1. The Red Scare
    Episode 16 The Red Scare
    Timeless Season-Finale Recap: Lost in Time Is this the end of Timeless? Say it ain’t so.
  2. Public Enemy No. 1
    Episode 15 Public Enemy No. 1
    Timeless Recap: Gangster’s Paradise This show keeps getting better and better.
  3. The Lost Generation
    Episode 14 The Lost Generation
    Timeless Recap: A Moveable Feat This is some Alias-level double-crossing, folks.
  4. Karma Chameleon
    Episode 13 Karma Chameleon
    Timeless Recap: Rogue Ones Wyatt is the third wheel of Timeless, isn’t he?
  5. The Murder of Jesse James
    Episode 12 The Murder of Jesse James
    Timeless Recap: Western Promises Are there too many narrative threads on this show?
  6. The World’s Columbian Exposition
    Episode 11 The World’s Columbian Exposition
    Timeless Recap: Americana Horror Story Let’s talk about Harry Houdini and the Murder Castle.
  7. The Capture of Benedict Arnold
    Episode 10 The Capture of Benedict Arnold
    Timeless Recap: Spies Like Us The Timeless gang comes face-to-face with the real Rittenhouse.
  8. Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde
    Episode 9 Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde
    Timeless Recap: Love on the Run “Last Ride of Bonnie & Clyde” is a transcendent episode.
  9. Space Race
    Episode 8 Space Race
    Timeless Recap: Space Jam Timeless takes one giant leap forward.
  10. Stranded
    Episode 7 Stranded
    Timeless Recap: Message in a Bottle Romance! Slapstick! Chocolate-covered Twinkies!
  11. The Watergate Tape
    Episode 6 The Watergate Tape
    Timeless Recap: What’s Up, Doc? “The Watergate Tape” doles out some answers to the Rittenhouse mystery.
  12. The Alamo
    Episode 4 The Alamo
    Timeless Recap: Don’t Mess With Texas “The Alamo” is Timeless at its most heartfelt.
  13. Party at Castle Varlar
    Episode 4 Party at Castle Varlar
    Timeless Recap: Quantum Leap of Solace “Party at Castle Valar” is the best episode of Timeless yet.
  14. Atomic City
    Episode 3 Atomic City
    Timeless Recap: History’s Atomic Dustbin “It takes more than an atomic bomb to impress the president of the United States.”
  15. The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    Episode 2 The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
    Timeless Recap: History Repeats Itself According to Timeless, John Wilkes Booth was a sad hipster.
  16. Pilot
    Episode 1 Pilot
    Timeless Series Premiere Recap: Past Imperfect A show with such a high-concept premise, it fits into a single tagline: Quantum Leap meets Lost.
  1. The General; Chinatown
    Episodes 9 and 10 The General; Chinatown
    Timeless Season-Finale Recap: Till Death Do Us Part The season-finale double episode either wrapped up the series on an emotional note or set up some challenges for itself in its potential third season.
  2. The Day Reagan Was Shot
    Episode 8 The Day Reagan Was Shot
    Timeless Recap: Don’t Cry for Me, Christopher Who woulda thunk that the most emotional episode yet would be a showcase for Agent No Fun?
  3. Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
    Episode 7 Mrs. Sherlock Holmes
    Timeless Recap: Suffragette City Wyatt, stop being such a lunkhead!
  4. The King of the Delta Blues
    Episode 6 The King of the Delta Blues
    Timeless Recap: Undercover Blues At long last, Connor Mason tags along for a trip to find Robert Johnson.
  5. The Kennedy Curse
    Episode 5 The Kennedy Curse
    Timeless Recap: The Dead Kennedys A nimble and slyly funny episode about teenage JFK.
  6. The Salem Witch Hunt
    Episode 4 The Salem Witch Hunt
    Timeless Recap: Witchy Women What’s going to happen to Jiya and her premonitions?
  7. Hollywoodland
    Episode 3 Hollywoodland
    Timeless Recap: La La Land “Hollywoodland” is like a swanky cocktail party you don’t want to end.
  8. The Darlington 500
    Episode 2 The Darlington 500
    Timeless Recap: Mission Implausible When it comes to historical figures, Timeless lives or dies by its guest casting.
  9. The War to End All Wars
    Episode 1 The War to End All Wars
    Timeless Season Premiere Recap: Good Guys Revolt Welcome back to the show that miraculously didn’t end!

The Latest TV News

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    James Corden Apologizes to Migos for Ruining the Dab on Carpool Karaoke The trio joined Corden and an insane amount of loose cash for their very own Carpool Karaoke
  2. the industry
    Fulfill Your Dream of Cardi B Insulting You to Your Face on Netflix Hip-Hop Show Rhythm + Flow, the platform’s first competition show, is set to debut in 2019.
  3. late night wars
    Colbert Just Scored a Key Ratings Win Over Fallon The late-night wars rage on.
  4. revivals
    Temptation Island Reboot Is Coming to Test Your Will Again Some heat for your winter nights.
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    Marianne Jean-Baptiste on Bringing Heart to Homecoming’s Cerebral Head Trip The Oscar-nominated actress talks about why playing Walter’s fiercely protective mother was so much more than mastering an accent.
  6. winter preview 2019
    Winter TV Preview: True Detective, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and 7 More Shows to Watch A complete guide to the TV shows worth seeing this winter.
  7. trailer mix
    Those Who Can’t Season 3 Premieres on TruTV in January Patton Oswalt, Rhea Butcher, and many more show up in the new trailer.
  8. date announcements
    HBO Reveals Game of Thrones Will Return Sometime in April Winter is coming next spring.
  9. returning shows
    Comedy Central’s Corporate and Drunk History Return in January Both shows are back Tuesday, January 15.
  10. throwbacks
    Stan Lee and Conan O’Brien Talk Celebrity Obituaries in Classic Late Night Clip “I would love to think somewhere my obituary is in a file somewhere.”