We Are Who We Are

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  1. Episode 8 Right Here Right Now VIII and Last
    We Are Who We Are Finale Recap: The Love We Make A glorious season of television comes to a glorious close.
  2. Episode 7 Right Here Right Now VII
    We Are Who We Are Recap: There Is Nothing A gut punch of an episode examines how grief can both break us and make us look at ourselves anew.
  3. Episode 6 Right Here Right Now VI
    We Are Who We Are Recap: Time Will Tell A heartfelt episode delivers a delirious musical interlude and a gut-punch of an ending.
  4. Episode 5 Right Here, Right Now V
    We Are Who We Are Recap: You Asked for Something Old-Fashioned Caitlin is who she is, but she needs others to see her the way she sees herself.
  5. Episode 4 Right Here Right Now IV
    We Are Who We Are Recap: Soldier of Love An episode structured around an impromptu wedding and a night of debauchery manages to be distinctly melancholy.
  6. Episode 3 Right Here Right Now III
    We Are Who We Are Recap: Looking for Stuff That Means Something A tug-of-war episode yanks us between Sam’s and Caitlin’s competing POVs in order to stress the disconnect between them.
  7. Episode 2 Right Here Right Now II
    We Are Who We Are Recap: When I’m With You, I Feel So Unreal We circle back to last week’s episode, this time alongside Caitlin, who is clearly ready for a change both within and outside herself.
  8. Episode 1 Right Here Right Now I
    We Are Who We Are Premiere Recap: I Am He That Aches With Love A plot-light, mood-heavy premiere acquaints us with Fraser’s new home and his way of seeing the world.

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  1. spoilers
    Jack Dylan Grazer Talks the We Are Who We Are Finale’s ‘Final Answer’ “It’s such a satisfying moment for them, and especially for the audience.”
  2. chat room
    We Are Who We Are Made Dev Hynes Think Differently About ‘Time Will Tell’ “Wow, this is the first time in my entire life that one of my songs is in my head in a way that isn’t, like, when I’m working on it.”
  3. tv review
    We Are Who We Are Is Coming-of-Age Poetry Luca Guadagnino’s leisurely aesthetic translates beautifully to television, where it can spread out and just be.
  4. trailer mix
    We Are Who We Are Trailer: Living, Loving, Brooding on a Military Base in Italy The eight-episode limited series from director Luca Guadagnino debuts on September 14.