Twin Peaks

  1. Episodes 17 - 18 Parts 17 and 18
    Twin Peaks Finale Recap: We’re Going Home It is impossible to expect anything from David Lynch.
  2. Episode 16 Part 16
    Twin Peaks Recap: Finally Ladies and gentlemen, Agent Cooper is back.
  3. Episode 15 Part 15
    Twin Peaks Recap: Fear in Letting Go An episode about how our sacredness and our evilness are our own.
  4. Episode 14 Part 14
    Twin Peaks Recap: The Vortex “We are like the dreamer, who dreams and then lives inside the dream.”
  5. Episode 13 Part 13
    Twin Peaks Recap: Just You and I Never doubt David Lynch.
  6. Episode 12 Part 12
    Twin Peaks Recap: Let’s Rock Welcome back to Twin Peaks, Audrey Horne!
  7. Episode 11 Part 11
    Twin Peaks Recap: He’s Dead Maybe cherry pie will save us all.
  8. Episode 10 Part 10
    Twin Peaks Recap: Laura Is the One A violent episode that also offers a glimpse of love in its brightest form.
  9. Episode 9 Part 9
    Twin Peaks Recap: The Briggs Prophecy Who killed Major Briggs?
  10. Episode 8 Part 8
    Twin Peaks Recap: I Am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds Is this how it started, the push and pull between good and evil?
  11. Episode 7 Part 7
    Twin Peaks Recap: The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer What does Diane know? And what happened between her and Cooper?
  12. Episode 6 Part 6
    Twin Peaks Recap: Tell Me When This Is Over Something is very, very wrong here.
  13. Episode 5 Part 5
    Twin Peaks Recap: Teach Me How to Dougie Until Cooper finds himself, Twin Peaks will feel more untethered than ever.
  14. Episodes 3 - 4 Part Three; Part Four
  15. Episodes 1 - 2 Part One, Part Two
    Twin Peaks Premiere Recap: I Am Dead, Yet I Live Offering a synopsis of any particular episode of Twin Peaks is a bit like trying to explain a dream upon waking.

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