1. Episode 8 Not So Together
    Togetherness Recap: Same As It Ever Was At this juncture, everyone shares part of the blame.
  2. Episode 7 Party Time
    Togetherness Recap: Stop Weirding Out We’re entering dangerous waters here.
  3. Episode 6 Ghost in Chains
    Togetherness Recap: Get in the Hole The tensions are everywhere, and the chains are real.
  4. Episode 5 Kick the Can
    Togetherness Recap: Follow Your Bliss The tragedy of Brett and Michelle is not that they’re poor rich folks suffering the problems only poor rich folks can.
  5. Episode 4 Houston, We Have a Problem
    Togetherness Recap: Steel Rod Boner Man Everyone’s problems continue to hang over them like a heavy fog.
  6. Episode 3 Insanity
    Togetherness Recap: Fatter at Night Everyone’s making the wrong connections.
  7. Episode 2 Handcuffs
    Togetherness Recap: Tree Full of A-Holes Every person inhabiting this little world is stuck in a rut. (Except maybe that baby.)
  8. Episode 1 Family Day
    Togetherness Series Premiere Recap: Of Boone’s Farm and Cottonelle Maybe the smartest choice made in crafting this pilot was in focusing on a single day.
  1. Episode 8 For the Kids
    Togetherness Series Finale Recap: Everything Changes What a shame to lose a show this good.
  2. Episode 7 The Sand Situation
    Togetherness Recap: The Problem With Michelle This is what happens when relationships are not defined, folks.
  3. Episode 6 Geri-ina
    Togetherness Recap: Michelle’s New Rival Michelle has a new fundraising rival.
  4. Episode 5 Just the Range
    Togetherness Recap: Hall Pass Should Brett and Michelle get back together?
  5. Episode 4 Changetown
    Togetherness Recap: Bad Bromance This Dune play is going to be terrible, right?
  6. Episode 3 Advanced Pretend
    Togetherness Recap: Time Capsule Everyone needs to let Alex live.
  7. Episode 2 Everybody Is Grownups
    Togetherness Recap: A Tragic Train Wreck Tina is an aimless disaster.
  8. Episode 1 Hotels

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    How Ava Coleman Became Abbott Elementary’s Engineer of Chaos Scammer, step instructor, sorority girl: Janelle James made the role of a “precocious child trying to do the job of a principal” her own.
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    Atsuko Okatsuka Wants Her Grandma to Feel Hotter The comedian chats about her new HBO special and how her approach to stand-up material changed thanks to the pandemic.
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  7. this week in late night
    The Daily Show Says Good-bye to Trevor Noah He always seemed keenly aware of the rhetorical position he was taking as well as his more global perspective in American late-night comedy.
  8. hear me out
    Let’s Speculate Wildly About the White Lotus Ending One episode left and still so much backstabbing, frenemy friction, marital infidelity, and financial messiness to resolve.
  9. keeping up with the ex-royals
    Harry and Meghan’s Least Shocking Revelations Takeaways from their Netflix docuseries.
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    South Side Enters Its Golden Age In its fantastically funny third season, the Chicago-set comedy exudes a sense of unparalleled confidence.