We Own This City

This is not a sequel to The Wire.

Photo: HBO

“Based on the nonfiction book by Baltimore Sun reporter Justin Fenton about the Baltimore Police Department’s corrupt Gun Trace Task Force, it is its own compelling story in limited-series form.

We Own This City is careful to demonstrate that, as corroded as the GTTF ultimately was, Baltimore Police’s inability to curb crime and create trust between civilians and police is a failure of a much broader system uninterested in addressing how race, economics, and other factors dictate who is and is not targeted by law enforcement. Just as Simon did in The Wire, he eventually traces the start of the brokenness back to the war on drugs.” — Jen Chaney “We Own This City Dissolves the Line Between Cop and Criminal

We Own This City was developed by George Pelecanos and David Simon and directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green.

  1. Episode 5 Part Five
    We Own This City Recap: No Honor Among Thieves These guys cannot turn on each other fast enough.
  2. Episode 4 Part Four
    We Own This City Recap: High-Speed Chase This week details Wayne’s modus operandi both as a crook and the ultimate cop’s cop.
  3. Episode 3 Part Three
    We Own This City Recap: This Is Baltimore Baltimore’s most violent, corrupt cops get the nightmarish police version of failing their way to the top.
  4. Episode 2 Part Two
    We Own This City Recap: This Is Baltimore Jenkins’s earliest days on the force reveal nothing particularly special about him: He represents the police. He’s not an anomaly.
  5. Episode 1 Part One
    We Own This City Series-Premiere Recap: Uprising There’s a lot to absorb in this busy first hour, but it’s always worth allowing David Simon the latitude to tell a big story at his own pace.

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