Y: The Last Man

  1. Episode 10 Victoria
    Y: The Last Man Season-Finale Recap: The Carrier Bag Theory of Time As the first season wraps and its future hangs in the balance, Y: The Last Man frees itself from its individualistic source material.
  2. Episode 9 Peppers
    Y: The Last Man Recap: Letting the Grass Grow In the glow of the apocalypse, false rules burn. Now our players must figure out how to survive without them.
  3. Episode 8 Ready. Aim. Fire.
    Y: The Last Man Recap: Not Like Other Cops Wow, was I wrong when it came to Roxanne.
  4. Episode 7 My Mother Saw a Monkey
    Y: The Last Man Recap: Moths in the Pentagon In this world, you either yield a little bit of power or hold out long enough to see yourself become the villain.
  5. Episode 6 Weird Al is Dead
    Y: The Last Man Recap: For a Minute There, I Lost Myself Bad faith is forged, good trust is shattered, and a monkey takes the sacrament.
  6. Episode 5 Mann Hunt
    Y: The Last Man Recap: Dr. Mann in the Lounge with a Knife All hail our dirtbag lesbian genius queen.
  7. Episode 4 Karen & Benji
    Y: The Last Man Recap: Poor Little Rich Kids Hero continues her reign of terror, while 355 finally reads Yorick the riot act.
  8. Episode 3 Neil
    Y: The Last Man Recap: They Named You After A Dead Clown? Kimberly Campbell Cunningham is a villain who gets more terrifying the longer you think about it.
  9. Episode 2 Would the World Be Kind
    Y: The Last Man Recap: Priceless Genetic Material President Jennifer Brown is trying to pick up the pieces after the Event, as her children have difficulty letting go of the past.
  10. Episode 1 The Day Before
    Y: The Last Man Series-Premiere Recap: A Nice Guy The acclaimed-yet-problematic comic series is reimagined by creators with skin in the game, and it rules.

The Latest FX on Hulu News

  1. a long talk
    Brit Marling Knows Whodunit The actress and writer of mystical sci-fi like The OA returns with something fleshier: a murder-mystery series.
  2. backstories
    Assembling Okern Reservation Dogs’ art department designed its fictional hometown to mirror the memories of its most important audience: the series’ cast and crew.
  3. endings
    Reservation Dogs Closes the Circle of Peak TV The end of Sterlin Harjo’s singular half-hour dramedy might also be the end of a small but astounding moment in post-prestige television.
  4. backstories
    How Reservation Dogs Became the Best-Cast Show on TV All it took was a little Hollywood royalty, a lot of Oklahoma talent, and the eye of casting director Angelique Midthunder.
  5. heard!
    The Real Chefs Behind The Bear Made Way More Than 7 Fishes Matty Matheson and Courtney ‘Coco’ Storer talk chaos menus, dream pasta, and trauma cannoli.
  6. chat room
    Liza Colón-Zayas Overcame Karaoke Trauma for The Bear “I was mortified every time, but then I felt like, They love me anyway.”
  7. sad
    Season Three of Reservation Dogs Will Be Its Last “I always knew what the end of this story would be, I just didn’t know when it would arrive.”
  8. close read
    Richie’s Fork in the Road In season two, The Bear’s bad man grows into its savior.
  9. close read
    Class of ’09 Leaves Its Biggest Case Unsolved In its pursuit of the threat AI poses to the criminal-justice system, the miniseries stumbles into an indictment of that threat’s root cause.
  10. close read
    The Bear’s Suitcases “Honeydew” and “Forks” may appear to be bottle episodes, but they’re something else. (Mad Men’s greatest hour provides a clue.)