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The flagship series in the prolific Taylor Sheridan’s TV empire, Yellowstone, stars Kevin Costner as John Dutton III, the patriarch of the family who owns the largest ranch in Montana. This being a neo-Western, it’s not all prairies and square dancing. Corruption abounds and the Duttons will do what it takes to protect their land, which borders a growing town, an Indian reservation, and Yellowstone National Park.

Yellowstone is a hugely popular show and has been widely embraced (and occasionally derided) as a “Red State” show, though the series’ politics are perhaps a bit harder to define.. Luke Grimes, Wes Bentley, Kelly Reilly, Cole Hauser, and Gil Birmingham also star in the series, now in its fifth season.

  1. Episode 9 The Unravelling, Pt. 2
    Yellowstone Recap: Happy Trails An up-and-down first season ends on a promising note.
  2. Episode 8 The Unravelling, Pt. 1
    Yellowstone Recap: All Hat, No Cattle The smaller subplots make a bigger impact than the central story line as the season enters its endgame.
  3. Episode 7 A Monster Is Among Us
    Yellowstone Recap: Loaded for Bear A bear and some imperiled tourists give the series one of its strangest episodes to date.
  4. Episode 6 The Remembering
    Yellowstone Recap: Politicking Politics take center stage as Jamie considers a run for office.
  5. Episode 5 Coming Home
    Yellowstone Recap: Big House Blues The series’ first season continues its wheel-spinning with an episode in which nothing much happens.
  6. Episode 4 The Long Black Train
    Yellowstone Recap: On Brand Taylor Sheridan’s modern western hits a dull patch in an episode with some surface pleasures but little in the way of plot.
  7. Episode 3 No Good Horses
    Yellowstone Recap: Mama Tried Beth’s backstory gets fleshed out in an episode that fills in some of the Duttons’ past history.
  8. Episode 2 Kill the Messenger
    Yellowstone Recap: Boys Will Be Boys A meandering episode that confirms Yellowstone’s central question: What does it mean to be a man?
  9. Episode 1 Daybreak
    Yellowstone Series-Premiere Recap: In a Big Country Taylor Sheridan’s ambitious modern Western starring Kevin Costner kicks off with a sprawling, occasionally shocking, premiere.
  1. Episode 10 The World Is Purple
    Yellowstone Season-Finale Recap: Showdown An uneven season lurches to a close as everything goes sour for the Duttons, and quickly.
  2. Episode 9 Meaner Than Evil
    Yellowstone Recap: Hang ‘Em Low This is old-school Yellowstone: downright wanton in its characters’ use of murder as a problem-solver.
  3. Episode 8 I Killed a Man Today
    Yellowstone Recap: Back in the Saddle The stakes are finally claimed, in an episode that exemplifies what this show can be when everything clicks.
  4. Episode 7 The Beating
    Yellowstone Recap: Mild Horses So much for “honesty above all.”
  5. Episode 6 All for Nothing
    Yellowstone Recap: Missing Persons It seems we’re back where we were when this series began, with the John/Jamie/Beth dynamic.
  6. Episode 5 Cowboys and Dreamers
    Yellowstone Recap: At the Drovin’ At long last, we get an actual cattle drive on this big-time ranching drama.
  7. Episode 4 Going Back to Cali
    Yellowstone Recap: No Tomorrow It’s time to get back to the business of violently ejecting anyone who thinks it’s okay to park their ass in Dutton grass.
  8. Episode 3 An Acceptable Surrender
    Yellowstone Recap: Cowboy Down Rich or poor, fenced-in or free-range, this isn’t the best time to be a cowboy.
  9. Episode 2 Freight Trains and Monsters
    Yellowstone Recap: Gone Fishin’ There’s fresh trouble coming for the ever-wary Duttons.
  10. Episode 1 You’re the Indian Now
    Yellowstone Season-Premiere Recap: Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch … The Paramount Network hit returns for a third season with something of soft reset — and a welcome addition in Josh Holloway.
  1. Episode 10 Grass on the Streets and Weeds on the Rooftops
    Yellowstone Season-Finale Recap: We’re Losing This Place Beth manages to get Jamie back into the Dutton fold, but otherwise the finale feels lacking.
  2. Episode 9 No Such Thing as Fair
    Yellowstone Recap: The Hunter Most Hunted John may have some monstrous qualities, but he has a code, and Beth violated it.
  3. Episode 8 No Kindness for the Coward
    Yellowstone Recap: Everything’s Not Okay It’s starting to feel like an awful lot of this season has been about establishing those various Yellowstone spinoffs, hasn’t it?
  4. Episode 7 Keep the Wolves Close
    Yellowstone Recap: This Is the Way And just like that, this season snaps into focus.
  5. Episode 6 I Want to Be Him
    Yellowstone Recap: That’s Not Your Family John’s old-fashioned ways of doings things seem to be falling short.
  6. Episode 5 Under a Blanket of Red
    Yellowstone Recap: You Can’t Wash Lonely Off We’re getting new characters and stories left and right, but it’s hard to commit to following through on any of them.
  7. Episode 4 Winning or Learning
    Yellowstone Recap: That’s Our Monster Kayce and Beth are more loyal to John than ever, but he’s still worried they could be on the same path to betrayal as Jamie was.
  8. Episode 3 All I See Is You
    Yellowstone Recap: We’re All Evil Is Kayce dooming his family to a life of fear by keeping them on the Dutton Ranch?
  9. Episode 2 Phantom Pain
    Yellowstone Recap: The Bigger Bear All the premiere’s stories are paused to check in on some less immediately gripping stories.
  10. Episode 1 Half the Money
    Yellowstone Recap: There Is No Peace A great premiere dunks us headfirst into a high-octane battle on multiple fronts.
  1. Episode 8 A Knife and No Coin
    Yellowstone Midseason-Finale Recap: Something Worth Fighting For This half-season ends on a high note as it reminds us how violent and amoral the Duttons can be.
  2. Episode 7 The Dream Is Not Me
    Yellowstone Recap: The End of Us Some interesting developments could lead to a compelling second half of the season.
  3. Episode 6 Cigarettes, Whiskey, A Meadow and You
    Yellowstone Recap: Little Wisps of Time A pleasant enough episode of Yellowstone — a warm depiction of a key tradition everyone is terrified of losing.
  4. Episode 5 Watch ‘Em Ride Away
    Yellowstone Recap: Survival of the Unfittest There’s no better way to say this: Summer just isn’t a good character. She wasn’t last year, but she’s especially not this year.
  5. Episode 4 Horses in Heaven
    Yellowstone Recap: As Good As Gone The dynamic between Jamie and Beth changes for the first time … ever?
  6. Episode 3 Tall Drink of Water
    Yellowstone Recap: The Big Bad Wolf Happy 58th birthday, Lloyd!
  7. Episode 2 The Sting of Wisdom
    Yellowstone Recap: Already at War Is Yellowstone turning from a soapy, violent western into a soapy, violent political drama?
  8. Episode 1 One Hundred Years Is Nothing
    Yellowstone Season-Premiere Recap: Married to Montana John Dutton’s the governor … but does he really want to be?

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    1923’s Aminah Nieves Found Healing Playing Teonna“Telling truthful stories gives my ancestors a chance to say what they couldn’t have said before.”
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    Yellowstone Star Q’orianka Kilcher Cleared of Fraud ChargesThe now-dismissed case was tied to allegations that she had illegally collected $96,838 in workers’ compensation benefits.
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