1. Episode 8 Previously On
    WandaVision Recap: Big Trauma’s House Oh, so you wanted answers? Here’s your answers!
  2. Episode 7 Breaking the Fourth Wall
    WandaVision Recap: Confessional of a Dangerous Mind It seems Westview’s sitcom setup is on the fritz — but who’s to blame?
  3. Episode 6 All-New Halloween Spooktacular!
    WandaVision Recap: Neighborhood Witch Westview’s Halloween celebration speedily shifts from sitcom-sweet to truly terrifying.
  4. Episode 5 On a Very Special Episode…
    WandaVision Recap: I Want Your Hex Well now, that’s one hell of a crossover.
  5. Episode 4 We Interrupt This Program
    WandaVision Recap: While You Were Blipping Wanda may be at the center of the Big Mystery, but this week’s plot-heavy episode belongs to Monica Rambeau.
  6. Episode 3 Now In Color
    WandaVision Recap: Come On, Get Happy We jump ahead to the 1970s in an episode that dials up the weirdness and confusion, for better and worse.
  7. Episode 2 Don’t Touch That Dial
    WandaVision Recap: Use Your Illusion Trouble is clearly brewing in Westview.
  8. Episode 1 Filmed Before a Live Studio Audience
    WandaVision Series-Premiere Recap: Guess Who’s Reality-Warping to Dinner? The MCU’s unplanned drought comes to an end with a bold, intriguing deviation from the norm, but what’s all this building toward?

The Latest WandaVision News

  1. easter eggs
    All the WandaVision Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed As with everything Marvel, scratch the surface of this show and you’ll find a host of nods to both comics and MCU history.
  2. close reads
    The Real WandaVision Big Bad Was Marriage All Along Beneath the family-sitcom trappings, the series is wed to a legacy of superhero stories that will do anything to end marital bliss.
  3. wandavision
    So Is WandaVision Getting a Season Two? If not, we blame Agatha.
  4. hahnvision
    It Was GIFs of Kathryn Hahn in WandaVision All Along God bless Agnes, just having a gas!
  5. the hahnaissance
    Just As Planned, Marvel Releases ‘Agatha All Along’ Song From WandaVision Happy Hahnaissance to all who celebrate.
  6. easter eggs
    What Are the Commercials in WandaVision Telling Us? Are we overanalyzing? Maybe. But that’s all part of the fun of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  7. emergency discussion
    What Do We Want Out of WandaVision, Anyway? What most appeals to some of the show’s viewers is exactly what most annoys others, but we can all at least agree on one thing: more Kathryn Hahn.
  8. spoilers
    That WandaVision Ending Gives Deeper Meaning to a Crossover Event “On a Very Special Episode …” is indeed a very special, brilliantly layered episode of WandaVision.
  9. the hahnaissance
    Kathryn Hahn Has Always Been a Secret Weapon Bring on the Hahnaissance.
  10. cover-ups
    WandaVision Hides a Pregnancy in Classic Sitcom Style It’s a meta joke!