Veronica Mars

  1. Episode 8 Years, Continents, Bloodshed
    Veronica Mars Season Finale Recap: Logan Mars After delivering pretty much everything you could want from a mystery finale, Veronica Mars gives its heroine one last heartbreaking push.
  2. Episode 7 Gods of War
    Veronica Mars Recap: Part of the Job A near-miss shoot-out inspires big moments of revelation for Keith and Veronica, but at the cost of their new friendships.
  3. Episode 6 Entering a World of Pain
    Veronica Mars Recap: Leo Season While the season’s mystery has wandered deep into the weeds, Max Greenfield should probably be investigated by the FBI for stealing scenes.
  4. Episode 5 Losing Streak
    Veronica Mars Recap: Trust Issues Keith and Veronica get closer to two people who look more and more like prime suspects, and whose personal motives may be a little too relatable.
  5. Episode 4 Heads You Lose
    Veronica Mars Recap: Bald Avengers Half of Neptune is trying to out-Veronica Veronica, and leaving plenty of headaches for her in their wake.
  6. Episode 3 Keep Calm and Party On
    Veronica Mars Recap: Still Angry Veronica may be the smartest woman in Neptune, but against the machinery of the moneyed, does she even stand a chance?
  7. Episode 2 Chino and the Man
    Veronica Mars Recap: Small Packages With its usual wit and style, the show has stacked up an impressive roster of potential culprits in the Sea Sprite Motel bombing.
  8. Episode 1 Spring Break Forever
    Veronica Mars Premiere Recap: Spring Breakdown It’s hard to imagine a reboot for Veronica and friends that could go off much better than this one.

The Latest Veronica Mars News

  1. close reads
    Veronica Mars’s Inability to Evolve Made Veronica Mars Better Our beloved stagnant marshmallow’s self-destructive sprint toward rock bottom is often frustrating to watch, but important for the character’s future.
  2. welcome (back) to neptune
    Breaking Down Veronica Mars Season 4 With Showrunner Rob Thomas The series creator discusses returning to Neptune sans nostalgia, where he’d like to see Veronica go from here, and, yes, that ending.
  3. we used to be friends
    Veronica Mars Season Four’s Familiar Faces, Ranked The new revival series is packed with recognizable supporting characters, which we’ve ranked according to how excited we are to see them again.
  4. arms
    Just an Appreciation of Swole Logan on Veronica Mars He’s so big! I would fit inside one of his arms!
  5. spoilers
    Why Veronica Mars Had to Blow Itself Up In the End Showrunner Rob Thomas knows the ending of the revival season will be hard for fans to accept, but for him it was the only possible way forward.
  6. chat room
    Veronica Mars’s Enrico Colantoni Knows You Want a Dad Like Keith Mars “All I know about that character is that he loves his daughter. That’s it. I didn’t research what a PI does; I just invested in that.”
  7. surprise releases
    Hulu Released Its Veronica Mars Revival a Week Early Surprise, Marshmallows!
  8. we used to be friends
    Everything You Need to Remember About Veronica Mars Before Its Return Let’s review the twists from three seasons, one movie, and two books that may have a part to play in Hulu’s new revival.
  9. tv review
    Veronica Mars Returns to Neptune, Seedy and Seductive As Ever The Hulu revival succeeds by returning to what made the series great, while sidestepping the perils of easy nostalgia.
  10. trailer mix
    Veronica Mars Revival Trailer: Spring Break Gets Really Messy Premiering on Hulu July 26.