6
    X Factor Recap: They Have Got to NAIL THIS ONE This show feels like a situation. A condition. A predicament.
  4. Live Results Show #6
    Episode 24 Live Results Show #6
    The X Factor Recap: Britney Does Not Approve A better host on a better show would have asked Brit why she gave the gas face.
  5. LIVE Results Show #5
    Episode 23 LIVE Results Show #5
    The X Factor Recap: Good Night, Sweet Princesses Once you have visited the X Factor VIP Tent, it is difficult to come back down to earth.
  6. Top Finalists Perform Live Show #5
    Episode 22 Top Finalists Perform Live Show #5
    The X Factor Recap: From the Belly of the Beast In which we watch the episode from the VIP tent.
  7. Live Results Show #4
    Episode 21 Live Results Show #4
    The X Factor Recap: Wow. Phenomenal. Between Mario Lopez, Khloe Kardashian, and Britney Spears, The X Factor is the world’s leading producer of fixed, joyless smiles.
  8. Top Finalists Perform Live Show #4
    Episode 20 Top Finalists Perform Live Show #4
    The X Factor Recap: Scream, Shout, Stall So we are down to our top eight here on The X Factor, yet the performance shows are still two hours long.
  9. Live Results Show #3
    Episode 19 Live Results Show #3
    The X Factor Recap: Thanksgiving Massacre We wrote this with an elephant-tranquilizer level of tryptophan still coursing through our stiffened arteries.
  10. Top Finalists Perform Live Show #3
    Episode 18 Top Finalists Perform Live Show #3
    The X Factor Recap: So Grateful For some reason, there are two episodes this Thanksgiving week.
  11. Live Results Show #2
    Episode 17 Live Results Show #2
    The X Factor Recap: Double Unhappiness It was a double elimination night, folks!
  12. Top Finalists Perform Live Show #2
    Episode 16 Top Finalists Perform Live Show #2
    The X Factor Recap: Songs by the Divas Let me grab my X-Factorese-to-English dictionary. Oh, here we go; that means “songs sung by people who have sung songs.”
  13. Live Results Show #1
    Episode 15 Live Results Show #1
    The X Factor Recap: Decision 2012 The synopsis of last night’s episode read: “a number of contestants are sent home.” But how many?
  14. Wildcard - Part 1
    Episode 12 Wildcard - Part 1
    The X Factor Recap: Tank It, Bro Fate has never been kind to The X Factor, but in the last couple of weeks, it’s just been straight-up cruel.
  15. Judges’ Homes #2
    Episode 11 Judges’ Homes #2
    The X Factor Recap: Going Home Would Really Blow This is the episode, sort of, that we were supposed to see last week, but then baseball happened.
  16. Judge’s House #1
    Episode 10 Judge’s House #1
    The X Factor Recap: Home Visits It’s off to the judges’ giant houses.
  17. Boot Camp #3
    Episode 9 Boot Camp #3
    The X Factor Recap: Now We’re Getting Somewhere Last day of boot camp, y’all.
  18. Boot Camp #2
    Episode 8 Boot Camp #2
    The X Factor Recap: Pairing Off At the beginning of last night’s episode, 60 acts remained. Sixty.
  19. Boot Camp #1
    Episode 7 Boot Camp #1
    X Factor Recap: Sad Britney and a Missing Panda After what seems like twelve years, it’s time for BOOT CAMP.
  20. Auditions #6
    Episode 6 Auditions #6
  21. Auditions #5
    Episode 5 Auditions #5
    The X Factor Recap: Britney’s Got Jokes They have to fill out episodes somehow.
  22. Auditions #4
    Episode 4 Auditions #4
    The X Factor Recap: Pepsi Ambassadors These early X Factor episodes are a tough slog.
  23. Auditions #3
    Episode 3 Auditions #3
    The X Factor Recap: Panda Has Pneumonia That didn’t stop her from singing amazingly, though.
  24. Auditions #2
    Episode 2 Auditions #2
    The X Factor Recap: Hot People With Bad Voices An endless parade of singers have pleasing faces but make terrible mouth-sounds.
  25. Auditions #1
    Episode 1 Auditions #1
    The X Factor Recap: And So We Begin Again They’ve made a couple of changes, in case you hadn’t heard.

The Latest TV News

  1. if peeing your pants is cool consider shania twain miles davis
    Shania Twain Walks You Through What to Do When You Pee Your Pants Onstage Look, it’s going to happen. The least you can do is be prepared.
  2. giving thanks
    Danny DeVito Gives Thanks for That Weird Hidden Bathroom Shrine Dedicated To Him Behind a wall at SUNY Purchase, a sacred altar to the Trash Man.
  3. in development
    Fox Developing Multi-Cam Comedies Uncle Joey and Significant Brother One would star comedian Joey Diaz, and the other is co-created by Difficult People’s Scott King.
  4. in development
    Fox Is Developing an Animated Series About ‘Immigrant Refugee’ Birds It’s called Buffalo Wings.
  5. vulture lists
    A Beginner’s Guide to Mexican Narco Films: The 10 Best Vintage Drug Dramas The Mexican outlaw oeuvre known as narco cinema has been training a B-movie lens on drug dealers for decades.
  6. chat room
    Diego Luna on Narcos: Mexico and Playing a Notorious Drug Lord “Younger generations that live now in Mexico, they don’t get it. They don’t get how things got this bad.”
  7. vulture lists
    The 14 Best Clip-Show Parodies, From Community to It’s Always Sunny Unshackled from its dull origins, the clip show has become a boundary-pushing TV experiment.
  8. trailer mix
    Frankie Shaw’s SMILF Returns to Showtime in January And we’ve got the trailer right here.
  9. tv review
    Queen America Earns Half a Crown The Catherine Zeta-Jones–starring Facebook Watch series is not great, but it gets points for attempting to bring nuance to the beauty pageant world.
  10. party report
    Patricia Arquette: ‘Dinosaurs’ More Likely in Film Than Sexual Middle-aged Women “And that’s kind of crazy, you know?”