1. Episode 10 Bluebeard’s Castle
    You Season Finale Recap: Crazy Ex-Boyfriend On its way to what feels like an inevitable conclusion, You revealed itself to be as toxic as the masculinity it purports to be taking down.
  2. Episode 9 Candace
    You Recap: Look What I Found Joe’s deep dark secret is finally revealed.
  3. Episode 8 You Got Me, Babe
    You Recap: It Ain’t Me Babe Joe and Beck have a dramatic reunion after some time apart.
  4. Episode 7 Everythingship
    You Recap: Beyond Therapy It’s Beck’s birthday, but Joe is more worried about her new therapist (played by John Stamos).
  5. Episode 6 Amour Fou
    You Recap: The Girls Who Didn’t Go to Paris The cat-and-mouse game between Joe and Peach Salinger intensifies.
  6. Episode 5 Living With the Enemy
    You Recap: Being Our Most Authentic Selves Peach runs afoul of Joe one too many times as Beck remains cheerfully oblivious to her boyfriend’s murderous side.
  7. Episode 4 Maybe
    You Recap: Father, Figures Beck introduces Joe to her apparently not dead dad as Peach grows more suspicious.
  8. Episode 3 Maybe
    You Recap: Bedtime and Dead Bodies Beck and Joe get to know one another a little better by building a bed. But the corpse on Joe’s basement remains a problem.
  9. Episode 2 The Last Nice Guy in New York
    You Recap: Kidnapped by Danger Joe goes to a party, continues to encourage childhood literacy, and commits some questionable acts as one of Beck’s friends starts to get suspicious.
  10. Episode 1 Pilot
    You Premiere Recap: Lonely Boy Is a Psycho Now A lot goes down in the premiere of a new series about romantic obsession and rare books.
  1. Episode 10 Love, Actually
    You Season Finale Recap: We Found Love in a Hopeless Place Isn’t it nice when partners can connect over common interests?
  2. Episode 9 P.I. Joe
    You Recap: Slasher Chick Ellie stumbling into the path of not one but two narcissistic murderers was a bad break on top of a lifetime of bad breaks for our balcony sprite.
  3. Episode 8 Fear and Loathing in Beverly Hills
    You Recap: What a Long, Strange Trip It’s Been The good news is Joe and Forty have finally finished a draft of their script! The bad news … well …
  4. Episode 7 Ex-istential Crisis
    You Recap: The Dating Is the Hardest Part Being in rebound mode causes both Joe and Love to revert to some troubling old patterns.
  5. Episode 6 Farewell, My Bunny
    You Recap: Call Me by My Name Candace and Joe are just assailants crossing in the night.
  6. Episode 5 Have a Good Wellkend, Joe!
    You Recap: Truth Yurts For some reason, Love thinks that her boyfriend of 20 minutes is equipped to navigate her family’s many complex, incendiary relationships.
  7. Episode 4 The Good, the Bad, & the Hendy
    You Recap: Pics or it Didn’t Happen Joe, hellbent on bringing Henderson to justice in the traditional fashion (e.g., not murder), proves just how incapable he is of doing so.
  8. Episode 3 What Are Friends For?
    You Recap: He’s the Bad Guy, Duh Does literally no one in this entire show have a grasp on the basics of consent?
  9. Episode 2 Just the Tip
    You Recap: Any Way You Slice It Things are escalating with love and Love alike.
  10. Episode 1 A Fresh Start
    You Season-Premiere Recap: Do You Believe in Life After Love? Joe is looking for Love in L.A., using the extremely inconspicuous fake identity of Will Bettelheim.
  1. Episode 10 What is Love?
    You Season-Finale Recap: It’s Always the Husband This show is so much more fun when Joe isn’t the craziest person in it.
  2. Episode 9 Red Flag
    You Recap: Run Away With Me You finally reaches the level of bonkers it should have been at all season.
  3. Episode 8 Swing and a Miss
    You Recap: We’re Going Down Swinging It’s more apparent than ever that Love and Joe’s love language is violence.
  4. Episode 7 We’re All Mad Here
    You Recap: Curiouser and Curiouser What exactly is Joe’s plan here? It’s hard to keep sight of his endgame.
  5. Episode 6 W.O.M.B.
    You Recap: Brotherly Love Why does Joe think he can stalk without getting obsessed or making Love murderously jealous?
  6. Episode 5 Into the Woods
    You Recap: Where the Wild Things Are Joe’s weekend camping trip with the boys is a shirtless romp, and it’s insane that none of them end up kissing.
  7. Episode 4 Hands Across Madre Linda
    You Recap: Coming Out of My Cage Sure, Joe and Love kill people, but they don’t want to be “the kind of people who kill people.” You know?
  8. Episode 3 Missing White Woman Syndrome
    You Recap: Search Party Can we make it through even twenty minutes of this show without a parenting cliche?
  9. Episode 2 So I Married an Axe Murderer
    You Recap: Can You Dig It? A lot is riding on Joe and Love’s couples therapy.
  10. Episode 1 And They Lived Happily Ever After
    You Season-Premiere Recap: New Kids on the Block L.A. didn’t work out the way Joe hoped, so he and Love make a fresh start where the grass is green and the public schools are competitive.

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