True Blood

  1. Episode 12 Beyond Here Lies Nothin’
    True Blood Season Finale: Eat Your Heart Out A plot-packed finale wraps up the season, but leaves us in suspense.
  2. Episode 11 Frenzy
    True Blood: All Fail the Queen “I love watching two men together,” she says. And then they play Yahtzee.
  3. Episode 10 New World in My View
  4. Episode 9 I Will Rise Up
    True Blood: Bite Me Everything comes to a peak.
  5. Episode 8 Timebomb
    True Blood: Eat Your Heart Out Just when Godric’s Christian virtues look to be ushering in a new era, a terrorist attack provides a cliffhanger that jeopardizes the lives of, oh, most of the cast.
  6. Episode 7 Release Me
    True Blood: Satan in a Sunday Hat Is it just us, or is the show firing off its plot points so quickly that it’s failing to appreciate itself?
  7. Episode 6 Hard-Hearted Hannah
    True Blood: This Little Piggie Huge plot advances — which is great, because the orgies are getting sort of boring.
  8. Episode 5 Never Let Me Go
    True Blood: Lend a Hand Jason gets a sponge bath!
  9. Episode 4 Shake and Fingerpop
    True Blood: The Beast With Two Backs “Maybe Jesus was the first vampire. He rose from the dead. And told people, hey, drink my blood, it’ll give you special powers.”
  10. Episode 3 Scratches
    True Blood: Wanna Be Startin’ Something The funniest — and goriest — episode this season.
  11. Episode 2 Keep This Party Going
    True Blood: Body/Booty Count A high-stakes game of capture the flag!
  12. Episode 1 Nothing but the Blood
    True Blood Season Premiere: The Recap You Requested Another season, another murder mystery!
  1. Episode 12 Evil Is Going On
    True Blood Finale Recap: Heaven Can Wait “Love?! You don’t get to use that word.”
  2. Episode 11 Fresh Blood
    True Blood Recap: Sunny-Side Up “Well, that is a kick in the pants.”
  3. Episode 10 I Smell a Rat
    True Blood Recap: A Bloody Fairy Tale Sookie is a fairy. Or one of the “old people.” Lame.
  4. Episode 9 Everything Is Broken
    True Blood Recap Franklin returns and Russell debuts on the nightly news.
  5. Episode 8 Night on the Sun
    True Blood Recap Reunited, but it don’t feel so good.
  6. Episode 7 Hitting the Ground
    True Blood Recap: Sunblock Sookie, agent of light.
  7. Episode 6 I Got a Right to Sing the Blues
    True Blood Recap: Feisty/Delusional Things get even bloodier.
  8. Episode 5 Trouble
    True Blood Recap: The Bride of Franklinstein Our favorite episode so far!
  9. Episode 4 9 Crimes
    True Blood Recap: Nazi Werewolf Communion If you thought ‘True Blood’ took last week off to take stock and start pulling back from this season’s turn for the bizarrely kinky, you thought wrong.
  10. Episode 3 It Hurts Me Too
    True Blood Recap: The Fanged and the Restless Sex with vampires gets bizarre.
  11. Episode 2 It Hurts Me Too
    True Blood Recap: Meet the Vampire King And it’s Denis O’Hare! And he’s awesome.
  12. Episode 1 Pack of Wolves
    True Blood Season Premiere Recap Good god, that was fun.
  1. Episode 12
    True Blood Season-Finale Recap: Postmortem Lots of death and loose ends.
  2. Episode 11
    True Blood Recap: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood The penultimate episode of the season.
  3. Episode 10
    True Blood Recap: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble Battle prep moves into high gear.
  4. Episode 9
    True Blood Recap: Set Out Running The witches continue kicking ass.
  5. Episode 8
    True Blood Recap: Battle of Bon Temps It’s mystical, epic laser tag time!
  6. Episode 7
    True Blood Recap: Sun Walk Not a great move for a vampire.
  7. Episode 6
    True Blood Recap: Bad Moon Risin’ NachoFace Pam! Deep conversations! Eric vs. Bill! Shifter Sex!
  8. Episode 5
    True Blood Recap: It’s in His Kiss Eric the innocent gets further into Sookie’s heart, and mouth, than ever before.
  9. Episode 4
    True Blood Recap: Everyone’s Got Problems Though, a naked Eric Northman’s not one of them.
  10. Episode 2
    True Blood Recap: Belonging “Why do you smell so good?”
  11. Episode 2
    True Blood Recap: Adventures in Babysitting Or how to take care of an amnesiac vampire.
  12. Episode 1
    True Blood Recap: It’s Sookie O’Clock Season four begins and we jump twelve months forward.
  1. Episode 12 Save Yourself
    True Blood Recap: There Was an Old Woman Who Swallowed a Fly Bloodbath doesn’t seem fitting enough a term for this unusually high-body-count season finale.
  2. Episode 11 Sunset
    True Blood Recap: Lilith Fair In this season’s penultimate episode, we finally got an intervention on behalf of the U.S. government.
  3. Episode 10 Gone, Gone, Gone
    True Blood Recap: The Dead Fairy Scrolls Lots going on this week, although it was sorely lacking in butt-revealing karate.
  4. Episode 9 Everybody Wants to Rule the World
    True Blood Recap: Enter the Cheeto Dragon We’re getting closer and closer to the end of the season, so we’re seeing some of the story lines get nicely wrapped up.
  5. Episode 8 Somebody That I Used to Know
    True Blood Recap: Where’s Warlow? It’s good that we’re moving away from the whole Lillith thing.
  6. Episode 7 In the Beginning
    True Blood Recap: Don’t Have a Cow in the Biblical Sense Well, this episode was certainly action-packed, we’ll say that much for it.
  7. Episode 6 Hopeless
    True Blood Recap: Russell and Roman This was a banner week for celebrity guest stars on True Blood.
  8. Episode 5 Let’s Boot & Rally
    True Blood Recap: Easy on the Peach Schnapps Religious fanatics versus sexy, ineffectual ideologues? Please keep your Sorkin peanut butter out of our Ball chocolate, HBO.
  9. Episode 4 We’ll Meet Again
    True Blood Recap: Please Send More Invisible Bottle Service Every week we swear that we’re going to stop looking for an ordered universe within True Blood, and just relax and enjoy the sex gore.
  10. Episode 3 Whatever I Am, You Made Me
    True Blood Recap: The Least Believable Whorehouse in San Francisco Many jokes were made at the expense of iPhones, texting, and Facebook.
  11. Episode 2 Authority Always Wins
    True Blood Recap: A Little Ditty ’Bout Dieter and Pam True Blood’s writers are really bringing it this season, if only in terms of pure Bonkers Quotient.
  12. Episode 1 Turn! Turn! Turn!
    True Blood Recap: Just Go With It Sometimes a show goes so off the rails that being off the rails becomes the point. Thus, True Blood, season five.
  1. Episode 10 Radioactive
    True Blood Season Finale Recap: The Last Day of Camp Like a hobbled yet determined Kerri Strug, season six just stuck the landing.
  2. Episode 9 Life Matters
    True Blood Recap: Smashed Head Hymns From concept to execution, “Life Matters” was very very very good.
  3. Episode 8 Dead Meat
    True Blood Recap: Vampires Are Very Intense This episode has one truly, incredibly, instant classic scene.
  4. Episode 7 In the Evening
    True Blood Recap: The Tyrant Wore Shoulder Pads True Blood does the best vampire deaths.
  5. Episode 6 Don’t You Feel Me?
    True Blood Recap: Return of the Danger Whore This might have been one of the strongest episodes of the past few years.
  6. Episode 5 F… the Pain Away
    True Blood Recap: Beyond Therapy F— the pain away, everyone.
  7. Episode 4 At Last
    True Blood Recap: Pull-ups and Throwdowns Please enjoy this GIF of Jason Stackhouse doing pull-ups.
  8. Episode 3 You’re No Good
    True Blood Recap: Fight the Future Season six is doing a lot right so far.
  9. Episode 2 The Sun
    True Blood Recap: Like a Prayer “The Sun” was a surprisingly good and thoughtful episode.
  10. Episode 1 Who Are You, Really?
    True Blood Season-Premiere Recap: Facedown in a Puddle of Goo Season six picks up moments after season five’s insane cliffhanger.
  1. Episode 10 Thank You
  2. Episode 9 Love Is to Die
    True Blood Recap: Flight Night What exactly should our expectations have been for the second-to-last episode of True Blood?
  3. Episode 8 Almost Home
    True Blood Recap: Bad Things Happen Only two more episodes left.
  4. Episode 7 May Be the Last Time
  5. Episode 6 Karma
    True Blood Recap: Connective Issues Only four more episodes left.
  6. Episode 5 Lost Cause
    True Blood Recap: Praise Jaw Lafayette finally gets some.
  7. Episode 4 Death Is Not the End
    True Blood Recap: Underground Roller-Coaster So many emotional ups and downs, so little time left.
  8. Episode 3 Fire in the Hole
    True Blood Recap: Yakuza-palooza Nobody likes a mopey Lafayette.
  9. Episode 2 I Found You
    True Blood Recap: The Town That Feared Sundown No discussion of this episode should start with anything other than that cold open.
  10. Episode 1 Jesus Gonna Be Here
    True Blood Final Season Premiere Recap: The Intimacy of Doom This season premiere was very good and very dark.

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