The Ladies of the Flies.

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In 1996, a girls high school soccer team crash-lands in the Canadian wilderness while flying from New Jersey to a national tournament in Seattle. Yellowjackets follows the survivors across two timelines, documenting their attempts to stay alive in the woods for 19 months and exploring what their lives are like in the present-day. But, don’t think that you know how this story ends just because the latter timeline reveals they made it… or some of them, at least.

Yellowjackets, a breakout hit for Showtime, stars Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Juliette Lewis, Christina Ricci, Lauren Ambrose, and Simone Kessell as the adult members of the team, with Sophie Nélisse, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, Sammi Hanratty, Liv Hewson, and Courtney Eaton playing the teen versions.

  1. Episode 10 Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
    Yellowjackets Season-Finale Recap: Searching for Answers That Don’t Exist A delightfully shocking season finale unlocks more questions than it answers.
  2. Episode 9 Doomcoming
    Yellowjackets Recap: Time to Pull Out All the Stops Molding berry wine, a Trapper Keeper full of ’shrooms, and a full moon are the necessary ingredients for a wild homecoming dance.
  3. Episode 8 Flight of the Bumblebee
  4. Episode 7 No Compass
    Yellowjackets Recap: Red River Lottie is already planning her antler-queen outfit.
  5. Episode 6 Saints
    Yellowjackets Recap: The Woman in the Tree It sure seems like we haven’t seen the full extent of the Yellowjackets’ hidden trauma yet.
  6. Episode 5 Blood Hive
    Yellowjackets Recap: Welcome to Club Flow Jackie is not long for this world.
  7. Episode 4 Bear Down
    Yellowjackets Recap: Do You Like Being This Way? Each of the women who survived the crash is frayed and sparking in the present day, threatening to snap at the slightest provocation.
  8. Episode 3 The Dollhouse
  9. Episode 2 F Sharp
    Yellowjackets Recap: Red Cross Babysitter Training The Yellowjackets may be stranded airplane survivors in the Ontario wilderness, but Misty is thriving.
  10. Episode 1 Pilot
  1. Episode 9 Storytelling
    Yellowjackets Season-Finale Recap: Long Live the Queen The wilderness story line is on fire, while the present day makes a misstep the show may never recover from.
  2. Episode 8 It Chooses
    Yellowjackets Recap: We’re All Mad Here It turns out starving to death will make you do wild things.
  3. Episode 7 Burial
    Yellowjackets Recap: Lightning Crashes It’s exciting to finally see all the surviving Yellowjackets (???) back together, but we know it’s going to end in tragedy, right?
  4. Episode 6 Qui
    Yellowjackets Recap: While You Were Sleeping This traumatic episode doubles as a PSA to pay attention during health class.
  5. Episode 5 Two Truths and a Lie
    Yellowjackets Recap: The Darkness Van and Tai finally reunite … as do Van and the “other” Tai.
  6. Episode 4 Old Wounds
    Yellowjackets Recap: Good Game Something seems to be pulling the Yellowjacket survivors back together, making for a thrilling reunion.
  7. Episode 3 Digestif
    Yellowjackets Recap: Vicious Little Monsters Misty finally has someone equally obsessive and weird to bounce off of.
  8. Episode 2 Edible Complex
    Yellowjackets Recap: Bite Me The series delivers on a promise made way back in the premiere.
  9. Episode 1 Friends, Romans, Countrymen
    Yellowjackets Season-Premiere Recap: Cornflake Girls Get ready to wander back into the wilderness of cannibalism, unresolved trauma, and teen angst.

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    Where Does Yellowjackets Go Next?“Storytelling” has left us much to chew on while we await season three.
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    Actually, Yellowjackets Did Bite Off More Than It Could ChewThere’s ambiguity and then there’s aimlessness.
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    12 Books to Read If You Already Miss YellowjacketsIf Shauna’s book club were real, these are the titles she’d be reading.
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    Memorialize the TV Finales Airing This Memorial DayWave sweet good-bye to Succession, Barry, Ted Lasso, and more.
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    Yellowjackets Has a Plan for Other TaissaThe series writers confirm they know exactly what’s going on with Taissa Turner’s alter ego, even if the two actresses who play her do not.
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    Yellowjackets, We Have a Lottie ProblemShe’s the most narratively important character, but who is she other than a conduit for mystery?
  7. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesSeason two’s penultimate episode has it all: a Heaven’s Gate reference, a Smashing Pumpkins needle drop, and a shockingly tragic death.
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    Look, Yellowjackets Is Just an Over the Garden Wall SequelMalevolent forest spirits, cannibalism, Elijah Wood: Even citizen detectives can’t deny this kind of evidence.
  9. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets Theories“Burial” gives us a drunken dance party, a Fight Club–style beatdown, and more questions about the Yellowjackets’ deteriorating state.
  10. chat room
    Yellowjackets’ Sarah Desjardins Thinks Callie Deserves a Little Sympathy“She has never felt connected to her mom, like, literally at all. That’s why she’s lashed out so much.”
  11. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesAfter a week off, Yellowjackets is back with a cannibalism shocker and an assessment of Sandra Bullock’s filmography — both divisive!
  12. awards chatter
    Liv Hewson Won’t Pursue an Emmy Nom, Due to Gendered CategoriesThe Yellowjackets star is excluding themselves from the narrative.
  13. yellowjackets
    A Guide to the Many Yellowjackets Easter Eggs in Van’s Video StoreThe VHS tapes in Van’s store are not random.
  14. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesThere’s definitely something weird going on with the wind, the trees, and our friends.
  15. chat room
    Yellowjackets’s Sophie Thatcher Unpacks the Guilt Consuming Natalie“There’s always been a heaviness in her, but this season, toward the end, it becomes too much.”
  16. buzz buzz
    Alanis Morissette, Honorary Yellowjacket, Rocks ‘No Return’Just when you thought the show couldn’t be any more in its ’90s bag.
  17. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesAs one big mystery is solved, a dozen more pop up in its place.
  18. party report
    Yellowjackets: Samantha Hanratty on Misty’s American Girl Doll Set“I feel like, even in her book, she wouldn’t give too much away about herself.”
  19. chat room
    Yellowjackets’s Elijah Wood Thinks You’re Right Not to Trust Walter“There is a version of him that is that simple, but there might be something underneath all of that as well.”
  20. buzz buzz hmmm
    Our Spooky, Sexy Yellowjackets TheoriesWas Christina Ricci doing a Gollum voice in her interrogation scene with Elijah Wood? That’s precious.
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