Ziwe's Instagram Live Show

  1. Episode 6 Symone D. Sanders/YesJulz
    Ziwe’s Instagram Live Show: ‘An Incredible Leader’ Re: Baited, in the last episode before a hiatus, Ziwe interviews Symone D. Sanders and YesJulz on the state of the nation.
  2. Episode 5 Petey Abreu/Sebastian Tribbie
    Ziwe’s Instagram Live Show Recap: Tyler Perry Studios Re: Baited, Ziwe chats with Petey Abreu and Sebastian Tribbie exposing how wide the chasm is between living the Black experience and appropriating it.
  3. Episode 4 Josh Sharp/Taylor Nolan
    Ziwe’s Instagram Live Show: ‘One Black Enemy’ Re: Baited, comedian Josh Sharp goes full steam ahead while Bachelor Nation’s Taylor Nolan runs into some technical difficulties.
  4. Episode 3 Liza Treyger/Patti Harrison
    Ziwe’s Instagram Live Show Recap: ‘The Birmingham Jail Thing’ Re: Baited, Ziwe interviews funny ladies Liza Treyger and Patti Harrison, getting beneath the jokes and exposing them both as [gasp] non-readers.
  5. Episode 2 Grace Kuhlenschmidt/Alexis Neiers
    Ziwe’s Instagram Live Recap: ‘My Husband’s Fiancé’ Re: Baited, Ziwe goes on a Pretty Wild ride with former reality-TV star Alexis Neiers and teaches comedian Grace Kuhlenschmidt about reparations.
  6. Episode 1 George Civeris / Kimberly Rose Drew
    Ziwe’s Instagram Live Show Recap: ‘The Bad Race’ Re: Baited, George Civeris came prepared and Kimberly Rose Drew gave us an interview unlike any that we’ve seen before.

The Latest TV News

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    Amazon Would Sure Love to Put (More) Ads on Prime Video Yep, we’re talking about another streaming tier.
  2. snaps
    Jenna Ortega, Wednesday Executive Producer, Has Notes “I want to see the outfits, new characters, scripts.”
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    19 Essential Episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia Featuring rum ham, Chardee MacDennis, and, of course, the Nightman.
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    And Just Like That … Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall’s ‘Catfight’ Wages On She’s back.
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    Cracking the Secrets of ITYSL’s Nude Egg Alec Robbins, who designed the sketch show’s video game, goes deep on butthole and bush design.
  6. emergency discussion
    It’s the End of Top Chef As We Know It With Padma Lakshmi’s departure, the venerable series is losing something irreplaceable. But its latest season hints at an even deeper identity crisis.
  7. tv
    In Taylor Sheridan’s America, the Cowboy Is Colonized Too Yellowstone is known for being a red-state show. But its political ideology is lifted from the left.
  8. wildfires
    WGA East Cancels NYC Strike for Wednesday Due to Air Quality Strikes are still tentatively scheduled for the rest of the week.
  9. i want my tv!
    What the Writers’ Strike Means for Your Fave Shows What’s a good show without its writers’ room?
  10. choose me
    Ellen Pompeo Submits Her Patent as ‘Pick Me Girl’ Inventor First, doctor. Now, cultural innovator.