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A Guide to Rewatching Sidney Poitier’s Most Memorable Films

His image evolved and adapted over decades as the central contradiction of the actor and director’s life played out on screens.
new york in your bones

The 101 Best New York City Movies, Ranked

Some movies reflect the perilous reality of living here, others the urbane fantasy. The greatest do both.
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The Comedians You Should and Will Know in 2021

These are the 22 comics who industry insiders predict will be the superstars of tomorrow.




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    11 Books to Read If You Already Miss YellowjacketsFor Jeff.
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    Checking In on Netflix’s Original Movies: January 2022 EditionA taboo French film, Spanish horror, and Alyssa Milano.
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    10 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthBrian Cox, Daphne Palasi Andreades, Noah Hawley, and more.
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    18 Sundance Movies We Can’t Wait to Watch (from Home)From horror stories to news-breaking documentaries, here’s what’s we’re watching this year.
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    Which Ghostface Is the Best Ghostface?In which we rank the Scream killers — including Scream (2022).
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    Magic, New Girl, and Julia Fox: 5 Podcasts Worth Trying This WeekPlus: tennis drama!
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    The Greatest Succession Insults, RankedNo one sells a “Fuck off!” like Brian Cox.
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    So You Already Miss Yellowjackets. Here’s What to Watch Next18 movies and TV shows to tide you over until season two.
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    25 Notable New Releases Over the Next Two WeeksPam & Tommy on Hulu, Ozark’s final season, Sean Thor Conroe’s first novel, and more.
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    A Podcast All About Twilight (and 4 More Shows Worth Checking Out)Hold on tight, spider monkey.
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    6 South Korean Dating Shows to Watch After Single’s InfernoFrom more mind games to more hot people on a beach.
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    Cow Comedy, Phone Sex, and More Podcasts Worth TryingIncluding extra picks from our industry survey.
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    Every Jennifer Lawrence Movie, RankedWith Don’t Look Up hitting Netflix, we rank all of Jennifer Lawrence’s big-screen performances, from Winter’s Bone to The Hunger Games.
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    Every Leonardo DiCaprio Movie, RankedHe’s played troubled men and boyish romantic heroes with equal skill. Which of his roles will stand the test of time?
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    10 Movies to Plug Into After The Matrix Resurrections“Choice is an illusion,” sure, but here are some options anyway.
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    11 Books to Fill the Succession-Size Hole in Your HeartFrom ancient history to children’s fiction.
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    7 Shows and Movies to Hunt Down Before The Book of Boba FettBack to Tatooine yet again!
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    9 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthWill Smith, Mel Brooks, Ann Patchett, and more.
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    Checking In on Netflix’s Original Movies: December 2021 EditionA Jane Campion western, a Sandra Bullock drama, and Single All the Way.
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    16 Essential I Love Lucy EpisodesFrom conveyer belts to baby chickens.
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    13 Movies to Watch Before Spider-Man: No Way Home (and Where to Sling ’Em)[Insert meme of pointing Spider-Men.]
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    Every Steven Spielberg Movie, RankedFrom Jaws to his latest, West Side Story, see where each of the director’s major works falls.
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    The Best Queer Holiday Movies to Make the Yuletide GayTrope-y holiday romance isn’t just for the straights.
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    All the Best Sweaters on Succession, RankedAll hail Shiv’s turtlenecks.
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    18 Essential Nunsploitation FilmsPaul Verhoeven is certainly not the first director to be fascinated with lesbian nuns.
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    When Bruce Willis Went to Idaho (and 5 More Podcasts Worth Trying)Including a podcast about what we do in the kitchen.
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    Every Kirsten Dunst Role, RankedNo one does it like her.
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    17 Essential Episodes of It’s Always Sunny in PhiladelphiaFeaturing rum ham, Chardee MacDennis, and, of course, the Nightman.
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    The 24 Best Get Back Fits, RankedGeorge Harrison’s turtlenecks, Ringo Starr’s shirts, and everyone’s coats.
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    5 Great Podcasts to Binge This WeekThe perfect way to pass the time during your holiday travels.
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    Checking In On Netflix’s Original Movies: November 2021 EditionAn Idris Elba Western, Italian true crime, and something starring Kelsey Grammer.
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    Every Will Smith Movie Performance, RankedHow does King Richard stack up against against the rest?
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    What to See, Watch, and Stream This Thanksgiving WeekendFrom big-budget theatrical releases to quirky streaming comedies.
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    What to Watch After Binging Cowboy BebopIn the mood for more ennui?
  35. red light green light
    Taylor Swift’s Lyrical Traffic Violations, RankedThematically, 1989 is an album about Harry Styles being bad at driving.
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    Elon Musk, Rocket Man (and 2 More Podcasts Worth Trying)Including one from the highbrow film purveyors at Mubi.
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    Every Tom Hanks Movie, RankedWhere does Finch fall in the Tom Hanks canon?
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    Slow Burn Hits the L.A. Riots (and 4 More Podcasts Worth Trying)Including The Paris Review Podcast.
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    15 Book-to-Screen Adaptations to Read Before the End of the YearHouse of Gucci, The Last Duel, and even a few adaptations not directed by Ridley Scott.
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    Which Streaming Service Do You Actually Want?Helping you navigate the many, many, many, many, many, many, many options out there.
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    Every Slasher Released in 1981, RankedForty years since the genre’s peak.
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    6 Spooky Podcasts to Listen to Right NowIncluding … bats!
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    Donna Tartt’s College Years (and 6 More Podcasts Worth Trying)What happens at Bennington does not stay at Bennington.
  44. bloodlust
    Vampires, Ranked (by Hotness)I learned a few things on this journey, mainly that most vampires are excruciatingly hot in a way that makes me feel bad and compromises my morals.
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    8 Great Audiobooks to Listen to This MonthKatie Couric, Sutton Foster, Stanley Tucci, and more.
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    Checking In On Netflix’s Original Movies: October 2021 EditionA Jake Gyllenhaal thriller, a Peruvian psychodrama, and an animated spin-off of Bright.
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    Every Matt Damon Movie, RankedFor nearly three decades, moviegoers have been rooting for Matt Damon. We take a closer look at the actor’s career.
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    8 Travel-Horror Movies That Will Make You Want to Stay HomeMaybe cancel that leaf-peeping trip.
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    Every Ridley Scott Movie, RankedSizing up the director’s decades-long career.
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    5 TV Comedies You Can Safely Recommend to Your ParentsThey’ll tell you how nice these shows are at your next FaceTime.
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