Under the Banner of Heaven

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“In spite of its overfamiliar rhythms and fancy murder-show aesthetics, there are elements of Under the Banner that achieve something distinct and idiosyncratic. For the most part, though, it is one of those series superficially intended to alarm and overwhelm, a true-crime adaptation that should rattle us to our core and make us reexamine our assumptions about violence and masculinity, etc., etc., etc. In practice, I suspect much of its audience will watch for opposite reasons: the weird comfort of the dark murder show and the particular satisfaction of witnessing an unusually heinous crime in a remote, long-ago place and time.” — Kathryn VanArendonk “Under the Banner of Heaven Scratches the True Detective Itch

  1. Episode 7 Blood Atonement
    Under the Banner of Heaven Series-Finale Recap: All the Wisdom You Need Pyre and Taba hope to catch the Lafferty brothers before they “blood atone” more folks on their holy hit list.
  2. Episode 6 Revelation
    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Heavenly Father Resides in Them Allen Lafferty’s story is one of tragic failure.
  3. Episode 5 One Mighty and Strong
    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: There Will Be (More) Blood The search for the Lafferty brothers just got a lot more urgent.
  4. Episode 4 Church and State
    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Out of Alignment Pyre is reaching his breaking point as he gets closer to the truth about the Lafferty brother’s turn toward fundamentalist Mormonism.
  5. Episode 3 Surrender
    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Blood Atonement Pyre is having his own crisis of faith.
  6. Episode 2 Rightful Place
    Under the Banner of Heaven Recap: Hidden Truths The Lafferty brothers seem to have gotten themselves into quite a bit of trouble.
  7. Episode 1 When God Was Love
    Under the Banner of Heaven Series-Premiere Recap: What We Find Broken Meet detective Jeb Pyre, a faithful Latter-Day Saint and family man who’s woefully unprepared for the double murder he’s about to be called in on.

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