You’re the Worst

  1. Episode 13 The Heart Is a Dumb-Dumb
    You’re the Worst Recap: The Popcorn Is Trash Juice See you next season, dumb-dumbs.
  2. Episode 12 Other Things You Could Be Doing
    You’re the Worst Recap: Just Stop It! There’s a reason why this show isn’t called You’re the Thoughtful, Considerate Boyfriend Who Sticks Around No Matter What.
  3. Episode 11 A Rapidly Mutating Virus
    You’re the Worst Recap: Whack as Hell “I feel nothing. About anything. Dogs, candy, old Blondie records, nachos, you, me, us.”
  4. Episode 10 A Right Proper Story
    You’re the Worst Recap: Nobody Wanna! Is it just us, or does the darkness-to-funny ratio feel a bit off?
  5. Episode 9 LCD Soundsystem
    You’re the Worst Recap: Nachos for Sandwiches A rule in life: Anything that seems impossibly cool upon first glance will eventually reveal itself to be not nearly as cool as you thought.
  6. Episode 8 Spooky Sunday Funday
  7. Episode 7 There Is Not Currently a Problem
    You’re the Worst Recap: Hakuna Matata Gretchen explodes. Or implodes. Can you explode and implode at the same time?
  8. Episode 6 Side Bitch
  9. Episode 5 We Can Do Better Than This
    You’re the Worst Recap: Erotic Tales “You’re not writing recaps, are you?”
  10. Episode 4 All About That Paper
    YTW Recap: The Great American Novelist I thought Gretchen was the worst, but then we met Jonathan.
  11. Episode 3 Born Dead
    You’re the Worst Recap: Old Bone Out Gretchen has friends besides Lindsay?
  12. Episode 2 Crevasses
    You’re the Worst Recap: Cart Paralysis So readily apparent is the winner/loser of the title of the Worst this week.
  13. Episode 1 The Sweater People
    You’re the Worst Recap: Irresponsible Garbage People The premise of these recaps is simple, yet vital: We will determine what is, above (below?) all else, the worst thing in the episode. 
  1. Episode 13 No Longer Just Us
    You’re the Worst Season Finale Recap: Making a Murder “The world is absolutely lousy with people and I hate them all. I hate everyone but you.”
  2. Episode 12 You Knew It Was a Snake
    You’re the Worst Recap: My Body, My Choice What does it actually take to make a relationship work?
  3. Episode 11 The Inherent, Unsullied, Qualitative Value of Anything
    You’re the Worst Recap: Pros and Cons “The Inherent, Unsullied, Qualitative Value of Anything” is a terrific episode.
  4. Episode 10 Talking to Me, Talking to Me
    You’re the Worst Recap: Scary, But Dope You’re the Worst is right: Mindfulness is just being a baby.
  5. Episode 9 The Seventh Layer
    You’re the Worst Recap: Are We Out of the Woods Yet? “I can’t get sick. I lick weird stuff at the hospital all the time.”
  6. Episode 8 Genetically Inferior Beta Males
    You’re the Worst Recap: Mother Knows Worst Gretchen would be an absolutely brutal mom.
  7. Episode 7 The Only Thing That Helps
    You’re the Worst Recap: Ashes to Ashes Sorry, Ben Folds: Everyone knows what “Brick” is really about.
  8. Episode 6 The Last Sunday Funday
    You’re the Worst Recap: Better Than a Monday “Oh no! They’ve corporatized your cloying, fabricated, feckless drinking holiday?”
  9. Episode 5 Twenty-Two
    You’re the Worst Recap: Trouble in Mind In this tremendous episode, Edgar finally attains protagonist status.
  10. Episode 4 Men Get Strong
    You’re the Worst Recap: Daddy’s Boy This is a great way to deal with grief. It definitely won’t be a problem. Nope, not at all.
  11. Episode 3 Bad News, Dude’s Dead
    You’re the Worst Recap: Suck So Bad Have these people gotten worst…er?
  12. Episode 2 Fix Me, Dummy
    You’re the Worst Recap: You’ve Got Mail “What if I started calling you Mommy? How weird would that be?”
  13. Episode 1 Try Real Hard
    You’re the Worst Season Premiere Recap: Love Hurts “When you say, ‘I love you,’ it’s supposed to be romantic and/or highly sexual.”
  1. Episode 13 It’s Always Been This Way
    You’re the Worst Season-Finale Recap: The Getaway Car It doesn’t redeem the season, but “It’s Always Been This Way” gets things back on track.
  2. Episode 11 Like People
    You’re the Worst Recap: Everyone Goes Away Eventually Gretchen and Jimmy fling themselves in the direction of the worst decision possible.
  3. Episode 11 From The Beginning, I Was Screwed
    You’re the Worst Recap: French, Kiss Gretchen has the emotional maturity of a muppet.
  4. Episode 10 Dad-Not-Dad
  5. Episode 9 Worldstar!
    You’re the Worst Recap: Nothing Is Ever My Fault It’s like an episode of Full House, if everyone on Full House were sociopaths.
  6. Episode 8 A Bunch of Hornballs
    You’re the Worst Recap: I Do, I Did, I’m Done When did this show get so predictable?
  7. Episode 7 Not a Great Bet
    You’re the Worst Recap: Sense Memory Overload Gretchen indulges her worst, most hideous impulses.
  8. Episode 6 There’s Always a Back Door
    You’re the Worst Recap: Boomtown An actual, honest-to-goodness plot twist!
  9. Episode 5 Fog of War, Bro
    You’re the Worst Recap: People Who Need People It’s taking an awfully long time for this season to gain momentum.
  10. Episode 4 This Is Just Marketing
    You’re the Worst Recap: The Pickup Artist Becca and Vernon should really get a divorce.
  11. Episode 3 Odysseus
    You’re the Worst Recap: A Cascade of Bad Decisions Jimmy is back and Gretchen is furious.
  12. Episodes 1 and 2 It’s Been
    You’re the Worst Season-Premiere Recap: Look What You Made Me Do Do Jimmy and Gretchen deserve happiness? Forgiveness? Love?

The Latest You’re The Worst News

  1. two friends
    Kether Donohue and Desmin Borges Weigh in on Lukas Gage’s Directorgate 2020 They agree Lukas Gage’s apartment is nice on this week’s episode of Two Friends.
  2. two friends
    Desmin Borges Went Ahead and Quoted Dwight Schrute to Rainn Wilson’s Face He shared the tale with friend Tala Ashe on this week’s Two Friends
  3. spoilers
    Saying Good-bye to You’re the Worst With Aya Cash, Chris Geere, and Stephen Falk Is Gretchen and Jimmy’s finale romantic or cynical? For the creator and stars of the FXX comedy, it’s a no-brainer.
  4. tv review
    You’re the Worst Nailed a Simply Perfect Finale The anti-rom-com rom-com ended exactly the way it should have.
  5. behind the scenes
    How You’re the Worst Pulled Off Its Flawless Ode to ’90s Rom-coms Creator Stephen Falk breaks down the nods to Clerks, Empire Records, Notting Hill, and other ‘90s classics in the season premiere.
  6. tv review
    You’re the Worst Is Still the Best in Its Final Season Will Gretchen and Jimmy actually get married? One of the great pleasures of the final season is finding out the answer.
  7. trailer mix
    You’re the Worst Final Season Trailer Does Not Promise a Happily-Ever-After Gretchen gets punched!
  8. You’re the Worst Will End After Its Fifth Season Maybe Gretchen and Jimmy will finally find comfort and peace (probably not).
  9. You’re the Worst Star Chris Geere on Jimmy’s Big Episode “You can’t run away. If you do, you can’t run away forever.”
  10. directors directing
    Kong’s Jordan Vogt-Roberts Is the Latest Indie Darling to Jump to Blockbusters “If you get a license to drive a car, you can also drive a tractor. It’s the same basic principles.”