1. Young England
    Episode 8 Young England
    Victoria Season-Finale Recap: The Royal Baby From teenage queen to mother dearest.
  2. The Engine of Change
    Episode 7 The Engine of Change
    Victoria Recap: Queen of the North Victoria is pregnant! Insert your own German-sausage joke here.
  3. The Queen’s Husband
    Episode 6 The Queen’s Husband
    Victoria Recap: A Man of Principle Teamwork makes the dream work, Victoria!
  4. An Ordinary Woman
    Episode 5 An Ordinary Woman
    Victoria Recap: A Royal Wedding The countdown to Victoria and Albert’s union is on.
  5. The Clockwork Prince
    Episode 4 The Clockwork Prince
    Victoria Recap: A Marriage of Inconvenience “The Clockwork Prince” is all about the new prince in town.
  6. Brocket Hall
    Episode 3 Brocket Hall
    Victoria Recap: Queen of Broken Hearts Who knew British prime ministers were so achingly romantic?
  7. Doll 123; Ladies in Waiting
    Episodes 1 and 2 Doll 123; Ladies in Waiting
    Victoria Series-Premiere Recap: Royal People Problems Victoria has everything a British period drama needs.

The Latest TV News

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    So, Who’s Playing Count Chocula In Your General Mills Cinematic Universe? The company is reportedly taking project pitches for their cereal monsters, and you do have that weird Franken Berry idea kicking around.
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    We Almost Lived in a World Where Benedict Cumberbatch Played Bill on True Blood And Jessica Chastain auditioned for the role of Sookie.
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    How The Good Place Came Up With Its ‘Jeremy Bearimy’ Joke “It’s a bit of a middle finger,” says showrunner Mike Schur.
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    Yes, Andrea Savage’s TV Mom in I’m Sorry Is Exactly Like Her Real Mom And she is loving surrogate fame.
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    Ted Danson Is So Nice, He’ll Call You Just to Say How Much He Enjoyed Work Today As Mike Schur explained, sometimes his Good Place star will phone him just to say thanks.
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    Why This Cop Comedy Cribbed Louis C.K.’s Apology Word-for-Word “It bothered me that he didn’t say the words ‘I’m sorry’ in it.”
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    Rachel Bloom Wants to Make an Album of ‘Dirty, Dirty’ Songs Once Crazy Ex Ends “I have a song called Rub Your Pussy on It that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time.”
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    Documentary Now’s Upcoming Musical Episode Will Be Available on Vinyl John Mulaney wrote all the songs along with Seth Meyers.
  9. vulture festival la
    Justin Bieber’s Get-Swole Diet Included So Many Eggs He Got Sick During SNL Week Two former SNL writers worked the mishap into their new show, The Other Two.
  10. vulture festival la
    Busy Philipps and Linda Cardellini’s Burrito Hangs Sound Legendary “How could I have never had a f—ing breakfast burrito? I was young, you know.”