1. Episode 6 Episode 6
    Vida Season Finale Recap: A Bar to Call Home In its season finale, Vida charts a new and exciting course for Lyn and Emma.
  2. Episode 5 Episode 5
    Vida Recap: Eddy Unmoored Certain truths about Eddy come to light at an event commemorating Vida.
  3. Episode 4 Episode 4
    Vida Recap: A Night Out The sisters take some time apart.
  4. Episode 3 Episode 3
    Vida Recap: The Wife Left Behind Emma and Lyn’s relationship takes center stage.
  5. Episode 2 Episode 2
    Vida Recap: The Girls Are Back in Town Lyn, Emma, and Eddy aren’t necessarily one big happy family, but they’re determined to fight together.
  6. Episode 1 Pilot
    Vida Series Premiere Recap: Homecoming This Starz show is instantly sure of itself in its very first moments.

The Latest TV News

  1. endings
    Congratulations, the Devil: Supernatural to Hunt Its Last With Season 15 The brothers Winchester announced the show’s end on Instagram Friday.
  2. reunions
    The Parks and Recreation Stars on Where Their Characters Are Today “She would run stuff.”
  3. behind the scenes
    How Shrill Made Its Dream ‘Fat Babe Pool Party’ a Reality “I almost cried because it was so beautiful. I just really wanted it to feel like a dream.”
  4. renewals
    The Conners Will Return for a Second Season on ABC Ready for more Roseanne-free Roseanne?
  5. the streaming wars
    Apple’s TV Event: What We Know (And Don’t Know) About Its Streaming Platform The tech giant is making a billion-dollar bet to turn itself into a major player in the TV industry. Will it work?
  6. burning questions
    A Conversation With a Quantum Physicist About The OA: Part II Could we really hop between multiple dimensions using the power of dance? Can trees really talk? Could I live in a mirror?
  7. netflix
    Ryan Murphy’s Ben Platt Netflix Show The Politician Will Premiere in September Meet Payton Hobart, aspiring president.
  8. this week in late night
    The Trolls of Late Night From John Oliver’s segment on public shaming to Devin Nunes’s cow, internet trolling had a big role on late night this week.
  9. last night on late night
    Trevor Noah Doesn’t Understand America’s Timetable for Addressing Tragedies “In America, whenever people want to fix a problem, it seems like it’s never the right time.”
  10. archives
    Conan O’Brien Is a Damn Tease Team Coco is releasing the Late Night archives in phases instead of all at once.