Wild Wild Country

  1. Episode 2 Part 2
    Wild Wild Country Recap: Oh Sheela The most shocking revelations from “Part 2” of Netflix’s Wild Wild Country.
  2. Episode 1 Part 1
    Wild Wild Country Recap: Here Today, Oregon Tomorrow The wildest moments from the first episode of Netflix’s six-part Rajneeshee documentary.

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  1. secret releases
    You Can Now Watch the Entire Documentary Now! Parody of Wild Wild Country The show returns to IFC February 20th.
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  4. behind the scenes
    Bhagwan’s Doctor Gives His Take on Wild Wild Country And that time Sheela tried to have him killed.
  5. Wild Wild Country’s Ma Anand Sheela Did It All for Love “I didn’t join the movement. I was in love with him and I could not pull myself away from him.”
  6. talking to
    9 Rajneeshpuram Residents on What Wild Wild Country Got Wrong And what Ma Anand Sheela was really like in the flesh.
  7. Why I Hate Gurus Watching Wild Wild Country, I feel I am witnessing a repeat of Osho’s vanishing act, of the man behind the Oz curtain.
  8. The Wild Wild Country Directors Still Wonder Who Is Right and Wrong Too Plus, how they got all their footage, and what was left out.
  9. Every Big Question That Wild Wild Country Didn’t Answer Here’s what the Netflix documentary about Bhagwan and the Rajneeshees left out.
  10. The Best TripAdvisor Reviews of the Sex Cult From Wild Wild Country The Osho International Meditation Resort and Guesthouse is still very much an operational meditation center and tourist destination!