Top Chef

  1. Episode 14 The Final Plate
    Top Chef Season-Finale Recap: The Promise of Greatness The competitors battle it out on one final meal, a four-course progressive dinner for all the marbles.
  2. Episode 13 Cactus Makes Perfect
    Top Chef Recap: Tucson Time After studying the culture and traditions of Tucson, the chefs are focused and ready to push through the few remaining obstacles.
  3. Episode 12 We’re On a Boat
    Top Chef Recap: Last Call in Houston The final challenge in Houston brings out nerves in everyone, but one chef in particular rises to the occasion.
  4. Episode 11 Family Vacation
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Son of a Beach A perfectly timed family challenge finally brings out a little personality in our competitors.
  5. Episode 10 Dinner in Zero Gravity
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Interstellar Inspiration We’ve gone so many episodes without a single “Houston, we have a problem” joke, but tonight’s the night with an inspiring NASA challenge.
  6. Episode 9 Freedmen’s Town
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Heart and Soul Food I’m sure Padma is relieved to focus on veggies after a season full of beef and chili and queso and over-the-top decadence.
  7. Episode 8 Restaurant Wars
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Smell Ya Later Jackson’s big secret is finally revealed.
  8. Episode 7 Swallow The Competition
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Life Finds a Way There’s no denying that the focus on culturally specific challenges has been a pleasure to watch.
  9. Episode 6 Texas Trailblaze-Hers
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Ladies Night An episode of Top Chef that Jo March would have thoroughly enjoyed.
  10. Episode 5 Don’t Mess With BBQ
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: BBQ Beatdown Barbecuing in Texas is a nerve-racking business for our chefs.
  11. Episode 4 Doppelgängers
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Seeing Double The best challenge yet inspires the chefs to think differently and makes for a fun episode.
  12. Episode 3 Noodles and Rice and Everything Nice
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: A Night (Market) on the Town For the first time this season, the chefs are judged individually in a challenge designed to expand their idea of Houston cooking.
  13. Episode 2 Friday Night Bites
    Top Chef: Houston Recap: Clear Plates, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose Decadence and football are celebrated in the Top Chef kitchen this week.
  14. Episode 1 Primal Instincts
    Top Chef: Houston Season-Premiere Recap: Primal Fear A roster full of talented contestants and a demanding opening challenge kick off Top Chef: Houston with an impressive premiere.

The Latest on Top Chef

  1. kristen + chef
    Kristen Kish to Host Top Chef in Cheese LandSeason 21 heads to Wisconsin, new host in tow.
  2. emergency discussion
    It’s the End of Top Chef As We Know ItWith Padma Lakshmi’s departure, the venerable series is losing something irreplaceable. But its latest season hints at an even deeper identity crisis.
  3. end of an era
    Padma Lakshmi to Pack Her Knives and Leave Top ChefThankfully, she has “a seat at the judges’ table anytime.”
  4. vulture lists
    Top Chef Celebrity Guest Judges, RankedJennifer Coolidge, Patti LaBelle, Joe Jonas, and — of course — Anthony Bourdain.
  5. top o’ the chef to ya
    Top Chef Season 20 Channels U.K. vs. the WorldSet in London, featuring all-stars from across the globe.
  6. top chef: houston
    Sarah Welch Had No Idea What She Was In For on Last Chance KitchenThe Top Chef runner-up on her long road back to the main competition, her favorite finale dish, and her “butcher-shop mentality.”
  7. apologies
    Top Chef Winner Gabe Erales Is ‘Sorry’ After Sexual Misconduct Allegations“My personal growth will be a perpetual apology in seeking forgiveness.”
  8. vulture recommends
    How My Love of Reality TV Led Me to HayuThe streaming service lets international fans of unscripted fare binge Housewives to their heart’s content.
  9. chat room
    Top Chef Favorite Shota Nakajima Is Ready to Compete Again“It’s just like Dragon Ball Z: You get defeated, you become stronger. You don’t do it to win; you do it for the game.”
  10. sexual misconduct
    Padma Lakshmi Calls for Investigation Into Top Chef Winner’s Alleged MisconductGabe Erales was reportedly fired from his executive-chef post at Austin restaurant Comedor due to misconduct after this season of Top Chef filmed.
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