Your Honor

  1. Episode 10 Part Ten
    Your Honor Finale Recap: Dad? A rocky finale administers some cosmic justice, but to what end?
  2. Episode 9 Part Nine
    Your Honor Recap: Water, Water, Everywhere If there was any time when Michael could hope to emerge from this cover-up with his integrity intact, that time has definitively passed.
  3. Episode 8 Part Eight
    Your Honor Recap: Dead Line Michael having to preside over his own sins is a nightmare he surely deserves, but it’s a gut punch nonetheless.
  4. Episode 7 Part Seven
    Your Honor Recap: The Telltale Brain As the action shifts to Michael’s courtroom, his guilt tags along.
  5. Episode 6 Part Six
    Your Honor Recap: Into the Abyss Michael and Jimmy are now effectively partners.
  6. Episode 5 Part 5
    Your Honor Recap: Unknown Caller Michael doesn’t even realize the full extent of just how badly things are going for him.
  7. Episode 4 Part Four
    Your Honor Recap: Out of the Frying Pan Just when things are starting to tilt in Michael and Adam’s favor, here comes Margo Martindale to poke more holes in their story.
  8. Episode 3 Part Three
    Your Honor Recap: A New Wrinkle Cover-up status: astoundingly bad.
  9. Episode 2 Part Two
    Your Honor Recap: Complications The effort to cover Adam’s tracks goes spectacularly wrong, leaving the fate of another, completely innocent human being hanging in the balance.
  10. Episode 1 Part One
    Your Honor Premiere Recap: Collision Course A promising first episode repeatedly raises the question “What would you do?” so we may measure just how far the Desiatos come up short.
  1. Episode 3 Part Thirteen
    Your Honor Recap: A New Orleans Crime Show Your Honor’s return and new direction are finally starting to pay off.
  2. Episode 2 Chapter Twelve
    Your Honor Recap: Collective Whining Gina has a Tony Soprano–like approach to therapy.
  3. Episode 1 Part Eleven
    Your Honor Season-Premiere Recap: One More Time If Michael is no longer a judge gambling with his integrity, what is Your Honor about? The title no longer has the same meaning.

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