1. Episode 6 Chapter 6: Remember Me
    Wormwood Finale Recap: Remember Me What does Sy Hersh know about Frank Olson’s death?
  2. Episode 5 Chapter 5: Honorable Men
    Wormwood Recap: Truth and Lies Was this never about LSD experiments after all?
  3. Episode 4 Chapter 4: Opening the Lid
    Wormwood Recap: The Gravedigger The Frank Olson investigation hits a macabre and deeply moving turn of events.
  4. Episode 3 Chapter 3: The Forbidden Threshold
    Wormwood Recap: An Amazing Stroke of Luck Errol Morris is giving us a lot of tantalizing ideas to chew on.
  5. Episode 2 Chapter 2: A Terrible Mistake
    Wormwood Recap: You Are Never Gonna Know What Happened in That Room There’s no smoking gun yet, but this story is plenty unnerving.
  6. Episode 1 Chapter 1: Suicide Revealed
    Wormwood Premiere Recap: No Other Love Did the CIA kill Frank Olson? Errol Morris aims to find out the truth.

The Latest TV News

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    Lisa Loring, TV’s Original Wednesday Addams, Dead at 64 Jenna Ortega paid tribute to Loring in her viral dance scene.
  2. backstories
    ‘A Rosetta Stone for The Last of Us How two non-player characters and an unexpected love story elevates the HBO series beyond its source material.
  3. grammys 2023
    Benito, Blige, and Brandi Among Grammys Performers Harry Styles has joined the roster of performers as well.
  4. rip
    24, Timeless, and Bosch Star Annie Wersching Dead at 45 She also played Tess in The Last of Us video game.
  5. chat room
    Poker Face’s John Darnielle Wants to Hear the Rest of ‘Merch Girl’ Too “I’m about the 11th cleverest writer of my generation, but ‘Merch girl had nothing up her sleeve’ I was extremely happy with.”
  6. fear factor
    Natasha Lyonne’s Accent Gets ‘More New York’ When She’s Scared “When I get nervous, I get more New York to, like, protect myself from strangers.”
  7. in her (flea)bag
    Phoebe Waller-Bridge Has Found Her Next Archaeology Project The Indiana Jones 5 star will reportedly write a Tomb Raider TV show for Amazon.
  8. gma3 goss: what you need to know
    Every Detail of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s GMA3 Drama in Chronological Order The pair have now parted ways with ABC News.
  9. gma3 goss: what you need to know
    ABC News Is Breaking Up With T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach But the couple is reportedly eyeing lawsuits against the network.
  10. chat room
    Debra Jo Rupp Would’ve Liked to Do ‘a Little More’ on That70s Show “We had a lot of male writers. I understood that.”