1. Episode 10 Alibi
    Vinyl Season Finale Recap: The Closing Number Vinyl goes out the way it came in: barely acknowledging its female characters.
  2. Episode 9 Rock and Roll Queen
    Vinyl Recap: The Deal of the Art It’s pretty satisfying to see Zak finally beat the crap out of Richie.
  3. Episode 8 E.A.B.
    Vinyl Recap: Progressions It’s finally getting easy to separate good Vinyl from bad.
  4. Episode 7 The King and I
    Vinyl Recap: Viva Lost Wages As Richie learns while pitching Elvis, it’s hard to be a king without being a rich man.
  5. Episode 6 Cyclone
    Vinyl Recap: Rock and Roll Suicide In “Cyclone,” Richie runs the gamut of tired antihero clichés.
  6. Episode 5 He in Racist Fire
    Vinyl Recap: The Dark Side Even by the shoddy standards of prestige cable, Vinyl has a problem with women.
  7. Episode 4 The Racket
    Vinyl Recap: The Remainder Bin Let’s take a moment to recognize how funny this show is.
  8. Episode 3 Whispered Secrets
    Vinyl Recap: Billion-Dollar Babies When Alice Cooper shows up, he gets an entire subplot. Them’s the rules.
  9. Episode 2 Yesterday Once More
    Vinyl Recap: The Dotted Line Until this episode pivots away from Richie Finestra, it’s pretty lousy.
  10. Episode 1 Pilot
    Vinyl Series Premiere Recap: The Opening Act HBO’s latest prestige drama welcomes us to New York, circa 1973.

The Latest TV News

  1. campaign ads
    Biden Campaign Takes Down Ad With Rare Beastie Boys Song Due To Harassment It was taken offline after the ad’s central figure, Joe Malcoun, began receiving threats from Trump supporters.
  2. let it rage
    CBS Just Goes Ahead and Posts Part of Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview And now Trump has posted a 37-minute video of the interview to Facebook.
  3. long lists
    Sarah Cooper’s Netflix Special to Feature Many, Many Guest Stars Whoopi Goldberg! Megan Thee Stallion! Jon Hamm! Other people!
  4. buffering
    Quibi Was the Streaming Era’s New Coke A product not enough real people wanted, a solution to a problem that didn’t really exist.
  5. last night on late night
    Bruce Springsteen Plays Tennis-Racket Guitar in Front of His Bedroom Mirror We demand a livestream.
  6. nostalgia
    Are You Ready? Jamie Lynn Spears Updated the Zoey 101 Theme Song. Meet us at Sushi Rox, we can listen on our Tek-Mate.
  7. before they were stars
    Cecily Strong Made Cigarettes Look Very Cool When She Was 16 The Illinois Department of Public Health knows talent when it sees it.
  8. tv review
    The Great How to With John Wilson Defies Expectation It’s incredibly poignant with a surprising number of dicks.
  9. the streaming wars
    Quibi Quick Bites the Dust Founders Meg Whitman and Jeffrey Katzenberg have posted an open letter on Medium explaining their decision to disband the streaming platform.
  10. qui-bye
    Did 2020 Kill Quibi? Or Did Quibi Kill Quibi? Name aside, the upstart streamer actually had a lot of things going for it — and it failed in spite of all of them.