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  1. she-eo
    It Was Never Going To Be Shiv Her strongest move in Succession turned out to be the lock on her self-constructed cage.
  2. with eyes open
    Succession Power Rankings: A Meal Fit For a King Make yourself a snack with whatever you can find — NOT Peter’s cheese! — and settle in for the series-finale edition.
  3. wambsgans watch
    Tightrope Tommy Really Did It Wow, you guys.
  4. my dynasty is dropping
    The Roys Are Moving on to the Music Industry No, it’s not “L to the OG” part two. The Succession season 4 album comes out at midnight.
  5. all eyes on she
    Lady Caroline Was Right About Eyeballs She may never win Mother of the Year, but at least she’s funny.
  6. rip vaulter
    Mourning the End of Succession Sundays Cue “Succession (Main Title Theme).”
  7. records
    Morgan Wallen’s One Thing at a Time Breaks 30 Year Record Surpassing Taylor Swift’s Fearless.
  8. scandoval
    Ariana Madix on Future of Vanderpump Rules: ‘It’s Not Up to Us Who Comes Back’ Whether it be the show or her home, she’s not going anywhere.
  9. rip
    George Maharis, Star of Route 66, Dead at 94 The actor starred in the classic 1960s CBS drama.
  10. i love new york
    Kelly Clarkson Hints That Broadway May Be in Her Future She in the midst of “writing something” for Broadway right now.
  11. theater
    Tony Awards Will Give Its Regards to Broadway Amid Strike The playwrights saved the day (June 11).
  12. vulture lists
    All of Robert De Niro’s Comedic Roles, Ranked About My Father is just the latest in a long line of comedies for the actor.
  13. brava
    WGA Asks Nominated Members Not to Attend Tony Awards Empty chairs at empty tables.
  14. sashay away
    The Little Mermaid Makeup Artist Calls Backlash ‘Ridiculous’ Apparently drag did not inspire Melissa McCarthy’s look in the new film.
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