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  1. vulture lists
    Every Guy Ritchie Movie, Ranked A look back at the tough-guy director’s long career.
  2. #blariko
    Shōgun’s Lost ’Ship It was never going to happen, but I’ll sure miss pretending it could have.
  3. the festival circuit
    How to Cry to Lana Del Rey on the Coachella Livestream When and where to stream weekend two’s performances — including Chappell Roan, ATEEZ, and Doja Cat.
  4. movie review
    What If We Didn’t Know Abigail Was a Vampire Movie? Oh, sorry, did I just ruin it?
  5. now streaming
    The 20 Best True-Crime Documentaries on Max HBO and its sister networks have a rich history of producing compelling documentaries about bad people doing bad things.
  6. rip
    Mandisa, American Idol Star and Christian Music Singer, Dead at 47 The Grammy-winning artist rose to fame on season five of the competition series.
  7. true crime
    Let’s Get Back on The Jinx’s Timeline Going Into Part Two What to remember about Robert Durst before the hot-mic moment that changed everything.
  8. you're not dylan thomas
    Our Favorite Tortured Poets Taylor Swift and her various modern idiots join a long line of pop-culture poets sanctimoniously performing soliloquies.
  9. it's one hell of a drug
    No One Comes Out of a Florence Welch Duet Alive Including listeners.
  10. now streaming
    The 9 Best Movies and TV Shows to Watch This Weekend Time for a horror-movie double feature.
  11. the old oak
    ‘Hope Is Political’ Ken Loach on the end of his 60-year filmmaking career and what he’s learned about power and the working class.
  12. this week in late night
    Chris Stapleton’s New Single Won Late Night This Week Featuring John Stamos.
  13. tortured poets
    Taylor Swift Assigned a Double Album Here’s a crash course on her extended Tortured Poets Department.
  14. vulture lists
    All of Taylor Swift’s Famously Devastating Track 5’s, Ranked Where does Tortured Poets’ “So Long, London” land?
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