White House Plumbers

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  1. Episode 5 Jackasses, Clowns, and Idiots
    White House Plumbers Finale Recap: The Patriots to Patsies to Prisoners Pipeline The two lowest puppets in the Watergate scandal see their stories end. Was it worth all the human misery?
  2. Episode 4 The Writer’s Wife
    White House Plumbers Recap: The Watergate Crash Dorothy emerges as a hero to Howie’s disgraced band of political criminals, and this is the thanks she gets?
  3. Episode 3 Don’t Drink the Whiskey at the Watergate
    White House Plumbers Recap: Fifth Time’s a Disaster Because of the greediness of its architects, the Watergate heist was always destined to be doomed.
  4. Episode 2 Please Destroy This, Huh?
    White House Plumbers Recap: Project Gemstone Against all odds, one of G. Gordon Liddy’s horrible ideas gets approved.
  5. Episode 1 The Beverly Hills Burglary
    White House Plumbers Series-Premiere Recap: Idiots All the Way Down What if the criminal masterminds behind the Watergate scandal were actually clumsy buffoons? Big, if true.

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