This Is Us

  1. Episode 18 Moonshadow
    This Is Us Season Finale Recap: Hello and Good-bye “Moonshadow” reveals the epic story of how Jack and Rebecca met.
  2. Episode 17 What Now?
    This Is Us Recap: After William Better grab some tissues. You’re gonna cry through this entire episode.
  3. Episode 16 Memphis
    This Is Us Recap: The First and the Last “Memphis” is a beautiful send-off for a beloved character.
  4. Episode 15 Jack Pearson’s Son
    This Is Us Recap: What Would Jack Pearson Do? When Sterling K. Brown cries, America cries.
  5. Episode 14 I Call Marriage
    This Is Us Recap: The Perfect Husband “Jack Pearson, our story is just getting started.”
  6. Episode 13 Three Sentences
    This Is Us Recap: Magic, Madonna, and Inigo Montoya Randall is the best in any and all timelines.
  7. Episode 12 The Big Day
    This Is Us Recap: The Prequel “The Big Day” reveals the missing pieces to the Big Three puzzle.
  8. Episode 11 The Right Thing to Do
    This Is Us Recap: This Old House Phew, nothing bad happened on Christmas Eve!
  9. Episode 10 Last Christmas
    This Is Us Recap: A Christmas Story Beth and Randall Pearson forever.
  10. Episode 9 The Trip
    This Is Us Recap: Into the Woods Hallucination Jack is so wise.
  11. Episode 8 Pilgrim Rick
    This Is Us Recap: Thanksgiving Dad Is a Hot Dad The Pearsons serve up a big ol’ turkey, some homemade stuffing, and straight-up drama.
  12. Episode 7 The Best Washing Machine in the Whole World
    This Is Us Recap: Oh, Brother Welcome to the ‘90s, Pearson family!
  13. Episode 6 Career Days
    This Is Us Recap: Suit and Tie “Career Days” is missing a particular kind of spark.
  14. Episode 5 The Game Plan
    This Is Us Recap: Are You Ready for Some Football? “The Game Plan” reveals what happened to our favorite mustachioed dad.
  15. Episode 4 The Pool
    This Is Us Recap: The Deep End The flashback story line in “The Pool” doesn’t stand on its own.
  16. Episode 3 Kyle
    This Is Us Recap: Introducing Randall If this is what future episodes will look like, we’re in for a treat.
  17. Episode 2 The Big Three
    This Is Us Recap: Let’s Twist Again Okay, This Is Us. I see what you’re doing now.
  18. Episode 1 Pilot
    This Is Us Series Premiere Recap: When Life Gives You Lemons It’s hard not to feel immediately invested in NBC’s new drama.
  1. Episode 18 The Wedding
    This Is Us Season Finale Recap: A Toast to the Future The great Ka-Toby wedding is finally upon us!
  2. Episode 17 This Big, Amazing, Beautiful Life
    This Is Us Recap: Counting the Beds It’s Deja’s turn to get the This Is Us treatment.
  3. Episode 16 Vegas, Baby
    This Is Us Recap: The Head and the Heart Raise your hand if you’re thankful this episode wasn’t another weepfest.
  4. Episode 15 The Car
    This Is Us Recap: Life After Jack “The Car” may not be as intense as “Super Bowl Sunday,” but it is just as emotional.
  5. Episode 14 Super Bowl Sunday
    This Is Us Recap: Good-bye, Jack Pearson From the Super Bowl to the Super Bawl, am I right?
  6. Episode 13 That’ll Be The Day
    This Is Us Recap: Gone Longer Than We Had Him The story about Jack’s last day and how it led to tragedy.
  7. Episode 12 Clooney
    This Is Us Recap: Let’s Go to the Mall All I want to do is watch HGTV and drink apricot LaCroix with Miguel.
  8. Episode 11 The Fifth Wheel
    This Is Us Mid-Season Premiere Recap: Family Therapy Holy hell, This Is Us is not messing around with this episode.
  9. Episode 10 Number Three
    This Is Us Recap: Randall’s Story Thanksgiving is a rough holiday for the Pearsons.
  10. Episode 9 Number Two
    This Is Us Recap: Kate’s Story “Number Two” deals with the aftermath of Kate’s miscarriage.
  11. Episode 8 Number One
    This Is Us Recap: Kevin’s Story It’s depressing as hell to watch Kevin Pearson hit rock bottom.
  12. Episode 7 The Most Disappointed Man
    This Is Us Recap: The Justice System Finally, This Is Us dives into the story of Randall’s adoption.
  13. Episode 6 The 20s
    This Is Us Recap: I Got You, Babe Mandy Moore is doing something very special in season two.
  14. Episode 5 Brothers
    This Is Us Recap: Brotherly Love It turns out Randall and Kevin aren’t the only Pearson brothers.
  15. Episode 4 Still There
    This Is Us Recap: Parenting Isn’t Easy This week’s Deja story line is authentic and emotional in the very best way.
  16. Episode 3 Déjà Vu
    This Is Us Recap: Yo, Sylvester Stallone! Sly Stallone’s This Is Us stint isn’t just a quick cameo.
  17. Episode 2 A Manny-Splendored Thing
    This Is Us Recap: Beth & Randall & Kevin The Pearson clan heads to L.A. for a very special taping of The Man-ny.
  18. Episode 1 A Father’s Advice
    This Is Us Season-Premiere Recap: After the Fight Buckle up, kids: Season two is going to be intense.
  1. Episode 9 The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning
    This Is Us Recap: Aches and Pains A heartbreaking, at-times mystifying episode throws down multiple mysteries to agonize over during hiatus.
  2. Episode 8 Six Thanksgivings
    This Is Us Recap: A Thanksgiving Dad Is a Hot Dad This year, I’m most grateful for BFF Miguel.
  3. Episode 7 Sometimes
    This Is Us Recap: Road Tripping A series of field trips takes us on a tour of emotionally devastating moments past and present.
  4. Episode 6 Kamsahamnida
    This Is Us Recap: Let’s Get Ready to (Politically) Rumble Randall’s political campaign picks up when he discovers he has a secret weapon in his own family.
  5. Episode 5 Toby
    This Is Us Recap: Here’s to You, Mr. Robinson Kevin continues to search for details of his father’s past in an episode overstuffed with subplots.
  6. Episode 4 Vietnam
    This Is Us Recap: Let’s Rewind The series plunges into the past to explore Jack and Nicky’s history with the Vietnam War. (It’s a pretty sad history.)
  7. Episode 3 Katie Girls
    This Is Us Recap: Pieces of Jack Kate continues to search for a solution to her fertility issues while Randall makes a big decision.
  8. Episode 2 A Philadelphia Story
    This Is Us Recap: Acceptance Letters The series gives us a look at the Pearsons’ post-Jack life in the late-’90s and it’s not pleasant.
  9. Episode 1 Nine Bucks
    This Is Us Season Premiere Recap: Swear on Oprah The series returns with a story of the early days of Jack and Rebecca’s relationship and a cryptic look at the future.

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